Gifts Australia has a great selection of Novelty Gifts for everyone. Whether they like Beer and BBQ gifts, adults only gifts, or specialty cufflinks, we have a great selection of gifts for every occasion.

Novelty Gifts For Any Occasion

Find the perfect novelty gift you have been looking for at Gifts Australia and put a smile on the receivers face. Gifts Australia is the leading online gifts store in Australia, having been established in 2000, we send gifts Australia-wide and offer gift wrapping services. 

Novelty Gifts Will Put A Smile On Anyones Face

Imagination is a key element in keeping a positive mind-set, breaking away from the anxiety of the never-ending daily routine. Our company, Gifts Australia, is a novel company that stemmed from bright minds and positive attitude. We began around 14 years ago, providing our customers with the most catchy novelty gifts of the market. Since then, we’ve been experiencing a fascinating adventure with only one goal- perfection. So, why don’t you just join us? 

We ensure that we have something special for every occasion, no matter the time of year or the taste of the receiver. Our products are designed according to your desires and your personal style. We want to offer you novel gifting ideas, giving you the chance to steal a glance at the future and make the difference! This is why Gifts Australia constantly follows the latest updates, winning the competition.

What are novelty gifts?

Generally speaking this range of gifts are a safe gifting idea! Gifts Australia is an online store which is known for its funky, novel and fresh ideas. Get to know us and you will not regret it! Make the difference and give your beloved ones a gift with a difference. We are ready to cover all your special occasions’ gifting needs. Special occasions such as anniversaries, birthday presents, weddings and graduations are special moments in our life and Gifts Australia won’t let you down. We offer our customers gift buying ideas with a difference. 

Our team understands there is a need to laughter and pranks in our lives. Pranksters cannot live without an elaborate prank, so they need special help in order to make every day an April Fools’ Day. Setting up a successful prank isn’t easy, since you need the appropriate equipment. For this reason, we have something special for you. The Bullshit Button or the 3-D ILLUSION DISC will be the reason for endless laughter. Break the formalities and have fun with Gifts Australia’s gifts, our prank gifts will surely steal the show.

Who would enjoy these gifts?

Everyone enjoys a gift, but at Gifts Australia we make sure the presents you give exceed the receiver’s expectations. A short browse on our Internet site will give you ideas for the best gifts around. There are a large range of gifts for a man with a full wardrobe, for a demanding woman or for kids who constantly looking for something new Our innovations prove that imagination cannot be limited.

We strictly believe that gifting is a serious business and therefore the purchase of a novelty items is very important for us. Our variety of gifts includes games, toys, accessories, gadgets and personalized items that will surely attract everyone’s attention. All you have to do is to choose a personalized, novel gift, then let us do all the hard work.

What are occasions are these gifts perfect for?

The secret of Gifts Australia is the constant need for new inspiration! We love innovations and this is the reason we keep broadening our novelty gifts’ gallery. Our goal is to offer high- quality gifts at excellent prices on an easy-to-use online site. We are aware of the importance of a safe online environment, so we cooperate with Incapsula. They are the leading, innovative security provider which guarantees protection with every online shopping experience.

We have searched the market thoroughly so that we can find the best products available. It is no wonder that we receive the appreciation of both Australian and international customers. We remain motivated, finding new gifts with unparalleled enthusiasm.

We know how tough is to live away from your beloved ones, so bring your inner circle closer by sending a novel gift. Gifts Australia can look after your shipping needs. We make sure that our gifts arrive in perfect condition and take care of the delivery costs within Australia if you spend more than AU $99 with Gifts Australia.

Why is Gifts Australia the perfect place to order your presents online?

Thank you for joining us. We invite you to the brand new era of shopping called Gifts Australia, and we want to warmly thank you for your time. Gifts Australia is a company that loves novel ideas, so novelty items have a special place here. We know the importance of keeping in touch with the customers. 

Our communicative staff are always ready to answer your questions and find the best possible solution to your problems. Our team consists of hard-working professionals who are enthusiastic about their job. They have a clear perspective about the future and make sure all the gifts offered on the website are the latest on the market.

Our company has a clear vision. We set our customers’ satisfaction as a priority in order to sustain the great reputation we have created. We have something special for everyone - gifts for babies, children, teenagers, parents, friends, grandparents or even pets. Gifts Australia’s team has a lot of smart and novel gift options, so make good use of them and impress. This is what Gifts Australia offers to you.

A job well begun is half done. Visiting us is a promising start and if you have any questions or problems our team has the answer. Gifts Australia’s experience is definitely one of its kind. Don’t miss the chance to contact us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google. We are always looking for new innovative products and satisfied customers. We strongly believe that you will appreciate our products. 

How can these gifts cheer up the receiver?

Have you ever thought that your life is getting monotonous over the passing of the years? Imagine waking up by a fancy alarm clock or drinking your coffee from a funny mug, both of them will surely make your day, just by staring at them. Gifts Australia is in the pleasant position to announce that you are able to unleash your imagination, by visiting the most novel gift site in Australia. 

The biggest advantage of novelty items is their originality. Novelty gifts are not only suitable for every room, but they are also great for any occasion or taste. For example, there are specially designed gifts for a wedding, for your office, for a teacher, for your parents, for lawyers, even for cookers - in other words, a gift for everyone. A short browse of our site will prove that we have something special even for the most demanding customers. This is the reason why you should visit our store, this is the reason to become a frequent, returning customer.

