Teenage Girls

Finding gifts for teenage girls can be tricky at the best of times. A young lady's teen years are a period of exploration, soul-searching, and reflection, so teen girls' interests can change quickly and frequently. Gifts Australia makes the process of gift shopping for a teen girl faster and easier. Our range includes tons of awesome gifts that teen girls will love. Browse our range of teen girl gifts today.


Gifts for teen girls

Teen girls these days have many diverse interests and hobbies, so there are tons of amazing items that make perfect gifts for teenage girls. Gifts Australia is the best place to find these items. Our range has it all – sports items, crafts, novelty gifts, food-based gifts, decor items, accessories, activities, and more.

Our gifts come with free gift wrapping and a premium, customisable card. Plus, shipping on orders over $99 is free.

Explore our stunning range of gifts for teenage girls and treat the growing young lady in your life to something truly special.

Our best gifts for teen girls 2024

Here are our top gifts for teen girls in 2024, according to customers:

  1. Photo Clip String Lights
  2. Zodiac Necklace
  3. Personalised Women's Blush Leather Tassel Keyring
  4. Umbra Cascade Organiser
  5. Estella Bartlett Gold Plated Cherry Bomb Earrings

FAQs about gifts for teenage girls

The internet is full of gift guides, forums, and articles discussing gifts for teenage girls. In this section, we'll answer the top questions asked online about teen girls' gifting preferences.

What are some gift ideas for 13 year old girls?

13 is a special age, as it's a girl's first proper year as a teenager. Naturally, it brings many changes with it, including starting high school and changing peer groups. Here are some gift suggestions for 13 year old girls:

  • Retro Purple Flower Vase
  • Berry Bliss Candle With Hidden Jewellery
  • Estella Bartlett Silver Plated Stars So Bright Slider Bracelet
  • Personalised Black Saffiano Cross Body Bag

What are some memorable 14 year old birthday gifts for a teenage girl?

14 year old girls are learning who they are, what they like, and how they like to spend their time. It's an age for discovering new hobbies, trying new things, and making new friends with similar interests. Here are some gift suggestions for 14 year old girls:

  • All-in-one Vlogging Tripod
  • Sweet Treats Mini Vending Machine
  • Peachy Keen Cross Stitch Kit By Craft Club
  • Tumbling Tower Game

What are some great gifts for 15 year old teenage girls?

15 year old girls often ask big questions about the universe and themselves, so it's a great time to expand their horizons. Here are some great gift ideas for 16 year old girls:

  • Daily Oracle Book
  • Galaxy Star Projector
  • Good Luck Neko Vase By DOIY
  • Little Book of CHANEL

What are some good food gifts for 16 year old teenage girls?

16 is an age when young ladies are experimenting with fashion and how they present themselves to the world. These days, skincare and wellness are huge with teenage girls, so it's a good time to give them wellness gifts. Here are some unique gifts for teenage girls aged 16:

  • Reusable Makeup Wipes By Dock & Bay
  • Louenhide Valerie Heart Jewellery Box
  • One For Everyday Earrings Set With Swarovski Crystals
  • Sheet Mask Set

What are some gifts for a 17 year old teenage girl?

17 year olds are on the cusp of adulthood and life after high school. The pressures of academia can be a lot at this age, so gifts that encourage self-care are always appreciated. Here are some gifts for 17 year old girls:

  • Plum Water Carafe & Tumbler Set
  • Nutella 30 Best Recipes Book
  • Aurelia Vibrant Bracelet
  • Clay Face Mask Kit

Do you offer any inexpensive gifts for teenage girls?

Yes! You don't need to spend a lot of money to get the young lady in your life a great gift. Here are five awesome gifts for teen girls that cost less than $20:

  1. Squishy Pork Bun
  2. Mini Articulate Game
  3. Grow Your Own Carolina Reaper Chilli Kit
  4. Make Your Own Cat Treats
  5. Flower Press

What are some meaningful gifts for teenage girls?

The most meaningful gifts for teenage girls engage with the giftee's interests and hobbies. Here are some gift ideas for teens based on their interests:

Gifts for sporty teenage girls:

  • Stretching bands
  • A smoothie cup
  • A foldable yoga mat
  • A mini fridge
  • A hair wrap

Gifts for artistic teenage girls:

  • String lights (these make any room, from a dorm room to her childhood bedroom, cosier)
  • A five-minute journal
  • An old-fashioned writing tool like a dip pen or feather quill
  • An inkless drawing board
  • Books about art

Gifts for teenage fashionistas:

  • A belt bag
  • Nail polish
  • Beauty products
  • Coffee table books about fashion
  • Perfume
  • No-heat curl tools

Gifts for teenage girls who love animals:

  • Art prints featuring animals
  • A donation to an animal charity of her choice
  • An animal embroidery kit
  • Adult colouring books featuring animals
  • Toys for her pet

Gifts for teenage girls who love baking:

  • Decorating moulds in different shapes and sizes
  • A customisable stamp cookie cutter
  • Silicone muffin cups
  • Books about baking
  • A cake turntable and an icing smoother

Gifts for teenage girls who love tech:

  • An instant camera
  • A phone case
  • A virtual reality headset
  • A power bank (the one tech gadget every teen needs)
  • A headphone case

What are the best birthday gifts for teenage girls?

The best birthday gifts for teenagers are surprising, exciting to open, and celebratory. If you're looking for a gift for a teen girl's birthday, jewellery, self-care items, snacks, decor items, accessories, and kits are always safe options. If you don't know what the birthday girl likes, food-based gifts and gift vouchers are good bets. Gifts Australia's gift vouchers can be used for almost anything on our website, and they last for two years.

How do you choose the perfect gift for a teenage girl?

The perfect gift for a teen girl is one that tickles her pink with joy when she opens it. Everyone has a different idea of the perfect gift, so we recommend chatting with her parents and siblings to find out what her interests and hobbies are. When shopping, try to also select something that's a bit out of left field to minimise the chances that she already has a similar item. We also recommend selecting something she wouldn't buy for herself but would be overjoyed to have.

Gifts Australia has the best gifts for teenage girls

Shopping for gifts for teens is tricky at the best of times, but Gifts Australia makes the process a whole lot easier. We've got an incredible range of gifts, so you'll find your recipient a unique gift that truly tickles her pink. Our gifts come with free gift wrapping and a customisable card. Shipping is also free on orders over $99.

Browse our range of gifts for teen girls today.

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