Baby Books

There's nothing more special than time spent together in childhood bonding over a book with baby; which is why we believe baby book gifts are the perfect way to bring joy to baby and parents alike. With a beautiful selection of story books for baby, or keepsake books to be treasured for years to come; there's something for everyone.

Baby Book Gifts Create Life Long Memories

Bonding with baby; it's not just for parents, although those bonding moments between a parent and their newborn are very special, there are special parts of childhood where bonding with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends creates a sense of childhood magic too. There's one connecting factor in childhood where that bonding takes place and those special memories are formed - reading books together. This is exactly why baby book gifts are high on our list of wonderful gift ideas for newborns and toddlers, because what better way to bring joy to their life than with a beautiful story, whether it's read to baby by mum and dad, or by someone else special in their life - the best parts of childhood are beginning.

Childhood is filled with wonder and joy and book gifts given throughout a lifetime help form a special part of the narrative of life. A child who's life is blessed with beautiful childhood books is blessed with learning the wonders of imagination and characters, those that bring a smile to our faces, those who teach us life lessons in a way that we don't even realise we're learning them - that's what the joy and innocence of childhood is all about.

The Best Childhood Books To Gift Children

So what are the best books to gift children? Without a doubt it's books that resonate with you. Whether it's the adventures of Peter Rabbit and his siblings or something a little more contemporary, if you find joy in the story, so will baby. The stories of Peter Rabbit have been adding a special touch of magic to childhood for over 100 years, and we love including a beautiful range of Peter Rabbit book gifts and sets in our children's gift range.

Children love stories of animals, adventure and joy. Funny and simple stories, they adore books with bright colours and interesting shapes and textures. These are exactly the types of books we stock in our online children's gift store. When it comes to books for kids, we remember all the fun we had reading as children, and use that as inspiration to grow our range of book gifts for kids here at Gifts Australia.

Special Children's Book Gifts For Special Occasions

Sometimes you're after a particular baby book gift, something like a baby keepsake book or a baby memory book gift, and we've got you covered with that too! We've selected a range of stunning and practical baby books that help to capture memories and milestones in style. These book gifts are best for newborns and new parents and they are guaranteed to take delight in following the format and journey that each book offers.

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