Anniversary Gifts

Looking for the perfect wedding anniversary gifts by year for your husband or wife? If you have found that special someone to share your life with, then celebrate each passing year together with a traditional anniversary gift that shows you’re still very much in love. Find inspiration for your anniversary ideas at Gifts Australia to shower them with love and affection. Choose a thoughtful, personalised anniversary present to symbolise your marriage. From a first anniversary, ten years of marriage, or a golden anniversary, each and every year of wedded bliss is something to cherish! A heartfelt anniversary gift says more than words. Express your love in a special and meaningful way with modern or traditional wedding anniversary gifts for each year of marriage to show how much you cherish every day you spend together. Whether it's for a 1st, 10th anniversary, or a 50th, find the best anniversary gifts by year in our gift guide below.

Anniversary Gifts Australia

Celebrate those special moments shared together with the best anniversary gifts to reflect your lasting love. Meaningful anniversary gifts can be modern or traditional presents. The most important thing is to choose a unique anniversary gift to celebrate your enduring love. From a paper anniversary to wood, crystal, silver and gold, find the perfect traditional wedding anniversary gifts for your special marriage milestone. Celebrate this special occasion with an unforgettably romantic gift to make your husband or wife swoon.

Year after year, every marriage milestone deserves to be celebrated. Shower your husband or wife with love and affection with thoughtful anniversary gifts from the heart. Acknowledge the love you share and the importance of your marriage with a wedding anniversary gift to surprise and delight. Celebrate every year of marriage with creative and heartfelt gifts that show your spouse just how much you care. We have unique and memorable wedding anniversary gifts for them as well as traditional anniversary gifts by year 1 to 100 for that classic, symbolic gift.

What are the anniversary gifts for each year of marriage?

The gift for each anniversary year is symbolised by traditional and contemporary themes that relate to the way a marriage changes over time. Following the traditional wedding anniversary present list can be lovely if it’s something they really want, but a unique anniversary gift to suit their interests will always be special. Find the perfect gift that blends traditional and modern anniversary present themes for something that ticks every box. If you give the same gift to your wife or husband every year, you need new and fresh anniversary gift ideas for something a little different and our guide will help you to choose the right present each year from a paper anniversary gift, wood anniversary gifts for that important 5 year anniversary, and beautiful jewellery for 10 year anniversary gifts.


Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide By Year

Wedding Anniversary By Year

Traditional Gift Theme

Modern Gift Theme

Gift Suggestion

1st Year Anniversary Paper Clocks Books, Wall Print, or Wall Clock
2nd Year Anniversary Cotton China His and Hers Pillowcases
3rd Year Anniversary Leather Crystal or Glass Personalised Leather
4th Year Anniversary Linen or Silk Appliances Silk Bed Linens
5th Year Anniversary Wood Silverware Wood or Silver Servingware
6th Year Anniversary Iron or Sugar Wooden Gifts Home Decor or Chocolates
7th Year Anniversary Wool or Copper Pens or Stationery Writing Set
8th Year Anniversary Salt or Bronze Linen and Lace Bronze Jewellery
9th Year Anniversary Pottery Leather Gifts Pottery Vase
10th Anniversary Tin or Aluminium Diamond Jewellery Diamond Necklace or Cufflinks
11th Anniversary Steel Fashion Accessories Steel Keychain
12th Anniversary Silk Pearls or Gemstones Silk Tie or Robe
13th Anniversary Lace Textiles and Fur Cosy Throw Rug
14th Anniversary Ivory Gold Jewellery Elephant Themed Jewellery
15th Anniversary Crystal Watches Matching Watches
16th Anniversary Silver Tableware Tea or Coffee Silver Tea Set
17th Anniversary Furniture   Bedside Tables
18th Anniversary Porcelain   Porcelain Mug Set
19th Anniversary Bronze   Bronze Statue
20th Anniversary Fine China Platinum Platinum Rings
21st Anniversary Brass or Nickel Fire Nickel Cufflinks or Brass Candleholder
22nd Anniversary Copper   Copper Wind Chime
23rd Anniversary Silver Plate   Silver Money Box
24th Anniversary Opal Musical Instruments Concert Tickets
25th Anniversary Silver   Silver Jewellery
30th Anniversary Pearl Diamond Mother of Pearl Watch or Oyster Pearl Charm
35th Anniversary Coral or Jade   Fine Jade Carving or Pendant
40th Anniversary Ruby   Ruby Earrings or Red Glassware
45th Anniversary Sapphire   Sapphire Watch or Wall Clock
50th Anniversary Gold   Golden Rose or Matching Rings
55th Anniversary Emerald   Emerald Personalised Family Tree
60th Anniversary Diamond   Diamond Studded Photo Frame or Sundial


