Bridesmaid Gifts

Give a gift your bridesmaids will remember forever with a bridesmaid proposal box or a thoughtful gift to say thank you for all her help. Gifts Australia has an extensive range of unique maid-of-honour gifts, proposal boxes, and bridesmaid gift boxes to suit any wedding style and budget. Bridesmaid proposal boxes are a beautiful way to share your joy when you ask your closest friends to stand by you on your wedding day. When you ask, “will you be my bridesmaid?” make sure she knows how important she is and how much her support means to you. Explore the finest range of gifts for bridesmaids in Australia including personalised jewellery, candles, pamper gifts, stunning bridesmaid robes, and luxury gift boxes.

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Our range of luxury bridesmaid gift boxes are the perfect way to ask them to stand beside you and be a part of your wedding day. Create the perfect bridesmaid boxes personalised with handpicked bridesmaid gifts for each of your attendants. For something special, include a monogrammed leather clutch or engraved necklace, or give a luxury bridesmaid proposal box with champagne so you can pop a cork and celebrate when she says yes.

Pampering gifts and luxury hampers make ideal bridesmaid boxes when you propose and ask your “I do“ crew to be a part of your wedding party. Bridesmaid boxes that include a robe, champagne, and candle are the most popular gifts to give when you first ask your friend to be your bridesmaid.

What does the bride get for the bridesmaids?

There are two main gifts for bridesmaids that are given from the bride. The most popular ones are the bridesmaid proposal box and a thank you gift for each bridesmaid given on the wedding day or rehearsal dinner. It’s best to choose one main gift for either occasion, and then perhaps add a smaller token of appreciation. Traditionally, the bride would give the bridesmaids and maid of honour a keepsake or personalised gift as a thank you closer to the actual wedding. Recently, bridesmaid proposal boxes have become more popular and are a great way to add a little extra celebration when you first ask “will you be my bridesmaid?”

What to give your bridesmaids when you ask them?

Your bridesmaids will be your go-to bride tribe cheering you on and helping you to prepare for your special day. The people you choose to be your bridesmaids and maid of honour are likely to be your closest friends. Coming up with a thoughtful and memorable way to propose to your bridesmaids-to-be gives you a chance to let them know how much their support means to you. Choosing a good bridesmaid proposal gift is just the start. You’ll be relying on your bridesmaids to help you through your wedding journey from planning your bridal shower and attending dress fittings, right through to sending you off on your honeymoon. Make sure you create an unforgettable moment with the perfect gifts for bridesmaids and proposal boxes to ask “will you be my bridesmaid?”

What gifts do you give a bridesmaid to be?

You’ll find a whole range of unique bridesmaid gifts to suit every wedding budget at Gifts Australia. From a heartfelt thank you gift to something special for a bridesmaid proposal. These are our top recommended gift ideas for bridesmaids in 2022:

  1. Personalised jewellery
  2. Pamper gifts like bath bombs or face masks
  3. Champagne glass
  4. Scented candles
  5. Leather travel jewellery case
  6. Luxury bridesmaids robe
  7. Cute slippers or silk eye mask
  8. Skincare like a body scrub or moisturising lotion
  9. Champagne cocktail kit
  10. Luxury bridesmaid gift boxes with a little of everything

What to put in a bridesmaid box?

You can either make your own bridesmaid boxes or choose a hamper that suits the occasion. One nice idea is to choose a leather weekend bag or tote bag and fill it with small bridesmaid gifts personally chosen to suit each member of the bridal party. You can include gifts the bridesmaids will use at the wedding, or personal gifts to suit their personality. The most popular bridesmaid gifts to include in a DIY bridesmaid box are relaxing bath salts, pampering skincare, jewellery, a journal, candle, lip care, makeup pouch, and a bottle of wine.

You can also buy a premade luxury bridesmaid gift box. These are especially good if you need to order bridesmaid boxes online for delivery. You can include a personalised gift card to pop the question to ask if she will be your bridesmaid. The range of different bridesmaid boxes at Gifts Australia include gifts such as champagne and chocolates, bath soak, bridesmaid robe, eye mask, candle, stemless champagne glasses, floral arrangements, cocktail kits, and other thoughtful treats.

What are some ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ gift ideas?

Are you looking for inspiration for an original way to ask one of your friends to be your bridesmaid? If so, you cannot go wrong with one of our personalised bridesmaid gifts from Gifts Australia. With personalised bridesmaid gifts, not only are you asking someone to be your bridesmaid but also gifting her with a memento she will treasure forever. An engraved necklace and earrings are gorgeous gifts any bridesmaid will treasure.

Gifts for the maid of honour

You can give matching gifts to each of your bridesmaids or choose something a little more special for your maid of honour. Being a maid of honour requires a big time commitment, and comes with a lot of responsibility. Including a more expensive gift for your maid of honour like a bottle of champagne or premium leather goods as a heartfelt gesture is a nice way to show her how important she is to you and express your gratitude. Create a special moment when you propose with a ”will you be my bridesmaid?” box she will feel honoured to receive.

Gifts for the whole wedding party deserve to be something special. Find unique bridal party gift ideas for your bridesmaids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and groomsmen including personalised gifts, wedding party jewellery and bridesmaid gift boxes with delivery Australia wide.

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