Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower gifts are one-of-a-kind. When you choose the perfect gift for a baby shower, your present should show how much you care and reflect mum’s unique style. You want just the right baby shower gift to welcome a cute new life, so Gifts Australia is the place to shop online for your baby shower gift delivery. There’s a fabulous range of gift ideas for a baby shower you will enjoy browsing to find just the one you love. Selecting the right baby shower gifts in 2022 has just become a fun experience!

Not only do you want it to send a loving message to the mum to be but for it to be something she will treasure. You can find lovely personalised baby shower ideas at Gifts Australia that are functional as well as decorative. Or choose the most adorable baby shower gift to make them oooh and ahhh! Gifts that can be treasured, baby journals to mark baby’s special moments forever, or practical baby shower gifts to welcome baby into the world.

Baby Shower Gifts Australia

Baby shower gifts for friends or family are a joy to buy. A visit to Gifts Australia will soon help you find the right gift. One that tells the soon-to-be mum how much you are excited about the new baby’s arrival. A baby shower is an integral part of the pregnancy journey for many mums. It’s all about sharing the anticipation of the coming event, where people can show their love with thoughtful gifts and, wanted or not, plenty of advice! Buying baby shower gifts is a gesture of love.

Excitement and anticipation flavour the atmosphere at any baby shower, and your thoughtful gift will add to this wonderful occasion. Remember though, baby shower gifts do not just have to be for the bundle of joy. Don’t forget mum and dad; they will appreciate a thoughtful gift as well. Baby shower gifts this year mean finding thoughtful, unique and adorable gifts for the whole soon-to-be family.

Celebrate the pending arrival of a beautiful newborn with our baby shower gift hampers. With a range of hampers to pamper new mums along with a selection of baby boy hampers, baby girl hampers and unisex baby hampers for those parents leaving the gender a surprise!

What is the most useful baby shower gift?

Selecting the right baby shower gifts is a joyful experience. Just viewing the fabulous range of ideas in Gifts Australia’s collection is a pleasure. However, you will have to make some decisions. Do you want your gift to be practical, for use when the baby is born? Do you prefer something that will be treasured forever? Personalised gifts are always welcome too, with classic keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Combine a selection into a basket gift set or check out the charmingly cute baby hampers?

It might also be a good idea to ask what is needed. Modern mums are fond of lists, and it’s a great way of selecting what you know they want and something you will love to give. From practical need-for-now gifts to cosy comforters and memory keepsakes check out the amazing choices at Gifts Australia.

While choosing your baby shower gifts, don’t forget to check out something nice for the mum and dad too. While most friends bring gifts for the much-awaited baby, popping in something nice for the people you are close to is a much appreciated gesture. Opt for bubbly champagne, fabulous body cream or a much-wanted house item from Gifts Australia. Baby shower gifts from friends and family are for celebrating the gift of life together.

What Are the Best Baby Shower Gifts?

Looking for some original gifts for a baby shower? We have a great selection of new gifts for baby showers in 2022. Check out our recommended selection of the cutest baby shower gifts below. In this overview, you can find baby shower gifts for new parents, but also many beautiful baby gifts for a newborn. So, be sure to read on to uncover them all!

What Are the Best Baby Shower Gifts for a Boy?

Some newborn gifts stand out more than others. If you still require some baby shower gifts for a newborn baby, be sure to check out our top picks below.

Marquise Little Lion Clothing Set

A Marquise set of baby clothes is always appreciated for a baby shower, because the new parents will need an astronomical amount of baby clothes during the first few months of the newborn’s life. Of course, the Marquise Little Lion Clothing Set is just one of many baby clothes sets available at Gifts Australia, since we offer many other baby clothes that may prove useful for a newborn baby boy. Want to check out more of our baby clothes? Simply head to the newborn range!

Baby-Made Imprint Kit

Every new parent wants a baby imprint kit for when the baby arrives. Therefore, you could consider gifting the Baby-Made Imprint Kit, which contains a non-toxic material enabling parents to take an impression of their baby’s handprint and footprint. Naturally, the imprint could be displayed afterwards.