Questions About Anniversary Gifts Traditional and Modern

  1. What is the best anniversary gift for her?
  2. What is a good anniversary gift for him?
  3. What are ideas for modern anniversary gifts each year?
  4. What is a good paper anniversary gift for a first wedding anniversary?
  5. What are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year in Australia?
  6. Are wedding anniversary gifts important every year?

Special Anniversary Gift Occasions To Celebrate

You don’t have to wait until the anniversary of your wedding to give your love a gift. Anniversary gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend are just as meaningful. Be extra romantic and give a little surprise gift on the anniversary of the day you met, the anniversary of your first date, or the occasion of your first kiss. If you’re lucky enough to remember the date of the first time you said, “I love you” or the date you proposed (or you said yes) then these are extra special anniversary dates worth celebrating. Even if you don’t usually mark these dates every year, celebrating each little anniversary in your journey together can be a really special way to celebrate 5 or 10 years of marriage.

What are the best anniversary gifts for her?

The best anniversary gifts for her celebrate your love and help you hold onto the heady joy of romance. Mark the occasion with a sumptuous gift to delight your better half. Pampering romantic gifts to share on your anniversary are a fabulous way to rekindle your love. Choose jewellery for a traditional 10 year anniversary gift or champagne for a modern twist. You’ll find the perfect anniversary present for every stage of your marriage in our collection of modern and traditional anniversary gifts online at Gifts Australia. We’ll help you with fresh ideas for every year you’ve been together.

Finding the perfect anniversary gift for a wife is easy. Maybe you’re searching for a passionate present to show her how much she means to you on your anniversary. She brings out the best in you, so surprise her with something that makes her heart beat faster. For a romantic anniversary gift for her, indulge your wife with a range of captivating and inspiring anniversary gift ideas at Gifts Australia, from sophisticated to sheer fun. Reminding her of your devotion and celebrating love is always an excellent idea!

Treat your other half to a range of delicious, delightful and decadent gifts. Anniversary gifts are all about making her feel cherished. From pampering spa treatments and gorgeous gourmet hampers to delicate jewellery or a luxurious leather anniversary, you will not be disappointed. Whatever their quirky taste, there is a little romantic something to spread the love that would make the perfect anniversary present at Gifts Australia.

What is a good anniversary gift for him?

Make your husband's day special by giving the perfect anniversary gift for him. We recommend leather gifts, men's pamper, a fine wine, or sticking with the traditional gifts for each year of marriage. Choosing what to give a man for each anniversary year will depend on whether he loves a quirky take on the traditional gifts, a purely modern anniversary gift, something romantic, or just a nice present that matches his personality.

To make the occasion even more special, we have ideas for what you can do for your husband on your anniversary including planning a romantic picnic, giving him an experience gift for something adventurous, or traditional anniversary gifts for men to mark your years together. Plan a day to relax and enjoy each others company so you can enjoy unwrapping each anniversary present.

What are ideas for modern anniversary gifts for each year?

Modern anniversary gifts are a sweet reminder to cherish loved ones and bring the spark of romance back into your lives. There is no better way to celebrate the passing years of wedded bliss than with a unique and indulgent anniversary gift by year from Gifts Australia. You’ll find something striking and impressive for significant wedding anniversary milestones and romantic ideas for beating hearts of any age. Practical but thoughtful, our anniversary gifts range is designed to thrill, pamper or fan the flames of love. If it's modern appliances perfect for 4th wedding anniversary gifts or jewellery and keepsake trinkets for that important 10 year anniversary gift, choose something personal. Give an indulgent food and wine hamper to share, a jewellery gift, or choose a romantic anniversary experience gift.