Furthermore, the Gifts Australia is the most appropriate destination for buying an extraordinary gift for a unique person. If you are unable to find a gift for a special day or a special person, then you have to visit our store. Whether the man of the hour is a baby, your brother, your dad or your other half, you will surely find a suitable gift. It is the perfect solution in order to avoid usual gift options such as common clothes and jewellery. You may choose a piece of clothing, but there is absolutely no chance to find the old plain grandma’s sweater because imagination is our compass.

What can these gifts be used for?

Novelty gifts are a perfect alternative for the decoration of a room, creating a cosy, vibrant and cheerful environment. Modern gadgets ensure a fine decoration, breaking the routine. In that way you will never feel bored again! In addition, there are gadgets and items-such as the Grenade Mug, the Honey Bomb Wheat Beer Kit and the Bottle Stopper Happy Man- which are designed to decorate your kitchen. These items will capture the attention of younger individuals because of their novelty, while the older ones will surely be intrigued to learn more about them. Each and every piece of our collection is so fine and well-made, it will become and indispensable piece of art on your kitchen counter! Imagine yourself serving a beverage in a funny, novel Toilet Mug. There is no doubt that the mug will catch your guest’s attention, creating a cheerful atmosphere. 

In addition to the previous statements, Gifts Australia offers a wide variety of items that are appropriate for pranksters and for men who like to have the last laugh. Setting up a prank is one of the best ways to bond with your friends, creating long-lasting memories. The 3-D ILLUSION DISC or the Bullshit Button will surely give you the funniest moments in your life. The purchase of our items will make you feel joyful, ameliorating your mind-set. 

It is important to note that the price of our gifts is far more than affordable, in comparison with the prices found on the market. The majority of our products are launched with a cost-effective price tag. You buy an extraordinaire gift, saving money at the same time. It seems that you kill two birds with one stone. No one will ever realize the value of the gift because of its delicacy and its elegance. Their neatness and uniqueness will probably fascinate the receiver, surprising everyone with your delicate taste.

What can I purchase if I want to give a gift which will not be forgotten?

GiftsAustralia represents a highly pioneer destination, which can only be understood and appreciated by the highly visionary people. It is the perfect destination for people who want to have access to the largest variety of gifts and gadgets. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you are certainly going to find something special that matches with your personality. Our store provides an exclusive range of gifts. We are sure that no other store is able to provide such a wide range of high-quality products. Hence, once you visit Gifts Australia you will definitely not leave with empty hands.

Gifting is synonymous to wrapping, since first impressions are the most lasting. Our luxurious wrapping comes in multiple colours including baby pink, canary yellow, purple, blue, cream, chocolate brown and deep red. It is easy to understand that you are now able to take control of every detail, creating a fully personalised gifts including mugs. For every order over AU $99, the postal and delivery costs are covered by Gifts Australia. 

Wrapping is the perfect way to entice and intrigue the receiver, long before unwrapping the gift. However, the addition of a card is a must, since you have to show that you really care for the receiver. A card message is the perfect chance to tease the recipient, express your warmest wishes or your love. All gifts bought by Gifts Australia, come with a free red and white gift card. Make good use of a card message and win the impressions. If the gift idea you are looking for is for an important person in your life, a full sized card is required. With a small additional cost, you are able to express your feelings, showing your persistence to do the best for the receiver.

What Is a Novelty Gift?

Novelty gifts are often seen as gag gifts, but they are not necessarily the same thing. Novelty gifts are considered as original and unique gifts, but with a funny twist. These presents can be functional too, so novelty gifts are not always obtained for their comedic value.

What Are Some Christmas Novelty Gifts?

Customers can find numerous novelty gifts during the holiday season, since these types of presents are usually perfect stocking fillers. Popular choices for Christmas include novelty barware, Christmas-themed bin bags, novelty candles, neon lights, and more. To discover these amazing novelty gifts, please check the novelty catalogue at Gifts Australia.

What Are the Best Novelty Gifts in Australia?

Novelty gifts change with every passing year, since novelty gift manufacturers always come out with some new stuff to keep things interesting. However, there does seem to be a clear trend towards the functional novelty gifts; this includes options such as the stainless-steel barbecue sausage roller, the Star Wars wall clock, underwater camera, and more. 

What next?

Making the right gift option is one of the most awkward moments in our social life, so our team is always there for you. Our experienced team has been chosen wisely and as a result, they are very skilled, helpful and willing to help you. Our team is experienced in order to make the perfect gift recommendation on your behalf, if needed. You cannot go wrong with our suggestions, since we have an appropriate product for every situation. Feel free to ask a question, our team is glad to help you. Choose GiftsAustralia in order to make the difference, staying away from classic gift choices. It is the perfect chance to purchase an unforgettable gift for the people you love most in your life. Make the right choice and stand out from the crowd.

Finding original gifts that provide some degree of comedy can be difficult to find, but not when you have access to Gifts Australia and its entire range of novelty gifts. At Gifts Australia, we have a large range of novelty gifts for both men and women, which includes gifts such as books, drinking games, original cooking utensils and accessories, homewares and more. So, if you need a gift that will put a smile on your recipient’s face, the novelty items from Gifts Australia are always a good idea.

To ensure there is always a good gift for your recipient, our expert team always searches for the latest in novelty gifts. So, even if you are already familiar with the extensive range of novelty gifts on Gifts Australia, there will always be new novelty items waiting to be discovered. The novelty items in our extensive range are also suitable for many different occasions, so whether you are buying a gift for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, the novelty gifts from Gifts Australia will always provide a good giggle.

If it's cool, clever or just damn good fun, it's here. Browse through our range of novelty gifts, perfect for good natured joking!

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