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Gifts Australia has numerous barware gifts for liquor lovers, wine lovers, and any other recipient with a love for alcoholic beverages. With many gifts to choose from, it could take some time to find that one perfect gift. So, to help you choose the best barware gift for your recipient, we created an overview of our finest barware products below!

Browse Our Range of Wine Accessories and Barware

Gifts Australia delivers some fantastic gift ideas for men and many of those can be found in the wine accessories and barware catalogue. So, if you need some memorable gift ideas for men today, be sure to check out some of the best gifts for men from our barware and accessories collection below.

What Is the Best Decanter Set?

The best decanter set at Gifts Australia is the Waterford Brady Crystal Decanter Set, made from genuine Waterford Crystal. Waterford Crystal is named after a city in Ireland called Waterford. Their production of the finest crystal dates to 1783, so Waterford Crystal certainly provides superior quality through its experience. It also makes the decanter one of our recommended gift ideas for men.

In the Waterford Brady Crystal Decanter Set, recipients can find two designer whiskey glasses and a decanter.  The glasses and the decanter are specifically designed to optimise the aroma and the flavour of the liquor inside. Therefore, they are the best gifts for men who love a good glass of liquor.

What Is the Best Cocktail Set?

Gifts Australia has several cocktail makers in its overview of gift ideas for men; this includes the Club Cocktail Set, the best cocktail set in our catalogue! Inside this set, recipients can find everything they need to make the perfect cocktail.

The Club Cocktail Set from our gift ideas for men overview contains a quality cocktail mixer in stainless steel. It also contains two cocktail tools, made from the best cherry wood. Therefore, this cocktail set contains all the tools required for a cosmopolitan, mojito, or any other tropical cocktail.

What Are the Best Beer Glasses?

We stock quite a few designer beer glasses in our collection, which usually end up in our overviews of best gifts for men. The best designer beer glasses in this collection is undoubtedly the set of Eva Solo Beer Glasses, which do not only optimise the beer-drinking experience of beer lovers, but also look fantastic!

The beer glasses inside the Eva Solo Beer Glass Set each have a capacity of 500 millilitres, so it could certainly hold a good amount of your recipient’s favourite beer. The glasses are dishwasher-safe, so your recipient will find these easy to maintain too. Therefore, these beer glasses are the best gifts for men who have beer regularly, but also prefer minimal maintenance.

What Is the Best Bottle Opener?

For liquor and beer lovers, you could certainly gift a nice corkscrew or bottle opener from our overview of best gifts for men. While we have several novelty bottle openers that would do the trick, one of our designer options is the Laguiole Cork Screw & Bottle Opener Set.

Inside the Laguiole Cork Screw & Bottle Opener Set, customers can discover the outstanding craftsmanship of the Laguiole brand. It contains a quality bottle opener and corkscrew, each containing handcrafted wooden handles. So, if you want designer accessories for the wine and beer lover, this set should be on the top of your list.

What Is the Best Flask?

Gifts Australia stocks all sorts of designer barware; this includes designer hip flasks! So, if you want to give a barware gift that will be treasured forever, we certainly suggest a hip flask from this collection.

The best designer hip flask in the Gifts Australia collection is undoubtedly the Ted Baker Men’s Hip Flask. The Ted Baker Men’s Hip Flask is made from durable stainless steel and features a beautiful design of green leaves and dark blue motifs. When you look closely at the design, you will also notice tigers and bright parrots! So, this designer hip flask is undoubtedly going to leave a lasting impression.

What Is the Best Wine Book?

At Gifts Australia, customers can also find barware books. These books can cover the best whiskies and beers, but also the best wines; this is certainly the case for Varietal Wines, a book written by James Halliday. Varietal Wines discusses some of Australia’s best grape varietals, which means this book is a good choice for a wine connoisseur. It also considers the history of the varieties as well, which means the book is suitable for even true wine experts!

What Is the Best Whisky Book?

Gifts Australia also offers books on whisky; this includes 101 Legendary Whiskies. This book covers some of the best and most unique whiskies in the world. Therefore, we certainly recommend it for whiskey lovers and whiskey connoisseurs.

Customers can find 101 Legendary Whiskies in the Whiskey Gift Set. In this set, customers can also find two designer whiskey glasses. It does not get much better than that!

What Are Some Unique Wine Accessories You Can Give as a Gift?

Buying gifts for the wine lover is quite easy at Gifts Australia since our collection contains countless wines and functional wine accessories. Wine accessories can provide your recipient with extra functionality while enjoying their favourite wine; this may include aerating their wine in one of our decanters or resealing the wine with some special spray.

What Are Some Unique Wine Accessory Gifts for Men?

Gifts Australia has a catalogue that is packed with original wine accessory gifts, so customers will have no problems finding something unique. Some of our favourite wine accessory gifts for customers are the Winesave Pro, Corkcicle Air for Wine, the Wine Bottle Glass, Belmont Gold-Plated Wine Charms, and more. So, if you are looking for something unique, you are bound to find it in our catalogue.

Who Would Like a Wine Accessory Gift Set?

Wine accessories are quite popular amongst wine lovers and wine collectors. If your recipient falls in one of these two categories, then choosing one of our wine accessories will be a safe choice. Of course, other recipients might appreciate one of these wine accessories too; this includes the gourmet lover or the party animal.

Where Can I Find More Barware Gifts at Gifts Australia?

Need more barware gifts for your recipient? Or do you simply want to get more inspiration from our extensive collection? To see more barware gifts for your recipient, simply head over to the ‘barware’ section, found under the ‘For Men’ category.

We do need to mention that customers can find more drinking-related gifts in more than just our barware collection. So, be sure to check out some of the other sections that contain drinking gifts; this includes the novelty and occasions range.

Could I Consider a Wine Experience for a Wine Lover or Beer Lover?

At Gifts Australia, customers can find marvellous barware and accessories for wine and beer lovers. However, these are not the only options that are available at Gifts Australia. There are also many wine and beer experiences you could consider as a gift for a wine or beer lover.

Gifts Australia provides experiences that include exclusive cellar-door wine tastings, wine tastings accompanied by gourmet meals, vineyard tours, beer tours, brewery tours, and a whole lot more. So, if you want to add an experience to a physical gift, be sure to check out the range of experiences for wine and beer lovers.

Need more information about the wine and beer experiences at Gifts Australia? Get in touch with our experiences team via phone, email, or instant messaging for additional information.

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