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21st Birthday Gifts

Undeniably, the age of 21 is the legal age for alcohol consumption to some countries while others accept 18 as their legal age. Whether it is 18 or 21, one thing is for sure, these ages are an important crossover from being a teen to full grown adult. At the age of 21, one don't have to ask for any permission from his or her parents to do something, as they say it is the age of majority, so it must be celebrated. Reaching the age of 21 comes with a lot of freedom just like older adult experiences; however it also comes with government responsibilities like voting and other important responsibilities. So if you are hunting for the right gift for a friend who is turning 21, check the GiftsAustralia website and you will definitely find what you are looking for. 

21st Birthday Gifts Signify Freedom

Who wouldn't want to celebrate their freedom? Freedom to do things without any consent, to drink alcohol moderately, to buy things that only an adult can enjoy. So if you want to remember this special 21st celebration of yours, or maybe your friend, find out what GiftsAustralia has for you all at an affordable price.

1.    Cielo Gold Mesh Watch - This gold watch will never be out of style. If you are looking forward to giving a friend or a family member a stylish 21st birthday gift, something the celebrant could wear and be fashionable, then this gift is highly recommended. Who can say no to a gold watch with stainless strap? For $179, this is a good buy and the perfect gift on such special occasion.

2.    Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey - If you want to celebrate alone with the birthday celebrant, this is also possible and you can opt for a cool gift such as the Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey. This comes with a friendly price of $165 but in return you guys will have so much fun, drinking and eating great beers and food all over Melbourne. This is a whole day event so you better tell the celebrant to clear his or her schedule. 

3.    Bondi Private Surf Lesson - When we say an unforgettable birthday gift, this is something that can create memories, a gift that will keep the celebrants’ adrenaline up and running, hence the GiftsAustralia presents to you the Bondi Private Surf Lesson. This can be given as a gift where the celebrant can have his surfing lessons with all inclusions of surfing equipments like the surfboards, cool wetsuits, and so on. For only $140, your gift will be the most awesome gift ever.

Welcome to the World of Real Men and Women

Celebrating someone’s 21st birthday can really be fun and memorable. Who could forget such a day where one has the full license and authority over his or her life? It includes going wherever you want without any consent and all you need is an Identification Card! So if this day comes to someone dear to you, don't forget to check on the GiftsAustralia and choose the perfect gift you want to give for an affordable rate.

21st Birthday Gifts

Birthday celebration is important however turning 21 is a different occasion as compared to the usual birthday celebrations done yearly. Turning 21 comes with additional liberties and responsibilities not just to yourself but as well as to other people and country. In some countries, the age of 21 is the so called legal age in which young men and women are considered matured enough to perform legal responsibilities. So when a friend of yours turns 21, make sure to send him or her a special gift! Something that is memorable and at the same time awesome!

21st birthday can be marked by gifts that celebrants will treasure or remember for the rest of their lives. At Gifts Australia, there are a lot of awesome gifts to give away to highlight the celebration. You can choose from material things such as watches, luxurious items, chocolates and most of all, a fun filled event that the celebrant can experience and will never ever forget. Gifts Australia has a lot of varieties to choose from and here are some of the unbelievably impressive gifts you can purchase for such affordable prices.

Gifts Australia's 21st Gifts Collection

Chocolate Walking Tour for 2, Melbourne - Giving away chocolate gift is indeed common but what makes this type of gift special and memorable is the fact that the celebrant won't simply receive a chocolate gift, but also experience a tour of Melbourne's different chocolate brands and discover how these stuffs are made and how tasty the goodies are! For only $118, the celebrant can really get high from all these sweet chocolates.

Cielo Gold Mesh Watch - Since turning 21 comes with additional adult responsibilities, giving the celebrant a beautiful watch is another great idea on his or her 21st birthday. Time is important to each and everyone and so to ensure the celebrant is aware of his time and to keep him responsibly mature in his activities, a Cielo Gold Mesh Watch for only $179.50 is commendable.

Tandem Skydiving - To make the celebration unforgettable, and if the celebrant is an adrenaline junkie, why not give this Tandem Skydiving package of Gifts Australia as your present? This only costs $334 however the excitement it brings and the memories it can create is more than the amount paid for. This package includes awesome deals such as a beach landing, included coaches to assist skydivers, ensure beautiful views of tropical islands as well as a stunning view of a rainforest. Who can say no to this experience? The celebrant can experience a freefall at the speed of 220km/hr.

