At Gifts Australia we strive to make buying Mother's Day gifts as fun and simple as possible.  We have a wide selection of gifts for your Mothers Day, from pamper hampers for mum through to beautiful homewares gifts to brighten her home because she deserves something truly special.

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Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day is one of the most underrated celebrations in the annual calendar. A Mother is someone who gave you a goodnight kiss every night. The goodnight kiss was always accompanied with a bedtime story by Dr Seuss, even if she was tired by the household chores and her responsibilities at work. She packed your lunch before school, she gave you your first bicycle, she even gave you advice how to win that special boy or girl who made your heart beat faster. In case you still haven’t understood, a mother is the important person in our lives. 

After a brief research, we dug up some pretty interesting facts about this special day. There are approximately two billion mothers in the world and four new babies are born each second. 141 million Mothers Day cards are exchanged annually in the United States. There are so many mothers around the world, but only one is yours. Show your appreciation for her with a gift that exceeds her expectations!

Historians believe that Mothers Day has its roots back to ancient spring festivals dedicated to Home and Mother Goddesses. Ancient Greeks honoured Rhea, the mother of all Gods and the wife of Cronus. On the other hand, ancient Romans used to celebrate the Goddess Cybele with a festival named Cybellia which lasted no less than three days. In fact, the present form of Mothers Day dates back to the early years of 1600s. Known as Mothering Sunday, Mother’s Day was celebrated every year in England on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Children offered their mothers small handmade gifts and a special day dessert.

In the United States, Julia Ward Howe came up with the idea of Mothers Day in 1872. This idea was also supported by a woman called Anna Jarvis in 1907, using it as a way to immortalize her mother’s memory. Thus, she began a national campaign to achieve her aim. Anna Jarvis and her supporters wrote passionately to ministers, businessmen and politicians. Their persistence gave fruit and her efforts were crowned with success. Since then, the second Sunday in May was declared a day of honour for motherhood in most countries of the world. Not only mothers, but also grandmothers and great-grandmothers have the privilege to celebrate this day with their dearest family members. 

Mothers Day comes around only once a year, so it is about time to stand out this year. As a child, you probably opted for classic, plain gifting options such as folded paper hearts, flowers you had picked up from adjacent gardens or a simple drawing. The years have passed so you are older and wiser, understanding that your mother is also a woman. It’s a general, well-accepted truth that women love gifts and pampering. It is about time to give your mother something extra special! After considering your options, you face a dilemma. You can head to the nearest shop and buy her another coffee maker or visit the most revolutionary online seller in Australia, GiftsAustralia. Do a favour to you mother this year and make the right choice.

Gifting is such a distinctive procedure. The line between a no great and a novel gift is very thin, so it wise to avoid clichés. What is considered a cliché though? Cards and candy are a fantastic gift, if you are ten years old. At GiftsAustralia, we know that picking Mothers Day gifts isn’t always easy. This is why we have a wide range of Mothers Day gifts available for you.  Make your mother weep for joy and gratitude this year. 

There is always something tender and beautiful to make her feel impressed. From the state-of-the-art gadgets of our times to personalized gifts, we have everything you might need to make this day special and memorable. The list is really wide since there are endless options, as long as you don’t lack imagination- a wine gift pack, a cosmetic gift set, a kitchen tool or a gift hamper will surely become a reason to make your mother happy. 

Now, you know a little bit more about this holiday and perhaps you can understand why we take this day so seriously! This year we decided to put ourselves in your mothers shoes and come up with two imaginative, fabulous and utterly adorable Mother’s Day gifts. So stretch your imagination and read forward! Our range of gifts include active experiences, arts and crafts, food, accessories, cooking, reading and lots more unique gifts which are popular with all Mothers.

MOR’s Cherished Trio Gift Set is our first recommendation. The gift set consists of three beloved hand creams which contain multiple vitamins and shea butter, ensuring an alluring aroma travel. The scents of marshmallow, belladonna and blood orange are married with floral notes of lily, rose and jasmine, making the female hands softer once and for all. You can buy it for your mother for AU $ 26.95 in our online shop.

Our second recommendation is the Brown Brothers Premium Red Wine Gift Pack. The leading winery of Brown Brothers has impressed the wine connoisseurs once again with its fantastic red wine. 120 years of unparalleled quality are enough to ensure a fantastic glass of wine for your beloved mother. It’s easy to evaluate the specific wine variety’s worth. Multiple awards and the crowd’s applause are a guarantee! The red juicy currant aromas are accompanied with dried herbs and earthy undertones, challenging the drinker to taste it. The red tannin body of berry fruits savour the palate because of its complexity. Both wines can be yours for AU $39.00.

What Are the Most Popular Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

Even though Gifts Australia adds some new gift options to its catalogue every year, there are some clear trends for Mother’s Day. Amongst the most popular gift ideas, customers can find gift hampers for women, cooking gift sets, cosmetics, jewellery, and accessories. However, you could also consider other popular options such as champagne and sparkling wine. So, there is much to choose from in our Gifts Australia catalogue.

What Are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts in Australia?

There may be many presents to choose from for Mother’s Day, but there is one Mother’s Day gift that is most popular, more specifically the gift hamper for female recipients. At Gifts Australia, you can find several Mother’s Day hampers, which have been designed specifically for Australian mums. In these hampers, you can also find some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts, including sparkling wine, champagne, cosmetics, and much more. Therefore, such a hamper is undoubtedly a safe choice for your mum this Mother’s Day.

What Are Some Personalised Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

At Gifts Australia, customers can find countless personalised gifts. The only thing that customers must do is choose a gift, and Gifts Australia takes care of the personalisation. So, if you are looking for a good personalised gift, be sure to check out the available options at Gifts Australia.

As a final note, it is wise to know more about our delivery policy and our gift wrapping service. We show special care for your gift presentation. In that direction, we offer personalized options which will surely make your mother happy. You have the chance to add a personal message, simply by adding a free red and white gift card or a full sized card. In regards to delivery, you have two options. Either you foot the bill for delivery costs, or we pay the delivery costs on your behalf for orders that exceed the AU $99. You can proceed with your payment using Visa or Mastercard. For internet lovers, PayPal is also a payment option. GiftsAustralia is the store that simply is good enough to be true.  

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