For your own favourite beau, a special anniversary gift surprise is guaranteed to show you adore them. They are your constant support, lover and friend, so they deserve something thoughtful. You can even join in the fun with a selection of indulgent anniversary gifts made to share. Browse the Gifts Australia collection for decadent ideas from anniversary paper gifts to something personalised or designed for both of you to enjoy together, from romantic gourmet gift hampers to breath-taking life experiences to share.

For a meaningful anniversary gift for her, woo your wife with her favourite things. Put a modern twist on the traditional gifts. While cotton anniversary gifts for the 2nd year of marriage is traditionally linens, you can buy a cross stitch kit for something a little different while still sticking with the theme for each year.

For the ultimate memorable gift or a milestone marriage celebration, customisation is a touching addition. It’s a unique occasion that deserves a unique thought. Choose a personal quote or add their initials to a stunning gift. Show your love with personalised jewellery for an anniversary gift for your wife. Or choose personalised leather for a wedding anniversary gift for men. It’s sure to become their constant companion and most loved possession.

What is a good paper anniversary gift for a first wedding anniversary?

On your first ever anniversary, the gift you choose should be extra special. Take some time to also think of ideas for what to write on your husband or wife's card for an anniversary message.

The traditional 1st anniversary gift theme is paper, while the modern gift for a 1 year anniversary is considered to be a clock to represent the passage of time over this important first year of marriage. Nice paper anniversary gifts for her might include a lovely journal, book, or paper lantern. Paper anniversary gifts for him could include a wall poster, map, or framed love letter. A favourite first anniversary gift is the Our Live Story Journal For Couples for a beautiful gift to treasure that matches the traditional theme for a paper anniversary.

What are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year in Australia?

The list of traditional anniversary gifts for each year in Australia follows the U.S. and U.K. traditional gifting conventions that have developed since the 1800s. In the 1900s, a more modern list was published to include more contemporary themes. The Jeweler Association of America expanded the list in 1937 and it now includes gemstones, flowers, colours, and modern Hallmark wedding anniversary themes.

Are wedding anniversary gifts important every year?

Marriage is one of the most important decisions in our adult life. Opening your heart and sharing your life with another person is a wonderful way to share the joys and challenges together. Every married couple loves to be surprised by their significant other with a special gift on their anniversary as a way of re-affirming that love. From one year anniversary gifts of paper, to cotton anniversary gifts, leather, wood, and 10 year anniversary gemstones, every year is unique.

If the passing of time has matured your marriage, if is even more important to remember every wedding anniversary and special occasion. The celebration of a wedding anniversary is a fantastic way to reconnect with your husband or wife. Take a break from the kids and plan a special celebration for an anniversary gift. For a heartfelt reminder of your love, trust Gifts Australia’s traditional wedding anniversary gifts to make an impact. Live life to the fullest with the best wedding anniversary gifts for the love of your life.

Any wedding anniversary is a chance to buy something special, to pamper yourself and your partner. However, a platinum 20 years of marriage, a diamond 30 years of marriage, a ruby 40 years of marriage, or even a golden wedding anniversary for 50 years of marriage is a reason for even bigger celebration! If you're buying an anniversary gift for your parents, celebrate their milestone anniversary with friends and family with a special anniversary gift and party.

Wedding anniversary gifts Australia wide delivery

Whether you are buying a traditional anniversary gift for a man for five or ten years of marriage, or shopping for your wife for a modern anniversary gift, there is always something suitable in our romantic anniversary gift range. You'll find personalised gifts, jewellery, accessories, utensils, silverware, crystal, wines and even experiences to share on your anniversary from Gifts Australia! Gifting an experience instead of a physical gift is always a good idea, no matter the specific anniversary you are celebrating. For an instant gift for a last minute anniversary present online delivered via email you can choose from a large range of fun, adventurous, or romantic experiences.

Don’t forget to include a gift wrapping and a personalised anniversary gift card for a complete gift. If you really want to impress, then select from our premium gift wrapping options for stunning wrapping paper and metallic gift cards. Delivering an impressive gift with a special anniversary message on the gift card is a wonderful and sweet way to show your love. Gifts Australia can deliver your anniversary present Australia wide with gift wrapping and a personal anniversary card message for your husband or wife.

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