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Struggling to find the right birthday gifts for your male recipient? Take advantage of Gifts Australia’s huge range of birthday gifts for him and choose a present that matches your recipient perfectly!

Discover Amazing Birthday Gifts for Him at Gifts Australia

When it comes down to birthday gifts for him, you will not find better than the birthday gifts available at Gifts Australia. Our range consists of unique hampers, but also some novelty items that the male recipient is bound to appreciate. Let us take a closer look at our range of birthday gifts for him and deduct which birthday gift would be best for your recipient!

Baxter of California Body 123 Kit

If your recipient is someone who takes great pride in his appearance, and likes to look after himself with quality skincare products, the Baxter of California Body 123 Kit may be the best birthday gift you can give him. Our Baxter of California Body 123 Kit is an outstanding selection of skincare products for men, which includes an exfoliating bar and a body wash.

Bottle & Corkscrew Cufflinks

Male recipients who appreciate a good glass of wine, or like to go to the occasional formal party, will certainly like our Bottle & Corkscrew Cufflinks. These cufflinks do not only look incredibly stylish; they also give that fun wink that will encourage other people to socialise with the wearer of the cufflinks. If your recipient is the proverbial social creature, these cufflinks will go nicely on his party suit!

Dapper Tequila Shot Glasses – 6 Pack

Drink glasses that mysteriously go missing during a party is a common phenomenon. However, this problem can be avoided by using some glasses with a unique design, for example our Dapper Tequila Shot Glasses. These are glasses that each have a unique design printed on the exterior of the glass, making it easy for guests to keep track of their glass and prevent them from taking someone else’s.

James Squire Ale Hamper

When it comes down to Australian craft beers, the James Squire brewery has definitely earned a spot on the top of the craft beer list. The James Squire brewery has become a real favourite for many beer lovers over the past decade, so gifting a James Squire Ale Hamper to the male beer fanatic is not such a bad idea.

Our James Squire Ale Hamper features all the best craft beers from the James Squire Brewery; this includes classics such as the Constable and the Chancer. To make this hamper extra sweet, we also included numerous Australian and international nibbles, which will do very well when served in combination with these exquisite craft beers.

Premium United Nations Beer Hamper

Those who like to savour beers from around the globe will love our Premium United Nations Beer Hamper, a collection of international beers from real beer countries such as Belgium and Germany. To ensure this particular hamper appeals to even the harshest beer critics, we included beers that are counted amongst the best in the world; this includes the Belgian Chimay and Hoegaarden.

Good beer snacks also increase the value and the enjoyment of a good gift hampers. Therefore, customers can find an extensive selection of beer nibbles in the Premium United Nations Hamper. From delicious organic olives to the more traditional crisps, this beer hamper has it all!

Corona Beer Hamper

The Corona Beer Hamper in our range of birthday gifts cannot be forgotten either, because Corona beer has also conquered a permanent spot amongst the best commercial beers in the world. Corona is a beer that is made in Mexico, so beer lovers can expect a refreshing yet vibrant flavour from this beer.

Considering Corona is a Mexican beer, Gifts Australia could not only include Australian treats to complement the flavour of the beer. For that reason, we also decided to add sliced jalapenos straight from Mexico, ensuring this hamper stays within the exotic flavour theme.

Glenmorangie Original Gift Set

If you know your recipient is fond of whiskey, but have no idea what their favourite whiskey is, then you cannot go wrong by choosing an established brand such as Glenmorangie. Glenmorangie is still one of the world’s most popular whiskey brands, rivalling other classic brands such as Glenlivet, Jameson and Jack Daniels.

The reason why Glenmorangie is such a popular whiskey choice is the smoothness of the whiskey itself. In order to obtain smoothness with plenty of flavour, distillers at the Glenmorangie distillery use the tallest stills in Scotland, combined with a unique maturation process that cannot be compared to other whiskey brands.

Glenmorangie Taster Pack

Those who want to play it even safer when in search for a gift for a whiskey loving friend or relative, should definitely consider the Glenmorangie Taster Pack. Instead of one particular flavour of whiskey, the Glenmorangie Taster Pack gives you access to four: Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, Lasanta, Nectar D’Or and Original.

The various flavours make this particular taste pack stand out from most other whiskey hampers available on the market today. Each flavour of whiskey included in this pack is original and quite different from other whiskies you have tasted in the past.

One particular flavour in this taster pack makes the whiskey selection stand out even more, the Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or. Whiskey experts know that various distilleries have been trying to combine the whiskey maturation process with that of wine, trying to achieve an even smoother and more unique tasting experience. Glenmorangie has succeeded where other distilleries failed, since they were able to achieve the Nectar D’Or whiskey blend, which is matured in special wine barrels.

Glenmorangie Scotch Whiskey Hamper

Glenmorangie whiskey can be combined with numerous gourmet nibbles. To experience this combination, we gladly refer you to our Glenmorangie Scotch Whiskey Hamper, which contains the original Glenmorangie whiskey, but also a selection of French and Australian delicacies.

The gourmet nibbles inside this hamper can be consumed throughout the year, so this is also a popular gift during the Christmas period. Know someone who would not be able to choose between a good glass of whiskey and gourmet food? Pick this hamper and you won’t be disappointed!

Getting something original for an 18th birthday is necessary, because it is a true milestone that must be celebrated accordingly. At Gifts Australia, you will find many gift options for an 18th birthday, so if there is a boy that is about to become a man, you could consider any of the amazing gifts we can offer him. Our range of 18th birthday gifts includes some amazing beer hampers, but also some novelty gifts such as a water pistols set and a skate corkboard. So, no matter what your recipient is into, the Hamper Emporium has you covered!

Aside from physical gifts, there are more special items at Gifts Australia you should consider. One collection you simply cannot afford to skip is our experiences collection! The experiences collection contains a wonderful day out for your recipient, which could be a stunt flight in a plane, a cooking class or a parachute jump above one of the most idyllic locations in Australia. The possibilities are endless with our experiences collection. An experience is bound to provide your recipient with some unforgettable memories, so by picking one of our experiences, you can be sure you’re going to be the one with the best present at an 18th birthday party.

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