Alcohol Gifts

Alcohol gifts are fabulous for any occasion when you really want to impress. Whether they’re a wine and champagne lover or a cocktail enthusiast, we have an alcohol-themed gift set or drink to suit the occasion at Gifts Australia. The best gift for someone who loves to drink will always be a bottle of their favourite alcohol. Send an alcohol gift set or a hamper with alcohol delivered to their door. For a practical and enjoyable gift, choose an alcohol gift box with their favourite tipple paired with a decanter or wine glasses.

Alcohol Gift Sets

Find the perfect alcohol gifts for your top shelf friends at Gifts Australia. Alcoholic gifts make great hostess presents, housewarming gifts, and birthday gifts for 18 year olds and over. If you want to give an alcohol gift set or send a luxury alcohol gift basket with delivery Australia wide, these are the best bottles for gifting someone who loves to share a drink. They’ll love to raise a glass to a special occasion with an alcohol gift delivery.

What alcohol is a good gift?

Premium wines and popular spirits like whiskey, port, vodka, and rum all make great gift ideas for a special occasion. Beer hampers are also popular choices for alcohol gifts in Australia. What is a good alcohol to give as a gift will depend on their tastes and the occasion. If you know they love wine but don’t know if they prefer red or white, then choose a mixed red and white wine gift set that everyone will love. For great gifts to include with alcoholic drinks to make your present more special, give them a cocktail gift set with glasses and a cocktail shaker. Or put together a DIY alcohol gift box with fun bar accessories and their favourite alcoholic drinks. If your alcohol gift is for a celebratory occasion, then champagne will always be the gift of choice.

What to get a friend who likes alcohol?

For a nice gift idea to get someone who loves alcohol, you could either choose barware and drinking accessories, or a gift that includes a bottle of alcohol. Alcohol gift sets that include their favourite alcoholic drink along with a bottle opener, quality barware, are good gifts for alcohol lovers. You could even give them something different so they can try a new alcoholic drink. They might enjoy learning to make home brew or make ginger beer with a home beer kit. For more gift ideas for people who love to drink, explore our range of drinking gifts, bar and drinkware, and drinking games. They’ll love bartender’s kits, great bar glasses, and gifts that would be a superb addition to any mixologist’s or cocktail lover’s home bar.

Is it OK to give alcohol as a gift?

For someone who loves to drink, alcohol will always be appreciated as a gift. Send an alcohol gift pack for a wonderful surprise for a special occasion for anyone over 18. Premium wine packs that come with a cooler bag or alcohol branded accessories are lots of fun. If you want to make your gifts with alcohol more impressive, arrange for gourmet alcohol gift baskets delivered to their door complete with yummy snacks to enjoy.

What alcohol should I buy for a girl?

Alcohol gifts for her are the ultimate crowd pleaser. There are festive tipples including premium Australian red wines, the perfect white wine for summer, sparkling champagne, cider, beer and spirits. For party celebrations, the hostess with the mostest or those who like a quiet drink with friends, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

For the girls who are wine tasters, decadent food and wine gift baskets are always a crowd pleaser. There’s an excellent choice of alcohol gifts for her at Gifts Australia, all featuring award winning favourites. Choose from heady reds, cool whites and fizzing champagne to toast the happy event. She’ll love the delicious gourmet treats that go with them too! There are even fabulous cocktail alcohol hampers so she can shake and pour her favourite summer tipple.

Alcohol gifts for ladies who love to savour a drink can be as inventive as you like. Add some accessories to her favourite bottle for a stunning idea with a difference. There’s a host of fun solutions at Gifts Australia from drinking games and novelty gadgets to wine books and beer coolers. If she enjoys planning parties then choose elegant homeware or handy additions to her drink’s cabinet. Even cosy nights in are covered with personalised wine gifts and indulgent treats she will love.

What is a nice bottle of wine for a gift?

A bottle of wine is the perfect gift for almost any occasion, but be sure to give a nice bottle of the good stuff! Premium wine always makes a wonderful gift, but if you don't know anything about wine, then choosing a good bottle can be confusing. A mixed white wine pack or rose makes a lovely gift for summer for a BBQ with friends. French reds or a Barossa wine are more impressive for Christmas or a dinner party. A mixed selection of different wines is wonderful as a gift to discover a new favourite alcoholic drink.

What is the most popular alcoholic gift in Australia?

It’s no secret that us Aussies love our wine! And honestly, why wouldn’t we? Our gorgeous country is home to some of the world’s most famous wine regions. With places like Margaret River, Hunter Valley and Barossa Valley in our midst, we have every reason to be wine lovers.

Another quintessential drink Down Under is beer. Some would say there’s nothing better on a scorching summer day! We can’t look past the classic brews, but also have a thriving craft beer scene. No matter what your preference, Australians have plenty of options when it comes to quenching our thirst.

You’ll probably find whisky on a quintessential Australian liquor shelf. Whether we drink it neat or whip it into a cocktail, we love a good dram and whisky makes a great gift. In the past few years, a resurgence of whisky bars has started cropping up in our capital cities. Maybe you have an old favourite that you’ll always return to, or perhaps you want to sample something new every time—either way works! We have a whisky choice for everyone.

Australians also love clear spirits like vodka and gin. Each is distinct yet versatile and can be enjoyed in a large variety of situations. Our beautiful country is home to some incredible gin distilleries! Infused with native botanical ingredients, they make amazing cocktails, or perhaps a good old gin and tonic! We love to experiment with garnishes and recipes.

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