From adrenaline pumping gifts like jumping out of an airplane to wise words from The Pug's Guide to Etiquette book, show them you're excited about their coming of age with our 18th Birthday gift ideas! Can't quite find what you're after? Check out our Teenage Gifts range, Novelty Gift ideas or Gifts For Him or For Her.

18th Birthday Gifts

Reaching your 18th year is another milestone in life mainly because of the new set of responsibilities that you will have to face. This is the age when one becomes legally binding to some government responsibilities. This is in other words the legal age of most countries in which you will already be considered as a young adult. So celebrating your 18th birthday is like saying goodbye to your teenage life and saying hello to more mature roles to tackle in the future. This is why giving gifts when one turns 18 is quite memorable and special. 

Legal Gifts for the Legal Age

When someone close to you turns 18, you surely want to give him or her, the perfect gift that will symbolize freedom. The best way to find the right legal gift for someone of legal age is to check on the Gifts Australia and browse on the site's 18th Birthday Gifts.

1.    A Little Luxury - If someone turns 18, your first thought would be to give him or her an unforgettable birthday present, right? A luxurious one can be commendable if you want to shower the celebrant with exceptional items, and GiftsAustralia knows exactly what you need. This $179 A Little Luxury will shower the celebrant with the tasty Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial champagne. Note that as the person turns 18, he or she is of legal age to drink and anc celebrate a coming of age. Aside from the champagne, there are cosmetic products and branded treats so your gift will certainly be noticed upon delivery.

2.    Cowboy Boot Shot Glass Set of 4 - This gift seems to be appropriate to someone who just turned 18. If you want something fun and wild for the first time, why not give the celebrant his or her very own shot glasses and use it in the party? For only $16.99 not only will the celebrant enjoy but also the guests who came to celebrate the occasion. Cheap yet fun like no other material gift items can provide.

3.    Tandem Skydive - If the celebrant is quite adventurous, the best thing would be to give the most adrenaline pumping gift one could ever have, the Gifts Australia's Tandem Skydive. For the price of $334, the celebrant will have a chance to experience an exhilarating 14,000ft jump from a helicopter. You don't have to worry about a thing as there are experts to guide newbie’s when jumping such height.

4.    Individual Makeover & Photo Shoot - This is one of the most asked gifts by most young women, to have a total makeover and a photo shoot to capture the day they became a full pledge woman. Giving this as your 18th birthday gift gives the celebrant a chance to unleash and express herself even more. For only $99, the celebrant will receive a makeup service and hair, a black and white or coloured portrait and so much more for an affordable price.

18th Birthday Gifts from Only the Best

There are few more items you can purchase directly from the GiftsAustralia which is perfect for an 18th birthday celebration. Whether you want it simple, extravagant, exciting, adventurous, sexy and wild, name it and GiftsAustralia has it. This is why hunting for the right stuff for a special celebration, even if it's not for an 18th birthday celebration, you can count on GiftsAustralia at anytime. 

18th Birthday Gifts

Celebration of one’s 18th birthday is traditional. Most teens around the globe celebrate the day they turned 18 because it gives them a little bit of freedom. In some countries 18 is the legal age to vote in an election. Other countries consider 18 as the age of legal drinking. There are a lot of reasons why one should celebrate his or her 18th birthday and it too comes with a lot of perks. Gifts Australia certainly understands this tradition hence the site has come up with great items that are unique and cool to those who are turning 18.

At Gifts Australia, featured gifts are unique and affordable. Other tour package gifts were carefully thought of to ensure that whoever receives the featured birthday packages will enjoy and have a blast on his or her birthday. This is why Gifts Australia is the top one-stop shop online that most Aussies love to visit and purchase their gifts from. The items are awesome and mostly can seldom be seen on other retail online shops. So if you are interested and want to purchase gifts for a close friend or love one, let’s see few of the giftable items that Gifts Australia has to offer. 

Gifts Australia’s 18th Birthday Gifts That Can Make the Day Bright

Tandem Skydive - When it comes to being cool and adventurous, nothing can beat this Tandem Skydive birthday gift of Gifts Australia. This $334 gift is like no other as the celebrant get to dive and freefall from an exhilarating height of 14,000 feet along with a professional skydiving instructor. Jumpers will also experience free falling on a speed as fast as 220km/hr. imagine the speed and height and you will definitely understand the real meaning of Adrenaline rush! This is the perfect gift for teens turning 18 however there are few conditions to note during this trip. There should be no alcohol intake, no prior scuba diving activities, certain weight requirements, and more restrictions to ensure safety.

