Dinosaur Gifts

Dino lovers will go crazy for the incredible range of dinosaur toys and dinosaur themed gifts online at Gifts Australia. Transport them back to the prehistoric world with one of our dinosaur activity packs, discovery dig kits, cuddly dino plush toys, puzzles, plus practical and fun dinosaur toys for kids. They'll be non-stop grinning as they stomp through the backyard in search of fossils or kit out their shelves with lifelike T-Rex replicas! We know some kids are absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs and love dinosaur gifts for every occasion. This is why we feature a range of gifts for kids who love dinosaurs that will impress Jurassic fanatics of all tastes and ages.

Dinosaur Toys For Kids

Bring their wildest prehistoric dreams to life with these super cool dinosaur gifts from Gifts Australia. Pterodactyls, stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex will be roaring through the halls as your little one falls head over heels with their newest dino companion.

Dinosaurs have long been a favourite among children of all ages. Dinosaur toys make great creative play gifts for kids as a way to encourage them to use their imagination to create new worlds and to help them learn about these amazing giant beasts.

What is the most popular dinosaur toy?

Dinosaur excavation kits and 3D dino models are the most popular dinosaur toys for kids in Australia. They’ll feel like little paleontologists as they dig for dinosaur fossils or assemble a model to display. Dinosaur egg toys and cuddly plush dinos are also favourites for toddlers and younger children who love dinosaurs.

What's better than their very own dinosaur toy model? One that they get to piece together themselves! Gifts Australia is home to a unique array of dinosaur building sets and construction activities. They're bound to learn something new about their favourite species as they bring their new Jurassic creation to life, piece by piece.

What to get a kid who loves dinosaurs?

If they've already got an entire toybox full of dino figurines, we have you covered for something that is sure to capture their passion for the prehistoric. Browse through our exciting range of dinosaur themed board games, dinosaur puzzles and cooperation activities. Combining the best of the wonderous prehistoric world with exhilarating and challenging games, these activities will keep them entertained for hours!

For the little bookworms who lap up every new dinosaur fact with fury, indulge their lust for knowledge with one of our jam packed dinosaur books for kids. Chock full of amazing facts about the world of dinosaurs, kids will be enthralled by the wonders captured on the pages. These books are almost certain to become a bedtime story staple and bookshelf favourite.

For unique dinosaur gifts that are as practical as they are loveable, why not treat them to one of our adorable dino-themed accessories? From backpacks to lunchboxes, these school staples are a great way of securely transporting their goods while allowing them to take their favourite Jurassic friends with them, wherever they go.

Gifts Australia even has an eclectic range of novelty dinosaur items that will become a playtime staple with their ingeniously designed striking dinosaur features. They're sure to put a smile on the face of the little dino-lover in your life. Shop online for dinosaur toys at Gifts Australia.

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