Science Toys

Science toys for kids are the ultimate way to fuel their minds while letting them get hands on with some exhilarating experiments and activities! Gifts Australia has an incredible array of science gifts for kids, from gooey goopy lab experiments to complete kits that allow them to conduct their own fossil finding mission right from the backyard.

There is something for everyone in the collection, with artsy science toys for girls and model building science toys for boys. No matter what their age or interest, they'll be enthralled by the latest in science toys for kids from Gifts Australia.

Maybe they're a budding scientist who can turn any environment into their own lab experiment? Or maybe they simply love practical activities where they get to play an active role in constructing their own product. No matter their level of interest in science, these toys make learning the ins-and-outs of chemistry, biology, and anatomy a thrill with their entertaining design and extensive equipment inclusions.

For kids who love getting their hands dirty, they'll be overjoyed with Gifts Australia's collection of slime building goo labs and zombie style design kits. There is something strangely captivating about the cool feel of electric green slime running through their fingers. With these complete guides to creating their own kid-friendly goo, they'll be enthralled for hours on end while learning the wonders of chemistry.

Little ones don't have to miss out on the wide world of science either. We have an extensive range of science activity books for kids. Colour your way through the prehistoric world, solve the riddles of the human body and explore the wonders of the natural world as they flip through the informative and entertaining pages.

Know a little nature-nut that deserves spoiling on their special day? Why not treat them to one of Gifts Australia's National Geographic science kits for kids? Get up close and personal with the intricacies of precious rocks and critters of the backyard with these incredible kits that come complete with everything needed to convert your home into their very own science lab. Kick back and watch them feed their curious minds as they explore and examine for hours.

These science toys for kids make a great gift as they are not only super mesmerising but provide an novel introduction to the amazing world of science from a young age. Designed to be used again and again, these are the toys they'll be showing off to their friends as they share their newly gleaned knowledge.

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