MOR Marshmallow Stars Gift Set - Undeniably if the celebrant is a woman who loves girly stuffs, giving this MOR Marshmallow Stars Gift Set which includes a hand and body milk and Eau De Parfum. For only $49.95 the receiver of this gift will certainly enjoy.

Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Dice - Reaching the age of 21 comes with perks and one of which is being able to gamble legally. If the celebrant is into gambling, why not give him the Luxury Gold-Plated Dice of Gifts Australia? For only $24.95 he gets to keep his own dice and use it if needed. It is only at Gifts Australia that you can find affordable items that are unique and may match the personality of the receiver.

Cowboy Boot Shot Glass Set/4 - Simple gifts can also last a lifetime. As they say, it's the thought that counts. So if you want to give a cute gift that can remind the celebrant of your friendship and all those naughty stuffs you did in the past, this Cowboy Boot Shot Glass Set/4 is a good one! It only costs $16.99 but it can be used every drinking session of the group.

Bondi Private Surf Lesson - A surfing package as a gift? This maybe one of the best gifts ever especially if the person you intend to give this gift is into surfing. Now, with this gift the receiver can hone his surfing skills even better, thanks to the personal instructor provided in this package. At $140, this is a best choice of gift. It only shows the giver is quite cool for giving this!

How to Become A Poker Queen - Poker is now widely known and a lot of young adults are now into Poker as a sport. Giving this to someone who loves to play Poker and would like to master it is very helpful. This Poker guide will only cost $19.95 but the knowledge it can give to the reader can potentially give a lot of money!

Carly Paiker Criss Cross Pink Leather Bangle - To cherish your friendship and to show someone her value, giving Carly Paiker Criss Cross Pink Leather Bangle could mean a lot. For as low as $139, this 18 carat bangle made with real snake leather will really brighten the celebrants day. This can only be purchased at Gifts Australia.

Airbus A320 Flight Simulator, 30 minutes - A 30 minute amazing feeling of being a pilot as a gift to an aspiring pilot someday on his 21st birthday can really be inspiring. This $175 gift can change the receivers’ life in positive ways. It gives you a feeling of what it's really like to manoeuvre a plane, plus there's an instructor to assist you. The instructor is also a real pilot so what better gift to give away to someone who dreams of becoming a pilot and drive his own plane other than this package? It's only at Gifts Australia that you can avail of this kind of insanely amazing birthday gift.

Multi-Colour Storage Boxes set of 3 - For some, reaching the age of 21 is already a perfect time to leave their home and venture out of their own. Giving someone this multi-colour storage boxes set of 3 can be useful. With a pocket friendly price of $89.95, you are not just giving away a simple gift to someone turning 21, but also helping him pack his stuffs as he plans on his adventure.

Make Someone's 21st Birthday Unforgettable

As you can see, there are lots of great gifts to give to someone reaching his or her 21st birthday. It can be small and affordable yet filled with meaning, or it can be big and expensive and packed with thrilling and exciting activities. Whatever gift you want, it is only Gifts Australia that can provide an unforgettable gift, making the event way cool and fun. At Gifts Australia, items are reasonably priced and come in good quality. There are also books provided to give you the knowledge needed or perhaps simply give you a good laugh. The items are unique and fun to use too. There are also jewelries and even goodies for there are some who prefers luxurious items and food rather than go out and have fun. This is how flexible Gifts Australia is, it offers almost anything to different types of people and the best part of it, all items are safe to use and some packages comes with professional instructors. So hurry and check Gifts Australia if you are looking for the perfect gift for someone close to your heart! 

Even though birthdays are always worth celebrating, some birthdays are more important than others. A 21st birthday for example, because your 21st birthday is a genuine milestone that should be celebrated in style. If you know someone celebrating this milestone birthday, it is always recommended to surprise them with a unique and unforgettable gift. At Gifts Australia, you can find many birthday gifts specifically selected for 21st birthdays, so you don’t have to look endlessly for the perfect present!

The 21st birthday presents at Gifts Australia are quite diverse, so even if your recipient has a peculiar taste, you will always find something they are going to love. Aside from the basic drinking gifts, hampers and care products, our 21st birthday gifts range also contains more unusual gifts, more specifically in the novelty or experiences range. So, thanks to gifts Australia, you could gift the person celebrating his/her 21st birthday an experience they will cherish for a lifetime, or several novelty gifts that will provide them with many giggles during their birthday party. The choice is yours!



Turning 21 means you have truly entered into your twenties & adulthood. Make their 21st unforgettable with these great Birthday gift ideas!

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