Beer & BBQ

The great Aussie icons that go hand in hand. Beer and BBQ. Every man loves a good barbeque, and many love a cold beer so Gifts Australia have created an amazing range of men's gift products to make his BBQ cooking experience even better.

Gifts Australia – Beer and BBQ for Men    

A hearty BBQ paired with some great tasting beer is certainly high on the list of life’s simple joys. That’s why we here at Gifts Australia have put together an awesome collection of gifts for the Beer and BBQ fanatic in your life.

You can choose from a wide selection of useful BBQ tools and novelty items that will make grilling even more fun and exciting. We also offer a range of premium beer gift hampers, beer-themed experience days and one-of-a-kind glassware that will surely knock any red-blooded male’s socks off.

Any one of these Beer and BBQ gifts make for fabulous birthday and housewarming gifts. You can also bring them to parties, get-together, poker nights or the day of the big game and become everyone’s favourite guest.

Many of our specially curated Beer and BBQ gifts cost less than $100, making these a great budget-friendly option. Prices start at $10, with many more great choices all the way up to $70. Our Beer Gift Hampers start at $89, while our Beer Tours and Beer Tasting Sessions start at a very modest $99. On top of these great prices, all orders worth over $99 can take advantage of free Australia-wide delivery. So don’t be shy and give that special someone something he truly enjoys; we’ll make sure whatever you pick will make a lasting impression.

Beer Gifts Galore

Think of our Beer Gift Hampers as the ultimate six-pack. Okay, they only come with five bottles of beer, but they also pack an assortment of premium chips and nibbles to make the beer drinking experience all the more satisfying and memorable. All our Beer Gift Hampers are elegantly packaged in a special wooden crate that will make any avid beer drinker ooh and aah with delight upon its mere sight.

The Microbreweries of Australia Hamper is certainly one or our most popular pieces. It contains five great Australian craft beers from the likes of Burleigh Brewing, Lord Nelson, Hawthorn Brewing, Moon Dog Love top and Murray Craft Brewing.

If you desire some international flair, there’s the Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper. With this hamper, beer fanatics can take a virtual tour of Europe with its selection of the continent’s most renowned and best-rated brews from brands like Belgium’s Hoegaarden and Chimay, Germany ‘s Bitburger, Italy’s Menabrea and Le Trappe from the Netherlands.

There’s also the more modestly priced The United Nations of Beer which offers up other European standbys like Belgium’s Stella Artois, Germany’s Beck’s Lager, Italy’s Peroni Nastro, France’s Kronenburg 1664 Lager and The Netherlands’ Grolsch Premium Lager. 

For something a bit closer to home, try out the Beers of Australia Hamper. It features a diverse selection of ANZAC’s trendiest craft beers from up and coming breweries like Balmain, Little Creatures, Mildura, Monteiths and James Squire.

Finally, we feature five unique flavours from the James Squire Brewery with the James Squire Ale Hamper. Inspired by the legendary father of Australian beer, this hamper contains beers with names that are as memorable as each one’s taste, such as The One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale, The Chancer Golden Ale, Stow Away India Pale Ale, Nine Tales Amber Ale and The Constable Copper Ale.

If you’re looking to give a once-in-a-lifetime beer experience, check out the Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey For Two. This special tour features a day full of beer tasting paddles at five different Melbourne breweries. It starts off at the historic Carlton and United Breweries’ headquarters and Brewhouse, and continues on to some of Melbourne’s best microbreweries.

The Yarra Valley Cider and Ale Trail For Two takes the more scenic route through the famous Yarra Valley wine region, with stops at several breweries. It’s a great way to take in the sights while enjoying generous sampling of beer and cider.

For a touch of sophistication, there’s the Beer & Cheese Tasting Experience conducted by McIntosh & Bowman Cheesemongers, where beer and cheese experts will guide participants through the finer points of beer and cheese. 

We also offer unique beer accessories like the Corona Tumbler Set or the Sundowner Purple Acrylic Ice Bucket to help kit out man caves, bachelor pads or home bars in style. If he prefers shots, you can get him a set of Light Up Shot Glasses or Cowboy Boot Shot Glasses.

What Are Some Beer Gift Pack Ideas?

When you need some beer gift packs, Gifts Australia will be the best place to go. At Gifts Australia, we have countless beer packs your recipient might appreciate. These beer packs contain beers from the most renowned beer breweries in Australia, but also some international beers your recipient will not refuse. So, be sure to check out our beer gifts catalogue to discover all the beer gift packs available at Gifts Australia.

What Are Some Christmas Beer Gift Sets?

Beer gift sets are a suitable choice for Christmas too, because many Australian recipients like to enjoy the holidays with an excellent bottle of beer. One of our suggestions for the holidays is the James Squire Ale Hamper. Inside this hamper, customers can find the best beers from the Australian James Squire brewery, but also various gourmet nibbles that complement the beers. So, this is undoubtedly a good choice for anyone who likes some of the finer Australian beers and gourmet treats.

What Are the Top Beer and BBQ Gifts in Australia?

