Back To School Gifts

Get all your back to school gifts and supplies at Gifts Australia. Make the return to school fun for kids of all ages with these amazing kids backpacks, books, pencil cases, childrens stationery, and more. The holidays are great, but the kids will love heading back to school this term with fun new school supplies and accessories. 

Stock up on all your back to school needs at Gifts Australia

Going back to school doesn’t have to be dreary. With these amazing back to school supplies, your kids will be sent back to the classroom in style! Whether you’re updating their old essentials or giving them a gift to say ‘good work’, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Gifts Australia.

What is a good back to school gift?

While every kid is different, the most successful back to school gifts always balance practicality with fun. Does your kid need a new pencil case? Awesome! Buy them one that they will love using, it will be sure to add a splash of joy to their school days. Depending on their age, we recommend bright colours or interesting designs. For younger children, find gifts featuring their favourite characters or animals. For older kids and teens, opt for something sleek and cool that will make them feel more grown-up. They are far more likely to stay organised when they love the look of their school supplies.

What back to school supplies do kids need?

This depends on their age group. Primary school-aged kids are more likely to need the basics; pencil cases, fun stationery, notebooks. For older kids, the demands of their school year increase, and with it, the need for more supplies. Anything that encourages them to be organised is a great start.

Make sure they have a great backpack that will fit everything they need to carry! Since kids grow so quickly, last year’s backpack may not be the right fit anymore. Ensure they have a sturdy lunch box that’s easy to clean. This will save you plenty of time during the school year.

If they’ve got all the basics covered, consider anything that will spark their imagination and get them excited about learning again. Books make incredible back to school gifts. Even if it’s not on the curriculum, a book that excites and inspires them is a great way to get them back into the swing of learning.

What are some great back to school tips?

As parents, planning ahead is key for a smooth transition back to school. Make sure the whole family is organised and has all the supplies they will need to make the return to school seamless. Don’t forget to congratulate your kids! If they’ve been working hard, they deserve to feel your recognition.

For kids who struggle with motivation, why not set up a rewards system for meeting certain goals such as completing their homework by a certain time each night? Allow them to select a gift ahead of time so they know what they’re working towards. We recommend colourful markers, cute pencil cases, or gorgeous books to inspire them.

With the right planning, going back to school doesn't have to be complicated. Your kids will be back in the swing of things before they know it!

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