If you're looking for the best toddler gifts in Australia then you've come to the right place. We've got toddler toys and gift ideas that will offer them hours of fun and play. The perfect toddler gift for every occasion whether it's a birthday gift or just to say I love you, there's something perfect.

Toddlers Gifts

Toddlers are in the stage when they tend to explore their abilities; they climb, hop, jump, smell, eat and touch almost anything in their way. In other words, it is during these years that kids are learning and enjoying their play time. Gifts Australia therefore presents you with toddler gifts you can purchase so your nieces and nephews’ will grow happily and at the same time learn new things out of their toddler toys. Gifts for kids can really be enjoying so let's see the different toddler gifts you can purchase online at Gifts Australia at affordable prices. 

The Best Presents for Your Little Ones

Toddlers are very appreciative at their stage. They tend to love almost everything that looks colourful and pleasant to the eyes. Therefore, gifts for kids must be composed of vibrant colours to make it more attractive. Gifts Australia highly recommends the following toddler gifts for your precious little ones. 

Piglet Beanie Plush - You don't have to purchase expensive toys to provide the best gifts for kids. For a low price of $24.95, give this cute little piglet character from the famous Winnie the Pooh stories and let your kid enjoy its soft material. It comes with 28cm height making it perfect for little kids who just want to have tight and comfy hugs.

Rag Doll Tilly - Give this Rag Doll to the cutest kid in the world for only $44.95. This toy was hand crafted carefully to offer customers nothing but the best doll for your little one. This is worth the price considering it is wrapped in a stylish and gorgeous looking gift box. So if you want only the best gifts for kids, check this doll and you will surely be blown away by its cuteness. It also comes with free delivery within Australia provided you have added few more items that will total your order to at least $99. 

Crab Beach Kit - Girls are not the only ones who get to enjoy toddler gifts from Gifts Australia. Boys too will have a chance to play on the beach sand thanks to the Crab Beach Kit of Gifts Australia. This is one of the exciting gifts for kids you'll find online especially for those at toddler stage. With the price of $28.95, the fun it offers is simply overwhelming.

Russ Eco Friendly Puppet Pet - Monkey - This cuddly little monkey is what boys and girls need during bedtime. For only $19.95, who can refuse to cuddle this 100% cotton stuffed toy that is environment friendly as well as health friendly. This item is said to be coloured using a vegetable dye making it one of the safest gifts for kids.

Cuddly Toys for the Cutest Kids

Being young is definitely the best feeling in the world, aside from the carefree mind the young ones have, it is during toddler stage that kids enjoy almost everything they touches and sees. When it comes to toys, Gifts Australia is capable of giving the best gifts for kids, affordable and above all safe and appropriate for toddlers' age.


Toddlers can be choosy when it comes to toys, let Gifts Australia help.

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