Bondi Private Surf Lesson - Surfing is one of the best summer activities to do and learning how to surf is a big deal. So why not give this surf lesson package of Gifts Australia as a gift and let the celebrant learn how to surf the right way for only $99. This package comes with a professional surfer instructor and the lesson will last for 2 hours. You don't have to worry because this gift voucher is valid within 12 months time.

Airbus A320 Flight Simulator, 30 minutes - Is someone you know been dreaming of flying a plane? Or maybe you want to give someone the time of his life even just for 30 minutes? If so, this Airbus A320 Flight Simulator is the best choice to give on someone's birthday. This only cost $175 but the 30minute session is totally priceless. The feeling it gives flying a life like plane together with a real pilot is unexplainable. So if you want the most unforgettable gift on someone's 18th birthday, this package is commendable.

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon, Barossa Valley - 1 Adult - If you want to give a breath taking gift to someone on his or her 18th birthday, this Sunrise Hot Air Balloon is one of the bests. This ride will last for an hour however the beauty that one will see during this ride feels like forever. The flight will feature the beauty of the Barossa Valley in 360 amazing views and to think that this is going to be done on a sunrise hour makes the trip more worthy despite paying $300.

Individual Makeover & Photo Shoot - For only $99 give someone close to you a chance to have a total make over and show to the world she's all grown up. Turning 18 is a significant day when a young teen is considered as a full grown woman with legal obligations. Let the celebrant have fun as she turns 18.

Pizza Cooking Class, Sydney - Pizza is loved by almost everyone. This cooking class is highly rated by a lot of pizza lovers thanks to the chefs’ assistance and of course, the best part of this class is during the food tasting part. This hand on class at $110 can turn someone into a master chef.

Carly Paiker Blue Moroccan Ring - Simple yet stylish, this ring can represent your relationship with the celebrant. You can give this as a symbol of your friendship and for only $139; you can put a smile on the receivers face because this jewellery is a widely popular brand.
Cielo Mint Gelato Watch - Who wouldn't want to receive a stunning watch? This $109.50 watches can be someone's present on her 18th birthday. Beautiful, high quality, and comes with a free delivery service, so order this watch as a gift from Gifts Australia and enjoy seeing the recipients’ face glow.

Tandem Skydive (Cairns) - If you want lots of different options when skydiving as a birthday gift, Gifts Australia has that options for you. You can go skydiving at Cairns and see for the 1st time how beautiful the area is which includes rainforest, the awesomeness of tropical vegetation covering about 900,000 wide hectares and more mesmerizing views. This can all be experienced at a reasonable rate of $334. The time spent and the experience gained is all worth the price. So don't hesitate to give this gift as a birthday present.

Tandem Skydive The Beach Mission - Another skydiving spot where it cost a little more than Cairns is the Beach Mission which also features a wonderful view of tropical islands, the vastness of the rainforest and of course the magnificent Barrier Reef. Imagine giving this experience to someone turning 18, isn't it an awesome gift? So don't hesitate to get this once in a lifetime experience and let someone dear to your heart experience this on his or her 18th birthday. Skydiving can be scary but same goes when you turn 18 and all the responsibilities you need to handle as you approach the legal age can be scary too. 

Celebrate 18th Birthday Like a Star

Undeniably, birthday celebrations only mean that the celebrant is the star of the day. It should be his or her day and turning 18 means the celebrant can do whatever that pleases him or her. If you want the celebrant to be filled with joy, make sure to check on Gifts Australia before any other online shop. At Gifts Australia all the cool gifts you can think of are found in it and the best part of it, almost all are affordable and reasonably priced. Some giftable vouchers also have 12 months validity which makes it a practical gift to those busy celebrants.

There are also gift cards available and premium wrapping services to provide your gift a special and amazing touch before giving it to the recipient. Opting any gifts from Gifts Australia is a wise decision, this site values customer service and above all, the items it features are all worth giving. So why purchase from other online shops when you have everything you need from Gifts Australia. 

Finding the right birthday present often comes down to buying a gift for the appropriate age category. Unfortunately, if there are many years’ difference between you and your recipient, it can be difficult to determine which gift they would appreciate. To make it easier on you and help you decide on a gift for a younger (or older) recipient, we have created several categories containing age-appropriate gifts; this includes our 18th birthday gifts range that only contains our recommended presents for 18-year-olds. 

The gifts inside our range of 18th birthday gifts are quite diverse and include gifts for both men and women. Some of the items you can expect in this range include personalised gifts, handbags, cosmetics, books, hampers, homewares, cufflinks and much more. Therefore, customers always have a world of choice when it comes to selecting the right birthday gifts. Still, if you experience difficulties deciding on one gift, be sure to use the handy filters installed by our expert team, which allow you to filter your results by price, popularity and gift type. 

Welcome them to their maturity and coming of age with these awesome 18th Birthday gift ideas!

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