If you're looking for the best toddler gifts in Australia then you've come to the right place. We've got toddler toys and gift ideas that will offer them hours of fun and play. Find the perfect toddler gift for girls and boys for every occasion whether it's a birthday gift, toys for toddlers at Christmas, toys for in the car for toddlers, or just to say I love you, there's something wonderful in our toddler gift range. You'll be inspired with sensory toys, educational toys for toddlers, outdoor toys, water and bath toys for toddlers, imaginative play, easy craft or chunky crayons, traditional wooden toys for toddlers, blocks and construction and so many more wonderful ideas for girls and boys aged 3 and under.

Gifts For Toddlers

Toddlers are in the stage when they tend to explore their abilities; they climb, hop, jump, smell, eat and touch almost anything in their way. In other words, it is during these years that kids are learning and enjoying their play time. Gifts Australia therefore presents you with toddler gifts you can purchase so your nieces and nephews’ will grow happily and at the same time learn new things out of their toddler toys. Gifts for kids can really be enjoying so let's see the different toddler gifts you can purchase online at Gifts Australia at affordable prices. 

Browse our gift range for toddler gifts for girls and boys aged 3 and under including Christmas gifts for toddlers, outdoor toys for toddlers, bath toys, wooden toys, imaginative play toys, educational toys, and simple fun toys for in the car for toddlers. We also have a great range of books for toddlers, including the popular Bluey range and Wiggles toys.

The Best Fun Toddler Toys & Gifts For Your Little Ones

Toddlers are so much fun to buy gifts for. They tend to love almost everything that looks colourful and offers a giggle or playful surprise. Gifts for toddlers with lots of vibrant colours and that offer a range of sensory experiences are wonderful. Choose sensory toys for toddlers to make it more attractive and stimulate their senses. Gifts Australia highly recommends the following unique toddler gifts for your precious little ones.

Soft Toys and Toddler Plushies 

You don't have to purchase expensive toys to provide the best gifts for toddlers. Cute cuddly toys and soft snuggly squishes offer endless fun, and bedtime companions. Toddlers love to tell stories to their teddy friends and enjoy the soft tactile material. They also make great toys for in the car for toddlers.

Teddies are perfect for little kids who just want to have tight and comfy hugs. Soft rag dolls and handcrafted toys offer customers nothing but the best traditional toddler gifts for your little one. Cuddly little monkey toys or fantastical dragons are just what little boys and girls need during bedtime.

Water toys, bath toys, and pool toys for toddlers 

Outdoor toys for toddlers are wonderful for summer or as a Christmas gift for toddlers. Little kids are not the only ones to enjoy toddler gifts from Gifts Australia. You'll have fun with water toys for toddlers that make bath time easy. Gifts for toddlers learning to swim are also a great idea. Some of our favourite gifts for toddler boys are toys to play with on the beach, sand toys, or pool floaties. Popular toys for toddler girls are bath crayons and bath toys.

Educational Toys for Toddlers

You'll find a whole range of wonderful educational toys for toddlers that make great gifts for Christmas or for a birthday gift for a 3 year old. Beautiful wooden toys for toddler girls and boys are some of the most popular gifts for a 2 year old or 3 year old. Lovely natural wooden puzzles and stacking toys feel wonderful and are safe for little kids. Easy to hold, these wooden toys teach fine motor skills and coordination.

Sensory toys for toddlers are great for preschoolers and the youngest of toddlers. Stimulating sensory gifts for a 1 year old or 2 year old include tactile toys and books, musical toys and games. Good sensory toys as a gift for a 3 year old include press and learn books and visually stimulating flash cards.

Cuddly Toys for the Cutest Kids

Being young is definitely the best feeling in the world, aside from the carefree mind the young ones have, it is during toddler stage that kids enjoy almost everything they touches and sees. When it comes to toys, Gifts Australia is capable of giving the best gifts for kids, affordable and above all safe and appropriate for toddlers' age.

Buying a great gift for a toddler can be complicated, because when you are no longer a child yourself, it can be difficult to think about gifts a younger person would enjoy. Fortunately, you can count on the experience of Gifts Australia, who offers an incredible range of gifts for toddlers. In this collection of gifts for toddlers, you will find a large selection of toys, books, cuddles and much more. Therefore, it is always possible to find the perfect present for a young girl or boy.

Customers can also count on our main range of presents for children, which can be used if you need a present for children in another age range. Gifts Australia has divided this range into several age categories, so to find a gift that suits your child recipient, simply select the gender of your recipient and their age category. Of course, there are other filters that might be useful during your search for the perfect present. You can use the sorting menu to sort your results on price, so you get the items with the lowest price first if you are on a budget. However, if you are looking to pamper a child with an expensive present, you can also filter on highest price! Not sure what to buy? Use our popular sorting filter to determine which gift to get!

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