Teacher Gifts

Give the perfect teacher's gift to say thank you at the end of the year or any time with our handpicked gifts for teachers range. Whether it's a little teacher gift from students, a well-deserved teacher appreciation gift from parents, or a heartfelt end-of-year gift for a teacher before the holidays or graduation, we have the inspiration you need for each of your children's teachers. Being a teacher is not an easy job, so we've made it easy for you to find a way to show gratitude to a hardworking teacher. Give a heartfelt thank you teacher gift to let them know how much their dedication means to you and your child. Our gifts for teachers include options for daycare teachers, kindergarten, primary school, and high school teachers too, plus unique personalised teachers gifts for something different.

Gifts For Teachers

Send a shoutout to show your appreciation to a hardworking teacher with a little teacher thank you gift. It’s been a hard year for teachers in Australia trying to support our kids both in and out of the classroom. For those inspiring teachers who kept kids entertained with online classes during Covid, to those amazing teachers who find new and innovative ways to inspire every day, we can’t do it without them. Little teacher appreciation gifts are a small but meaningful way to say a great big thank you!

Knowing what to buy teachers can be difficult if you don't know them well personally. If your child’s teacher has gone that extra mile, we have ideas for teacher gifts to show how much you appreciate their dedication. Whether it’s a small gift for a teacher from a student, a larger gift from the whole class at the end of the year, a token of gratitude from parents to teacher, or a gift for a teacher who is retiring, you’ll find the perfect ideas at Gifts Australia. For a standout end-of-year teacher gift, browse our collection of custom personalised teacher gifts like a keyring with initials or a necklace pendant engraved with the class and year.  

What is the best gift to give a teacher?

Choosing something unique and personal is a nice touch when giving a teacher gift. That might be a book they’ll love related to their teaching specialty, art supplies, a jigsaw or game, or something fun for their desk. If you don’t know the teacher well enough, desk organisers, socks, or tech gadgets are great ideas for small and inexpensive teacher gifts.

More small end of year teacher gift ideas from students include a candle, adult colouring in books, a travel mug, cool pens, or summer themed gifts for the school holidays. Good gifts for male teachers include a desk organiser, charging cable keyring, spinning globe, multi tool pen, or photo frame. Nice gifts for female teachers include a jigsaw puzzle, insulated lunch bag, an interesting book, planning journal, or a phone holder.

Personalised gifts for teachers are a great idea, especially if you are buying for more than one teacher. A personalised keyring or pencil case is a practical gift for a teacher regardless of age or gender. If you want to spend a little more with a truly heartfelt teacher appreciation gift, or it’s a gift from the whole class or P&C, then a leather folio case or notebook cover is a great personalised teacher gift idea. 

What do teachers really want for gifts?

The gifts teachers want the most are often the simplest: personalised stationary, cool pens, thoughtful knick-knacks to brighten their desk, or even classroom supplies are all great ideas but, they’ve had a hard year! So it’s entirely possible that what your child’s teacher wants more than anything else is a nice bottle of wine or a chance to put their feet up! If you’re wondering is alcohol an appropriate gift for teachers? The answer is yes! There’s no reason at all why you can’t give a nice bottle of wine as a teacher gift at the end of the year. In fact, an anonymous survey of teachers found that wine and chocolates are the end of year gift primary school teachers like most! Apparently high school teachers love a homemade card from their students, but we guarantee you’ll find it’s easier to buy a teacher gift than get your teen to make a card. When giving a teacher alcohol as a gift, make sure to present it to them yourself or arrange delivery to the school. 

Teacher Gifts & Present Ideas Throughout The Year

There might be many reasons to give a teacher gift throughout the year. For a well-loved teacher who is leaving the school, it’s lovely to send them off with a gift from all the students. For a teacher’s aide gift for a teaching assistant whose dedication has made school better for a child who is struggling, a one-off special thank you teacher gift will be a big boost and encourage them in their passion for being a great teacher. Gifts for the classroom or something a teacher will use at work can be a good gift idea. Things like desk organiser, glitter pens, highlighters, coffee mugs, a lunchbox or desk calendar are all fun and inexpensive teacher gift ideas. By far the most important is the end of year teacher gift at Christmas. 

The perfect end of year gifts for teachers to say thank you

The ritual of end of year teachers gifts in Australia before the holidays at Christmas is essential. Whether you choose a little something for their classroom, a relaxing gift for them to treat themselves, wine or chocolates, or a good book, it’s important to find a way to show your child's teacher how much they mean to you and your child. Being a teacher is not an easy job, and a thoughtful gift from students and parents can make it all worthwhile.

For a teacher who is leaving at the end of the year, the best gift for teacher farewell is something a little pampering. It might be a gift to suit their hobbies, some comfy socks to put their feet up, or a bottle of wine. You might also want a give a gift to your children's sports couch or tutor, especially if an awesome tutor has helped your year 12 student prepare for their HSC exams.

The best personalised teacher gifts Australia

Personalised thank you teacher gifts are good if you want something unique while still making it easy if you are buying for more than one teacher. A good personalized teacher gift for high school would be a card holder, keyring or nice personalised pencil case. For a gift for a primary school teacher who has had your child all year, you might want to give something of a slightly higher value with a notebook holder or folio case. The best end of year teacher gift from parents for a primary school teacher is having something engraved with the year and class name for a personalised token of appreciation from the class.


Gifts For Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated during the first full week of May each year. This is a time when parents and students are encouraged to give thanks to the teachers who have made a difference in their lives and show appreciation for the hard work they do. For Teacher Appreciation Week, a little token of appreciation is all you need to brighten their day. A hand-written card, colourful pencils for the classroom, stationery, a coffee mug or little treat can mean the world to a teacher who gives their all to their kids. 

When is World Teacher’s Day in Australia?

World Teacher’s Day is an international day held annually on 5 October as a reminder about how important education is for kids around the world. Because that date typically falls within the school holidays in Australia, World Teachers' Day in Australia is celebrated on the last Friday in October. World Teachers Day in Australia 2022 is on Friday 28th October.


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