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Drinking a fine alcoholic beverage is an incomparable feeling. The intoxicating aromas, the intriguing taste on the palate and the feelings of relaxation are undeniably a reason to fill your glass and enjoy your favourite drink. However, drinking is associated with fun and socializing. People tend to unleash themselves, since the majority of drinkers tend to drink at social occasions. 

Drinking gifts are a novel gifting option, which trigger laughter and enhance the celebrating atmosphere. An indispensable part of social drinking is shot drinking. The Beer Tasting Paddle, the Drinking Dartboard, the Drinking Dominoes and the Beer Pong are fantastic drinking gifts, which engage a whole group. In addition, Bottle Opener Happy Man and Bottle Stopper Happy Man will be a reason for endless moments of fun. Beer is a beloved drink, so it needs special care. Our Tool Bottle Opener and our Honey Bomb Wheat Beer Kit is a tribute to the most beloved alcoholic beverage. 

The truth is that people, who enjoy drinking a glass of fine alcohol once in a while, are the easiest gift receivers. The reason is obvious, they will surely appreciate a fine bottle of their favourite drink. A wrapped bottle or a fine basket will surely win the alcohol drinkers’ heart. With Christmas fast approaching, you can put under the tree a bottle of wine for the sophisticated taste of your father or a bottle of the finest champagne for the champagne connoisseur of the family. You can visit GiftsAustralia in order to evaluate your options and realise the superiority of our products.

We have reached the last trimester of the year, so Christmas holidays are approaching quickly. There are numerous drinks that are closely associated with winter and the Christmas spirit of the period. One of them is whiskey. Whiskey is one of the most beloved alcoholic beverages in the world. Whiskey is a generalized term which defines a whole family of drinks. Whiskey is percolated from fermented grains and comes of age in oaks. There are multiple varieties with different alcohol concentration, aromas or aftertaste. Luckily, whiskey lovers have a wealth of options in order to consume responsibly and enjoy their favourite drink. Sadly, the whiskey terminology is difficult, so a visit to a liquor store is really intimidating. Stick to the variety you know or you prefer most and taste different whiskies. 
Don’t forget that drinking whiskey is a pure and enjoyable hobby so feel free to experiment!

Vodka is another beloved alcoholic beverage. For northern countries, vodka is a way of living. Polish and Russian occupants have a real love for vodka. It’s no wonder that vodka means a little water in Russian language. Vodka can be made by both starches and sugars, depending on the different recipes. Potatoes, rye, beets, corn and in some cases even sugar is the perfect raw material. The extraction of sugars after fermentation is the first step to alcohol production. Multiple distillations- the magic number seems to be six- ensure a fine final product, while the last step is the filtration through charcoal. Vodka is ready! In order to enjoy a real vodka drinking experience, drinkers have to follow the original Russian drinking tradition. Orange or lemon juice and soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Red bull and Sprite accompany vodka perfectly. For daring drinkers who are ready to experiment, beer and vodka combination is one of the beloved cocktails in Russia. Follow our guidance and have fun!

Beer is considered a low-alcohol beverage, so people drink a beer or two even at midday. Hops and saccharificated starch are combined, offering a fantastic tasteful result. It is no wonder that the average American drinks 23 gallons of beer per year, while the annual production of beer is estimated to be 200 million barrels! Moderate consumption of beer is associated with multiple health benefits. Moderate consumption of beer is good for the heart, has anti-inflammatory properties and it is good for human brain. Just like any other alcoholic beverage, beer decreases the self-consciousness, the stress and the anxiety, while it enhances your mood. It is about time to get in a party groove and become the life and soul of the party. Trust the power of alcohol and our alcohol drinking gifts and live the best moments of your lifetime!

It is wise to remind you that drinking is a fantastic way in order to relax, socialize and have fun. However, moderation is really important in order to exploit its beneficial effects. In case you exceed your drinking limits, alcohol hides a really dark side with devastating effects. Heavy drinkers suffer from brain tissues’ atrophy and wasting. It is highly advised to eat before consuming alcohol in order to avoid a hangover. Think wisely and drink responsibly. Enjoy both the party and our drinking gifts. 

A gift is the best way to showcase your love, your appreciation or a funny side of yourself. The wrapping paper of a gift is a pole of attention for human eyes, since it is an obstacle which arouses the imagination. The glowing colour of the package and the nicely-made bow are irresistible, aren’t they? Unwrapping a gift is a ritual which triggers incomparable feelings of strong desire and impatience. GiftsAustralia knows the importance of a gift that escalates the tension and enhances the mystery. For this reason, gift wrapping has a special place in our shop. A wide variety of colours guarantee a fine, colourful wrapping result. Baby blue, royal purple, baby pink, cream, deep red, chocolate brown and canary yellow ensure a good wrapping paper option for every taste. In addition, a card ensures a personalized result. For a special occasion, it is highly advised to accompany your gift with a full sized card. Use the power of words and express your feelings!

Our gifting experts know the importance of a presentable gift. However, the benefits are not limited to elegant wrapping and message cards. Our customers have now the chance to choose GiftAustralia for their drinking gifts and save couple of dollars from our delivery policy. Spend over AU $99 and your order is sent for free! GiftsAustralia is the store that is simply too good to be true.  


Make your next bout of drinking memorable with some cool Novelty Drinking Gifts from Gifts Australia.

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