Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal showers are an opportunity to pamper the bride and grow closer to her, and bridal shower gifts are an important part of the proceedings. The perfect shower gifts help the bride prepare for her upcoming wedding and life as a married lady. Gifts Australia has many great gifts that will help you treat the soon-to-be-wed lady in your life. Explore our bridal shower gift selection today.

Bridal shower gifts Australia

Wedding showers are one of the most popular wedding-related events in Australia, and they're a rite of passage in many families. A shower for the modern bride looks quite different than wedding showers did fifty years ago – these days, they're all about spoiling the bride and bonding.

Gifts Australia has a fabulous collection of bridal shower gifts. Whether you're looking for gifts that will help her plan her wedding day, a wedding dress accessory, a piece of kitchenware she'll use forever, or anything in between, we've got just the thing for her. Our gifts come with free gift wrapping and a premium, customisable card. Shipping on orders over $99 is also free.

Peruse our selection of gifts for bridal showers today.

FAQs about bridal shower gifts

Bridal showers, like all bridal events, are steeped in traditions and expectations, so many Aussies have a lot of questions about them. In this section, we'll do our best to answer these questions.

When do you give a bridal shower gift?

Typically, you bring the bridal shower gift with you and place it on the gifts table at the shower. Then, the bride will open the gifts one by one once everyone arrives, has a meal or a snack, and settles in.

Bridal showers are typically held a few weeks to a few months before the wedding.

What gift is given at a bridal shower?

A wide variety of gifts are given at a bridal shower, including pamper items, homewares, kitchenware, lingerie, wedding planning materials, self-care gifts, accessories, decor items, and gourmet food.

These days, many brides put together a wedding registry full of items they need for their homes. So you can also give the bride a gift from the registry.

Do you give money as a gift for a bridal shower?

You can give the happy couple money as a wedding shower gift if you like. It's typical to give $30-$75, depending on how close you are with the bride. Gift vouchers are also popular gifts.

How much do you spend on a bridal shower gift?

It's typical to spend between $30 and $75 on a gift for a bridal shower. The closer you are to the bride, the more you should spend. It's also okay to give a less expensive shower gift if you're buying a more expensive wedding gift.

What is an appropriate bridal shower gift?

Traditionally, wedding shower gifts were designed to help the to-be-married lady settle into her new home with her new hubby. These days, most couples live together prior to marriage, so newlyweds don't need homewares and linen as much as they used to. It's appropriate to give any of these items as a wedding shower gift:

  • Champagne glasses or champagne flutes
  • A scented candle
  • Coffee table books
  • Photo frames
  • Gifts to help her get her beauty sleep
  • Dinner party accessories
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Home decor items
  • Self-care gifts
  • Wine and champagne

What are some unique bridal shower gifts?

If you're looking for a bridal shower gift that really stands out from typical shower gifts, you might like these gift ideas:

  • Name a Star Gift Set
  • Elephant Luck Sculpture
  • Cocktail Botanica
  • How It Works: The Wife Ladybird Book

What are some good bridal shower gift ideas?

Here are some bridal shower gift ideas the bride in your life will love:

  • Midnight Luxury Soy Wax Candle – One of our best inexpensive bridal shower gift ideas
  • I Don't Trust Drunk Me Insulated Drinks Tumbler – One of our best funny bridal shower gifts
  • Sleep Well Set – A thoughtful gift for brides who get anxious about big events
  • Self-Care & Silk Hamper – The best gift box for brides
  • Palermo Home Stemless Champagne Flutes – The best wine glasses for a newlywed
  • L'Occitane Rejuvenate & Pamper Hamper – A sweet gift for brides who need a spa day
  • Umbra Cascade Organiser – The best gift for type A girlies
  • Burgundy Luxuriously Soft Lounging Robe – A chic gift for fashionistas
  • Maggie Living Baker's Teak Rolling Pin – The perfect gift for bakers

Do you offer any last-minute bridal shower gifts?

Yes! All of our bridal shower gifts can be last-minute gifts with express shipping. Express shipping will see your gift arrive in 1-4 business days (though it's usually on the lower end of that scale). We also offer same-day deliveries and pickups if you live in the Sydney metro area and order before 11 AM.

If you need a gift today, we also offer eGift vouchers that are delivered at your desired time on your desired date.

What are some good bridal shower gifts for the bride who has everything?

Brides who have a beautiful house full of nice things can be tricky to shop for, but we've got a few tricks up our sleeves for them.

Our top recommendation is to opt for personalised gifts. We offer jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks) and leather gifts (bags, notebook covers, passport covers, etc.) that we can personalise with the wedding date, the wedding year, the wedding venue, her name, or the couple's initials.

You can also spoil her with a top-of-the-range version of something she already has. We recommend the stunning Maggie Living Woven Gingham Apron. It's the ultimate apron for baking. It features built-in pot holders, a large, divided front pocket, and an adjustable strap.

If neither of these suggestions suits her, opt for a bottle of bubbly like the Moët 2013 Grand Vintage Champagne In Gift Box.

What are some good bridal shower gifts for guests?

If you're the bride and you're looking to thank all your lovely guests for attending your bridal shower, we recommend the Faye Slider Bracelet. It's plated with 18k gold and features 42 beautiful cubic zirconia crystals. This is a fun gift because all your attendees can wear it to the wedding and bachelorette party.

Should you bring the bridal shower hostess a gift?

Brides don't need to bring the hostess a gift, but it's a sweet gesture that shows your appreciation for all her hard work. If you're looking for a gift idea, we recommend the Long-Lasting Everbloome Floral Bouquet. It comes with preserved flowers that can last for up to three years.

Long-lasting Everbloome Floral Bouquet

What are your best bridal shower gifts?

Here are our top bridal shower gifts, according to customers:

  1. Long-Lasting Everbloome Floral Bouquet
  2. Personalised Blush Leather Cosmetic Pouch
  3. Waterford Crystal Sugar Bud Vase
  4. Blush Luxuriously Soft Lounging Robe
  5. Personalised 'Tiffany Blue' A5 Leather Notebook Holder

Bridal shower gifts Australia

If you're looking for bridal shower gifts for the bride-to-be in your life, Gifts Australia has you covered. We make the gift-giving process easy. Simply select a fabulous gift from our range, and we'll wrap it, write in the card for you, and ship it straight to your (or your giftee's) door. Orders over $99 come with free shipping.

Explore our stunning selection of bridal gifts and arrive at the shower with an amazing gift in hand.

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