Newborn Gifts

Welcome the newest family member into the world with our stunning range of newborn gifts for babies and parents. Whether you gift them one of our ultimate baby gift hampers or something soft and sweet to wear; there's something for baby boys, baby girls and gender neutral gifts too.

Newborn Gifts To Welcome Baby

New parents love our range of gorgeous newborn baby gifts and we have even more great new baby gifts for 2022. Find the perfect gifts online for the people you dearly love including the littlest new people to join your family.

A first Christmas for a newborn is always special and we have newborn baby Christmas gifts to suit presents from from their parents, aunts or uncles, or the extended family. Gifts Australia is the ideal place to look for newborn Christmas Gifts. We have a range of amazing treats and gift items which you can share as your holiday presents. Gifts Australia offers gifts specially meant for kids, teens, boys and girls or even for newborn babies. Check out below and know what new baby gifts are available for you in Gifts Australia.   

What Newborn Toys Does Gifts Australia Have?

Gifts Australia has a vast selection of toys not just for kids but for newborn babies as well. These adorable and attractive toys will surely delight and capture the attention of babies. Examples of these ideal Christmas Gifts are the Sophie La Girafe teethers. 

The Sophie La Girafe teethers are especially made for babies and it allows them to make use and develop their senses while playing these toys. These endearing teethers are made of rubber and other non-toxic materials which make them safe for babies to play. You may choose either the original teether design which costs $29. 95 and the teething ring design which only costs $21. 95. Also available in the selection are the Guess how much I Love you and Baby carrot rattles, the Jellycat Bunny Soothers and the Pooh and Friends Christmas Gifts items.

What Other Christmas Gifts Can Be Found In Gifts Australia?

Aside from those previously mentioned, there are still many gift items you can choose in Gifts Australia. This holiday season; give your kids or those who are close to you the huggable and fluffy stuffed toys such as the Jellycat bashful bunny, the loveable and cuddly sesame street buddies (Big Bird and Cookie Monster and the Snuffy take along buddy toy. All these items are highly recommended Christmas Gifts that babies will surely love and their prices are very reasonable which ranges from $25 - $40.

What Gift Items Can You Give For Parents With Newborn Babies?

The gift items in the collection are not just for babies. There are also items which can be given as Christmas Gifts for parents who have newborn babies. Items such as the Bunnykin’s collection, Peter Rabbit Book Collections, the 100 ways to make your baby smile book and the Sophie La Girafe Book collections are perfect gift items you can give to parents close to you this Christmas season. These things are remarkable because it will help parents develop the imagination and creativity of their babies which is very essential in their development.

What You Should Do To Avoid The Christmas Rush?

As early as now, plan your Christmas gifts for the people you care most. To make it easier, just check out the gift collections at Gifts Australia – the renowned and famous gifts provider in Australia and the rest of the world. By visiting the site, you will surely save much of your time and effort and you will get to avoid the inevitable Christmas Rush.    

Our collection of suitable gifts for newborns is truly delightful. Each of the gifts is hand-selected by the Gifts Australia team, who make sure the gifts in question are safe for newborn babies. We also made sure that each of the presents for newborns is obtained from a well-known brand. Therefore, parents can count on exquisite baby items from premium brands such as Marquise baby fashion, Sophie La Giraffe, Apple Park and many more. So, if you need a gift for a newborn baby and want to make it extra special, then our collection of gifts for newborns certainly contains what you need!

Gifts Australia also offers gifts for older children, so if you need more presents for a member of your family, Gifts Australia always has something unique in store for you. Like our range of baby presents, all gifts inside a specific age category are evaluated on suitability and safety; this to make sure that the gift in question cannot harm the child. Presents from other categories are also obtained from well-known brands. All our brands have an eco-friendly reputation, so if the parents are environmentally-conscious and don’t want harmful chemical on the toys of their kids – which is usually a problem for mass-produced toys- obtaining a gift from Gifts Australia will be a good alternative.

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