May Gibbs Gumnut Babies: Baby Records Book

The last gift you could consider for a christening is a baby records book, such as the May Gibbs Gumnut Babies: Baby Records Book. Inside this book, there is plenty of room for photographs and notes, so it is the perfect way to save those special memories when the baby is born.

What Are the Best Baby Shower Gifts for a Girl?

There are many fun baby shower gifts for baby girls at Gifts Australia. Below, we have listed some of our personal favourites for your upcoming baby shower.

Inkless Print Frame Set in Pink

As we mentioned before, many parents like to have an imprint of their baby’s footprint or handprint. In addition to the Baby-Made Imprint Kit we mentioned before, we also provide an Inkless Print Frame Set in Pink. The set contains special wipes and paper, enabling parents to take handprints and footprints without any mess!

Marquise Pink Soft Cuddles Clothing Set

At Gifts Australia, there are also suitable clothing sets for baby girls; this includes the Marquise Pink Soft Cuddles Clothing Set. The set includes two body singlets, but also a daisy-patterned growsuit that will look adorable on her!

Bubba Blue ‘My First Bath Robe’

There are also some functional items for a little girl’s first bath. One of these functional items is the Bubba Blue ‘My First Bath Robe’, a comfortable robe that keeps the baby comfortable after bath time. We also offer hampers with natural baby bath products, which you could combine with this comfortable baby bath robe.

What Are the Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents?

Looking for something functional for new parents? There are many baby shower gifts you could be getting for them! Check out the recommendations for new parents below, and come up with the best baby shower gift for new parents.

The Sophie and Red Stripes Suit Baby Hamper

One of the first baby shower gifts you should consider for new parents is the Sophie and Red Stripes Suit Baby Hamper. The baby hamper contains some of the essentials new parents will need after the baby is born; this includes a singlet, growsuit, and knot hat. The baby hamper also contains some additional items that could make the parents’ life a little easier, including the Sophie La Giraffe teether!

The Aromatherapy Co. Baby Bathtime

Our Aromatherapy Co. Baby Bathtime Hamper is another great recommendation for new parents, because this hamper contains some amazing products that could be used for the baby’s first bath. New parents are not likely to own these items yet, because you can expect items such as natural baby soap and rubber duckies to make your baby’s bath more fun.

The Sophie La Giraffe ‘My First Hours’ Gift Set

Another great gift for new parents is the Sophie La Giraffe ‘My First Hours’ Gift Set. As the name of this gift set indicates, the set contains some essentials the newborn baby is going to need; this includes a comfortable knot hat, slippers, a bib, comforter, cuddly toy, teether, and more! So, be sure to consider this one if the new parents could use some additional items for the arrival of the new baby.

What Are the Best Sentimental Baby Shower Gifts?

There are some sentimental baby shower gifts you could consider from our catalogue too. Below, we have listed our favourite sentimental baby gifts, which are bound to be loved and appreciated by the parents as well as the baby.

Baby Love

New parents may struggle with parenthood in the beginning, but “Baby Love” is a book that could make everything better. Inside this book, parents will find a treasure trove of information, as well as some lovely sentiment that makes this book the most popular baby book in Australia.

Pregnancy Belly Kit

Every mum loves a memento of her pregnancy, and sometimes she wants something a little more than some photographs. Therefore, you could give the mum-to-be a more tangible memento such as the Pregnancy Belly Kit.

Here You Are, Baby

Our last sentimental recommendation is another baby book called “Here You Are, Baby”. The book is filled with wishes and beautiful illustrations for a little baby, which means it could be the perfect sentimental gift for a baby shower.

Where Can I Find More Inspiration for a Baby Shower?

Customers can find more inspiration for baby showers at Gifts Australia, because we have a special section that only contains baby shower gifts. So, if you need additional gift ideas, be sure to visit our baby shower gifts section on the website. We are sure you will find something original for the upcoming baby shower you must attend.

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