Candles for Her

What does a candle symbolise? In general, a candle symbolises light, life and celebration. Notice how we blow candles during birthday celebrations. Or note that romantic candlelit dinner for a special date. Lest you forget we offer candles too as thanksgiving for answered prayers. Many also offer prayers for the departed by lighting candles along with silent prayers for eternal peace. Light after the darkness, life events or celebration of love – all make candles significant as they are today. 

Can Candles Be Given as Gifts?

Candles can be great gifts for anyone for all occasions. They are practically a universal present for they represent a significant symbol in the universe: LIGHT. So whether you are thinking of offering gifts for her during your significant other’s birthday, for your anniversary or what have you, try and look for that beautiful candle and lighten some one’s day. Quite common nowadays are scented candles that can be perfect gifts for her. Or you may look for nicely crafted candle holders as beautiful presents for your beloved. 

Where can you find lovely candle gift ideas? Visit Gifts Australia at to order the candles people you love can take delight in. 

Aromaboutique 6 Piece Fragrance Set – What Is The Best Way To Lighten Up Her Day? 

Aromatherapy is the answer. Tickle her senses and light that room with aroma she will love. The 6 piece botanical ensemble consists of candle fragrances like: Baltic Amber to help cure illness and cure pain; Tuberose Berries to rejuvenate the mind, Lemon Patchouli to uplift mood, Passion fruit Lime to stimulate digestion, Vanilla Jasmine to produce a calming effect, and Lavender Mint to heal the spirit. Given the popularity of aromatherapy in chandlery, and the many roles women wear nowadays, this set will come in handy to ease the hurdles of daily living. These candles will surely come as perfect gifts for her. For $21.95, this hand poured Fragrance set is available at Gifts Australia in a fancy gift box ready as one of the ideal gifts for her. 

Casa Uno Silver Stem Candle Holder – What Is the Best Contemporary Candle Holder Design to Use?

All Casa Uno products are durable and stylish. The brand is known for its contemporary yet modern designs of homeware. Gifts Australia carries Casa Uno products such as the Silver Stem Candle Holder – a stylish and artsy candle container for an ideal gift for your lady. Inspire your mom or wife with this spectacular homeware for it will definitely standout in her woman space at home. At $34.95, Gifts Australia assures you that this will easily blend in your current home décor with its classic silver colour and modern design.  Add a pretty candle and a classy ribbon to this candle holder and you get a fancy present for a special occasion. Visit Gifts Australia to view the item and add this to your cart among other gifts for her.  

Gifts Australia Chandlery

From candles to candle holders, there's something available at the Chandlery of Gifts Australia for your loved one apt for a wonderful gift or to make a lovely atmosphere in your home. Practical gift ideas and fancy gift options are presented by Gifts Australia, so click on our website and order your gifts for her. Easy peasy it is, only with Gifts Australia!


Candles and diffusers make brilliant gifts adding a lovely atmosphere to any space.

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