BBQ Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for Australia's self proclaimed BBQ lover? Look no further than our amazing range of BBQ gifts to help make every barbeque meal sensational. Everything from the best BBQ Recipe Books right through to helpful tools an awesome BBQ gift idea for everyone. If they love to BBQ, they will love a handy gift from our barbeque accessories and picnicking range.

Australian BBQ Gifts

A proper BBQ is a huge part of the true Aussie lifestyle. Thats why our team here at Gifts Australia have come up with a fantastic selection of awesome BBQ gifts that are guaranteed to make grilling masters out of anyone, as well as make weekends and outdoor parties more exciting and memorable. 

Our BBQ Gifts catalogue features a diverse range of items from grilling tools and accessories, to useful novelty items that are truly one of a kind that will add even more fun to the simple joys of grilling. These BBQ Gifts are great choices for different occasions and every season such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Housewarming Parties and Backyard Get-Together. Shop our range of fantastic Father's Day BBQ gifts for a grill-master dad.

What to get people who love to BBQ?

If you need the best BBQ lover gifts, we can help with inspiration to find something they will love to use. BBQ smoker gifts are always popular and are a great way to enhance any barbequing menu. If they love outdoor dining, then luxury BBQ gifts include a beautiful timber caddy for cutlery or to use as a beer carrier. Practical BBQ gifts include quality steak knives, apron and BBQ mitt set, or a BBQ tool set in a carry case. BBQ gift sets featuring sauces or seasonings are also a great gift that a BBQ lover will use when cooking. Recipe cookbooks also make handy gifts for BBQ lovers.

Examples of some of our most popular BBQ gifts ideas

BBQ fanatics who want to make a great impression will simply be delighted by the BBQ Branding Iron. This awesome BBQ gift comes with a set of interchangeable letters that can be customised to spell out names and special messages. Just heat it up to the right temperature for burgers patties and steaks to be easily stamped with a special seal of approval. Flipping burgers can also be a more pleasurable affair with the BBQ Rock Spatula which is shaped like an electric guitar. The BBQ Marinade Basting Mop is another fun little BBQ tool that will make slopping on generous amounts of BBQ sauce easier than ever.

Once the dinner bell rings, everyone can have all sorts of fun with the Condiment Gun. It comes with two cartridges that can be filled with either BBQ marinades, ketchup or mustard. Careful though, this powerful shooter could get the kids and kids at heart into all sorts of hijinx.

Naturally, nothing complements a great BBQ more than knocking down a few cold brews. For someone who loves downing a full-bodied lager as much as barbecuing, theres the Corona Tumbler Set and the Sundowner Purple Acrylic Ice Bucket. If the occasion calls for a real mans drink, we also offer the Cowboy Boot Shot Glass Set, which adds rustic zing to the outdoor grilling experience.

For bonafide BBQ connoisseurs, we offer the ever useful Smoking Platform. This easy-to-use grill add-on gives any grilled food an authentic smoky flavour that party guests and family members will keep coming back for. Simply place it on top of any gas or charcoal grill, place some wood chips such as cedar, hickory or mesquite, and let this must have BBQ accessory turn your favourite burger, steak, slab of rib, leg of lamb or poultry into a culinary masterpiece. It also features a built-in reservoir so that liquids like marinade, wine, beer, juice or stock for that extra bit of flavour and juiciness. Food is smoked directly from below which guarantees a good concentration of aroma and flavour.

If you have a more modest gift budget, we also offer the Wood Chip Smoker Box for only a third of the price. This handy partner to any BBQ aficionados arsenal is very portable and can easily infuse any barbecued meal with delicious smoky flavour, turning even the most basic BBQ into a delightful gourmet meal.

To round out our selection of grill add-ons, we have the Shish Kebab Grill Set. This well-thought out kebab accessory makes it easy to grill veggies, fruits and bite-sized pieces of meat. It comes with six stainless steel skewers each with a coated handle so chefs wont end up with toasted fingers. Its base features an equal number of slots so that the skewers can be easily turned for even cooking. 

No great BBQ grilling master or aspiring gourmand should be without the basic tools that come with the 10-Piece Roasting and Basting Set. It features kitchen and grilling essentials like a meat thermometer, a flavour injector, a turkey baster tube, a silicone basting brush and six reusable silicone ties. The included flavour injector can be used with homemade BBQ marinades, as well as specially designed injector blends such as the Roasted Garlic & Herb BBQ Marinade from Cajun Injectors.

The secret to delicious homemade burgers and sausages is a quality meat grinder like our Cast Iron Mincer No 8. It comes with three grinding discs and a special attachment for making sausages. All it needs is some prime cuts of meat and good old-fashioned elbow grease, and youre all set to delicious meals just like grandma used to make them.

To complement these outstanding grilling tools, why not give your special someone a great recipe book, such as a hardback copy of Smoke by Chef Tim Byres. This BBQ recipe book offers up lots of innovative ideas on how to incorporate delicious smoke flavour into everyday cooking. We also have another great book for both BBQ fans and meat lovers titled Beef Club, which contains recipes for cooking great homemade burgers, steaks, tartare, marrowbone, and many other tasty bovine delights. Both of these must-have BBQ cooking companions are awesome additions to any recipe library, as well as entertaining coffee table reading with its outstanding photography. 

If you know someone who simply needs to upgrade their outdoor tableware and cutlery options to make their next BBQ adventure more presentable, we have some basic quality pieces like the 4-Piece Steak Knife Set. Even the most expertly cooked steaks can be ruined if you dont have enough appropriate cutting implements. These knives will make short work of cutting through those succulent slabs of meat that have been lovingly grilled.

All of our BBQ gifts are very wallet-friendly. The most affordable in our range is only $10, with more options reaching around $70. Order a few gifts for your special someone so you can take advantage of free Australia-wide delivery for purchases worth over $99. 

All orders can be delivered directly to the recipient and come with a free card on which you can enclose a personalised message. You can also upgrade to a full-sized gift card and select from several designs to suit the occasion. Premium gift wrapping is also available for that extra special touch.

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