Lunar New Year Gifts

If you're looking for Lunar New Year gifts, Gifts Australia can help. We've got a fabulous range of Lunar New Year presents – browse it today and celebrate the Year of the Dragon in style.

Lunar New Year gifts Australia

Chinese New Year is nearly upon us, so it's time to start looking for gifts for your friends and family members.

Gifts Australia makes shopping for Lunar New Year gifts easy. Simply select a gift from our range, and we'll wrap it, leave a sweet note on a card, and deliver it to your giftee's door (or your door, if you prefer). We offer free shipping on orders over $99 and same-day deliveries on express orders placed before 11 am that are bound for the Sydney metro area.

Explore our Chinese New Year collection and make gifting easy this Chinese New Year.

FAQs about giving gifts during Lunar New Year celebrations

Below, we've answered your top questions about buying gifts for Chinese New Year.

When is Chinese New Year 2024?

Chinese New Year in 2024 will fall on Saturday, February 10th, 2024. That means that Chinese New Year's Eve will fall on Friday, February 9th and the Lantern Festival will fall on Saturday, February 24th.

What animal is Lunar New Year 2024?

After Chinese New Year on February 10th, it will be the Year of the Dragon (specifically, the wood dragon). For reference, 2024 was the Year of the Rabbit.

What is an appropriate gift to give on Chinese New Year?

If you're looking for some Chinese New Year gift ideas, we recommend these gifts:

  • A lucky plant like a Lucky Bamboo, a Money Tree, or an Orchid
  • Premium tea (something that's in every Lunar New Year gift guide)
  • A bottle of locally produced wine or champagne
  • Homewares like candles and small pieces of art
  • Beauty products and perfumes
  • Hampers – especially food hampers
  • Newly printed money in red envelopes

There are some gifts that are inappropriate for Chinese New Year because they bring bad luck or have negative connotations. Stay away from giving umbrellas, sharp objects, a green hat, shoes, handkerchiefs, clocks, pears, and cut flowers.

What is lucky on Chinese New Year when giving gifts?

Gifts that are red, yellow, or gold are considered to be lucky on Chinese New Year. This year, anything that has a dragon on it will be considered lucky. Certain fruits, like oranges, kumquats, pomelos, and tangerines are also thought to bring good luck.

What are some good gifts in Chinese culture?

Here are some gifts that will bring good fortune and well wishes to your friends and family members on Chinese New Year:

  • A gift box of fruits
  • Some premium tea
  • Homemade scarves and gloves
  • A food hamper
  • A box of chocolates
  • Some premium wine or champagne
  • Homewares like a painting or a sculpture

What is the traditional food gift for Chinese New Year?

There's no one traditional food that's given on Chinese New Year, though lollies and chocolate are common gifts for children, friends, and family members today. Hampers are also quite popular.

What are your best Chinese New Year gifts?

Here are our top Chinese New Year gifts:

  • White Wine & Nibbles Hamper – A great gift for a friend
  • Estella Bartlett Gold Plated Good Luck Amelia Bracelet – A good gift for a sibling
  • Estella Bartlett Gold Plated Croissant Pendant Necklace – A good gift for a special someone
  • Home Essentials With Red Wine Hamper – A good gift for someone with the rabbit Chinese zodiac sign
  • Moët & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper – A gift to express your best wishes in the new year

Where can you deliver Chinese New Year gifts?

We can deliver our Chinese New Year gifts to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin, and many other destinations around Australia. We offer two shipping options: standard shipping and express shipping.

Gifts Australia makes gift giving for Chinese New Year easy

Gifts Australia makes it easy to spoil your friends and family members on Chinese New Year. We offer a large selection of incredible gifts, and all you have to do is select some for your giftees. We'll handle the gift wrapping, card writing, and delivery for you. We offer free shipping on orders over $99 and same-day deliveries on express orders in the Sydney metro area.

Browse our range of Chinese New Year gifts and delight your loved ones.

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