At Gifts Australia, you will find more than just beer and BBQ hampers, because we also offer some exquisite beer and BBQ accessories that could be enjoyed by your recipient. Available beer and BBQ accessories include the Beer Chillsner Set, the Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller, the Slider Mini Burger Press, the Double-Sided BBQ Griddle, and much more. To see all original options currently being offered at Gifts Australia, be sure to check out our beer and BBQ catalogue today.

Gifts for BBQ Lovers and Aspiring Chefs

BBQ enthusiasts will really love our commercial grade 20-Piece BBQ Tool Set. Each piece is made out of stainless steel and will last a lifetime. This set comes in a nifty aluminum case to help keep the grilling master forever organised and ready to go come BBQ time. 

There’s also the 10-Piece Roasting & Basting Set to help complete any BBQ fanatic’s arsenal. It comes complete with a silicone basting brush, a turkey baster tube, a flavour injector, a meat thermometer and six reusable silicone ties; all necessary tools for making sure you can pack as much flavour as you can into any grilled or roasted meal. You can pair this with a jar of our Roasted Garlic & Herb BBQ Marinade from Cajun Injectors, which specialises in injectable marinades. It is specially blended for meats like chicken, lamb, pork and turkey.

Another essential tool for making great homemade grilled burgers is the Cast Iron Mincer. This kitchen must have comes with three different disc sizes plus an extra sausage making attachment. 

For the BBQ fan who already has the basics covered, we offer some great BBQ equipment that will add extra flavour to any grilled meal. Check out the popular Smoking Platform, which makes adding authentic smoked flavour oh so simple. Just place it on top of any gas or charcoal grill, add some wood chips and you’re good to go. It also comes with a built-in reservoir which can be filled with any type of liquid such as marinade, wine, beer, stock or juice for that extra touch of flavour that people will keep coming back for. 

For roughly a third of the cost of the Smoking Platform, there’s also the more compact Wood Chip Smoker Box which infuses any grilled meat with the same smoky flavour that can make any amateur chef feel like a true pro. 

To complete the BBQ smoker experience, why not get them the ultimate BBQ smoker manual: Smoke by Chef Tim Byres. This book gives tons of great advice on how to incorporate that great smoky flavour into lots of different dishes.

And because aspiring gourmands simply can’t have enough great recipe books, they’ll surely appreciate adding a hardbound copy of Beef Club to their library. This book was made especially for meat lovers and offers a wealth of information on how to make great tasting steaks, burgers, tartare, meatballs, marrowbone and amazing sides, among many others. 

Another great accessory for any standard grill is The Shish Kebab Grill Set. It features half a dozen stainless steel skewers with a convenient rack that allows for easy turning and even cooking. It’s a great way to add some vegetables, fruits and bite-sized grilled meat to any BBQ party.

To help make grilled chicken or poultry extra moist and scrumptious, there’s the Upright Chicken Roaster. This stainless steel grill add-on keeps any grilled poultry in a vertical position, thereby keeping all those flavourful juices in the bird up until carving time. 

If you’re looking for something that’s utterly unique and out-of-this-world, check out our collection of novelty BBQ lighters. Choose from different outrageous designs such as the Cordless Drill, Screw Driver, Pipe Wrench and Spanner BBQ Lighter made especially for DIY and home improvement enthusiasts. And for the fishing and hunting aficionados in your life, Gifts Australia also has Blue Marlin, Trout and even an Arrow BBQ Lighter. 

Another great novelty BBQ gift is the BBQ Marinade Basting Mop, which – you guessed it – looks like a mop and is great for slopping on some extra flavour onto any type of meat. There’s also the BBQ Rock Spatula, which is shaped like a classic electric guitar. 

An all-time favourite gift for any occasion is the BBQ Branding Iron. It can literally help any grilling aficionado put his personal stamp on anything he cooks. The Branding Iron comes with interchangeable letters which can be easily rearranged and customised to spell out names or messages on grilled burgers and steaks. 

Kids and the kids at heart will also love the Condiment Gun, which can be loaded with two different condiments at any one time. Fill it up with your favourite ketchup, mustard or BBQ sauce and shoot some flavour onto your food.

Since presentation is often as important as the food itself, you may also want to check out the Fiesta Guacamole Bowl Set and the Fiesta Tapas Spoon Set to give sides that extra bit of colour.

With our extensive range of spectacular gifts, you can easily take any man’s beer and BBQ enjoyment to another level.

When you don’t know what to buy for a male recipient, you can always count on Gifts Australia to provide you with some great suggestions. At Gifts Australia, we understand what makes a man tick, and have created an entire range of gifts for men based on that. One of the gifts ranges you’ll find at Gifts Australia is the Beer & BBQ range, which includes barbecue accessories, cooking utensils and numerous beer hampers to delight your male recipient.

The beer hampers found on Gifts Australia are not just any average gift hampers, because the beers inside were hand-selected by our team. Thus, customers can count on some of the world’s best beer, including Chimay from Belgium and Bitburger from Germany. Of course, there are still numerous Australian craft beers in our hampers, including beers from the James Squire Brewery. Gifts Australia also has hampers for the real cider lovers amongst recipients, so there is a suitable hamper to match the personal preferences of every male recipient.

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