Keeping him laughing this Valentine's Day with our quirky selection of men's novelty gifts that are guaranteed to bring a cheeky smile to his face. Gifts Australia has the best selection of cool, clever, and funny novelty gifts you know he'll find seriously hilarious.

Men’s Novelty Gifts

World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies, modern, vintage and peculiar Men’s Novelty Gifts, Gifts Australia has it. There is only one place to visit if you yearn for rare stuff for yourself or as a gratuity for one’s good deed. You’ll find recreational items, plumbing tools, do it yourself kit, odd but interesting articles, fancy gadgets and not to forget low-cost but quality products that will definitely interests you. The Gifts Australia never gets tired of saving all fascinating items without compromising the price or quality of it at all times. It sees to it that the Men’s Novelty Gifts available at the website came from the reputable brands, and what you see is what you get including the exact amount.

Unique Men’s Novelty Gifts Found Only at Gifts Australia

The thought of giving small or inexpensive gifts is timeless. Amount doesn’t matter in this aspect but quality does. Gifts Australia also believes in it, that’s why it has distinctively picked limited-edition Men’s Novelty Gifts and offered it at an attainable amount. It even includes stuff about Australian culture and all other informative articles. Man Caves for $24.95 is a good choice if you want to know a deeper glimpse of your history. Gifts Australia is always capable of giving everyone satisfaction guarantee even with the tiniest item presented.

1.    Baking Bad – Nowhere else can you find a book that is so jokey but allows you to learn deliciously from it. A twist of entertaining baking guide that turns out into luscious and irresistible finish products. Go ahead and laugh your heart out and be an expert pastry chef in the end. Available for $22.99, this recipe book is densely-packed with amazing ideas.

2.    Keep Right Cushion – A multi-purpose soft cushion in line for you next. No sense of direction? Gifts Australia has a quick solution for you. Take this fancy and fluffy pillow to guide you. With an engaging print of arrow pointing in the right direction, you’ll never get lost. Then flip it on the other side, you can keep left this time while hugging it tighter and comfortably. Displayed with great price and materials, having dimensions of 45cm in width and 45cm long, this is the softest deal for you. More cushions to comfort and cheer you also at $29.95. You have the Falling Rocks and the Danger Cushion as well.

3.    BBQ Branding Iron – Not only that you can create your own version of barbecue, burger and steak at home, you can even emboss your name on it, literally. Using the accurately crafted iron prints you can easily arrange the letters to spell out your name or signature to be marked on the tenderly cooked meat. This is an ideal Men’s Novelty Gifts to a handsome friend who have passion in cooking so that he can cook you the best tasting roast with his own name printed onto it. You may also add with your gift the different types of lighters made with fancy designs to completely surprise him. Arrow BBQ Lighter, Bait Cast Fishing Rod BBQ Lighter, Blue Marlin BBQ Lighter and Bolt Action BBQ Lighter are great choices for you. If you feel like giving more to him, a $23.95 BBQ Rock Spatula and BBQ Rock Tongs are just right for your budget.

4.    3-D illusion Disc – Level-up your option of gift stuff. Take this 3 dimensional disc at a straightforward $15.95 price tag. It can create you a realistic effect that can definitely attract your attention or use it to thrill or amaze others. This is a clever idea of creating an illusion that a certain object exists but when you let somebody touch it, it shocks them to find out, it is just a pure illusion. You can think of more ways on how to trick everyone realistically. It provides you short and simple instruction for fast adherence.

5.    Drinking Dartboard- This is another gift essential that most men would crave for. Simply prepare your reflexes and focus to hit that high score. If you already fulfill your goal, simply reverse the velcro dartboard with four velcro balls instead of a dart.  The amusement with this creative board game is extremely high; it can be more thrilling if you play along with competitive men. You can take this for a onetime payment of $21.95, but you can use it without end for as long as you enjoy playing it with your colleagues.

6.    Shot Roulette – A smart idea is again applied on this simple yet totally enthralling past time. This can also be an ideal activity to captivate everyone’s attention in a fun-filled gathering, parties and all other celebration. It may be an inexpensive Men’s Novelty Gift but the enjoyment that it can bring to you is immeasurable.

7.    Arse/Face Soap – Bright minds are always over pouring in Gifts Australia. It includes a dual faceted soap which engraved the right usage of it. It is made for hygienic purposes wherein you know exactly which side to use for your face as well as for the arse. You never get puzzled with this brilliant bar soap because it is made with color coding scheme and labelled clearly. At the end of your shower, you’ll get refreshed and clean wholly as if you bought two types of soap but only pays $12.50.

8.    5 in 1 Old Fashioned Hammer – Let your grandfather feel that he is still more than able to perform classic tasks like carpentry and fixing some broken furniture or cabinet. Give him some luxury with this sophisticated set of tools. It comprises five different types of functional devices, which can be used for screws, bolts, and all other threaded pieces.  It is also made with high quality metals like brass, iron and nickel.

Why Look For Men’s Novelty Gifts in Gifts Australia?

There are more Men’s Novelty Gifts to find at Gifts Australia. Expect a lot of witty, weird, humorous and usable things as you reveal the 55 novelty products on the list. This set of gifts is another fun way to choose the right present for somebody. For sure, you’ll remember your mum, brother, pals, dad, sister, even grannies and friendly neighbours in every collectible. Thus, you’ll have surprise for each one of them afterwards.  

Know somebody who loves his tools? Get them the 5 In 1 Old Fashioned Hammer. Perhaps you always have trouble getting that tricky bottle cap off your beer, get yourself a Happy Man Bottle Opener for some easy laughs. Make drinking even more fun with the Alcohol Shot Gun. When it comes to Novelty Gifts for Men, Gifts Australia knows what to do.

Some occasions require a funny gift; this could be during a birthday or another celebration where humour is appreciated. If you need a funny gift to delight a male recipient, and provide him with loads of laughter, you could consider one of the novelty gifts from Gifts Australia! The novelty gifts on this page are specifically chosen for men, so if you don’t know which of our novelty gifts are recommended for male recipients, the overview of presents on this page should help you on the way.

To ensure each customer finds a novelty gift to match their budget, Gifts Australia has installed two useful filters that could help you narrow down your options. Simply slide the bar on the left-hand side of the screen to match your current budget, or use the sort menu above our range of products to arrange gifts by price. By doing this, you will get quick access to the presents that match your budget, and don’t waste time on those that aren’t appropriate. Still, if budget does not matter much, you can also filter your gifts by popularity and let other Gifts Australia customers help you decide on a gift!

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