Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is coming up on the 1st of September, 2024, so it's time to start shopping for an awesome present that will make Dad smile. Gifts Australia can help with that - we've got a huge range of gifts that will make Father's Day special. Explore our selection of Father's Day gifts today and get him something that he'll love.

Father's Day gifts 2024

The most meaningful Father's Day gifts tell Dad, "I love you", "I'm thankful for you", and "I think you're awesome", without you needing to say it. Gifts Australia is the place to find such gifts. Our range truly has it all – gag gifts, books, gourmet gifts, sports gifts, games, outdoorsy gifts, and more. We'll help you make this the best Father's Day yet.

Our gifts come with free gift wrapping and a card that you can customise with a sweet message that he'll cherish. Shipping on orders over $99 is free.

Browse our selection of Father's Day gifts and treat your old man on his special day.

FAQs about Father's Day gifts

Shopping for Father's Day can be tricky because if you ask many Aussie Dads what they want, they'll reply with something like "some peace and quiet" or "better children" (jokingly, of course). In this section, we've gathered the top questions about Father's Day gifts, and our gifting experts will answer them for you.

When is Father's Day in Australia in 2024?

This year, Father's Day will fall on the 1st of September, 2024. Father's Day in Australia is always celebrated on the first Sunday of September. This day also happens to be the first Sunday of spring – hence the tradition of Father's Day footy games in the park.

Where can you buy Father's Day gifts?

The Gifts Australia website is a great place to buy Father's Day gifts online. We've got a huge selection of gifts that suit every Dad and budget. We also offer free gift wrapping, free cards, and free shipping on orders over $99.

Are personalised Father's Day gifts good?

Personalised Fathers Day gifts are a great gift because every time Dad looks at his gift, he'll remember how much you love and appreciate him. Gifts Australia offers a stunning range of personalised Father's Day gifts that Dad will love, including cufflinks, toiletry bags, overnight bags, wallets, keyrings, wine tags, passport covers, and notebook covers.

One of our most unique personalised gifts is the Cambridge Leather Footy Wash Bag.

What is the most popular gift on Father's Day?

The most popular Father's Day gift is a Father's Day card. Most Aussie Dads receive a card of some sort, whether it's a homemade card, a store-bought card, or a gift tag card taped to a present. Other popular Father's Day gifts include beer, tools, sports equipment, car accessories, wine, chocolate, lollies, and pyjamas.

What are some simple Father's Day gift ideas?

Here are some Father's Day gift ideas that Dad might like:

  • How To Adult – One of the most clever Father's Day gifts
  • Personalised Brown Leather Wallet & Keyring Set – One of the best 1st Father's Day gifts from a daughter
  • Dad, I Wrote A Book About You – One of the most unique Father's Day gifts
  • Dual Weather Station – A great Father's Day gift for a sporty Dad
  • Ultimate Men's Grooming Kit – One of the best Fathers Day gifts for young Dads
  • Cambridge Leather Footy Wash Bag – One of the most perfect Father's Day gifts for an active Dad
  • Valet Tray Nightstand Organiser – One of the best first Father's Day gifts
  • Microbreweries of Australia Hamper – One of the most perfect Fathers Day gifts for beer drinkers
  • Grow Your Own Carolina Reaper Chilli Kit – A great Father's Day present for a chef Dad

What do Dads want for Father's Day?

The perfect gift for Dad on Father's Day is a gift that helps him take time for himself and relax and recharge. That gift is something different for every Dad. Some Dads prefer a game they can get stuck into, some Dads appreciate a nice bottle of wine and some peace and quiet, and some Dads appreciate a selection of gourmet food. If you don't know what to get him, ask yourself, "What does Dad do when he has some free time and no responsibilities?"

What are some good ideas for Father's Day?

The best gift for Dad on Father's Day is one he wasn't expecting but is delighted to have. Here are some out-of-left-field gift ideas we recommend for those who don't know what to get Dad:

  • Hot Sauce Socks
  • Feed All You F*ckers BBQ Apron
  • Maggie Beer Traditionally Sauced Gift Set
  • Sh*t Towns of Australia
  • Tiny Hands
  • Glass Cocktail Shaker Set
  • Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper

What gift should you give new Dads?

The perfect present for new Dads on Father's Day is one that helps them recuperate a bit and catch their breath. The first few months of parenthood come with many responsibilities and things to juggle, so new Dads need me time. We recommend gifting new Dads self-care gifts because they'll help the new Dad in your life take time for themselves and indulge.

What are some last-minute Father's Day gifts in Australia?

Any of the gifts on our website can become last-minute Father's Day gifts if you opt for express shipping. With express shipping, your gift will be delivered in 1-4 business days. Sydney residents can also get same-day deliveries and next-day deliveries if they place their order before 11 AM AEST.

If you need a gift today, we also offer gift vouchers. Our gift vouchers are delivered through email, so they're an instant gift.

What are your best Father's Day gifts?

Here is a list of our best Father's Day gifts in 2024:

  1. Felt Bedside Pocket
  2. Dad Jokes: Good, Clean Fun For All Ages!
  3. Personalised Brown Leather Wallet & Keyring Set
  4. MicroBreweries of Australia Hamper
  5. Maggie Beer Traditionally Sauced Gift Set

What are some tips for finding perfect Father's Day gift ideas?

If you're struggling to come up with an amazing Father's Day gift idea for Dad, here are a few tips from our gifting experts:

  • Browse online catalogues and the Gifts Australia website – you might spot something he'll love
  • Pay attention to what he talks about in the lead-up to Father's Day – has he mentioned a new restaurant or a movie he's interested in?
  • Consider what he does to relax
  • Brainstorm his favourite foods – is there a gift idea in there somewhere?
  • Ask his partner for help – they may have heard him mention something he's been wanting
  • Choose an item he uses regularly and upgrade it
  • Plan a Father's Day activity and choose a gift that contributes to it

What is a Father's Day gift idea for the Dad who has everything?

It can be tricky to find Father's Day gifts for Dads who have everything. We recommend gifting a Dad who has it all a Father's Day hamper with gourmet food and wine. Hampers are great because they offer tons of variety, he wouldn't buy one for himself, they expose him to new products, and they're consumable, so they won't be resigned to the fate of sitting in the back of a cupboard.

Another good gift for Dads with it all is our Perfect Pair wine gift pack. It includes two bottles of wine – The Bird in Hand Sauvignon Blanc 2018 and Chris Ringland's 2019 CR Barossa Shiraz.

What are some good Father's Day gifts for Grandpa?

Here are some Father's Day gift ideas for Grandpa:

  • Luxury Cheese & Chocolate Hamper With Shiraz
  • Whiskey Decanter Globe & Glass Set
  • Name a Star Gift Set
  • Brown Leather Wallet With Monogram
  • Plant Propagation Station

Should I get my husband a Father's Day gift?

Whether or not you should get your husband a Father's Day gift depends on how old your kids are. If they're still too young to organise a gift themselves, the responsibility of the gift falls on you (though it's great to involve them, of course). If they're older, your role is simply to make sure they've got a gift.

Some wives also buy their husbands an additional Father's Day gift as a show of appreciation and support. You don't have to buy him a gift, but it's a sweet gesture.

When should I get Father's Day gifts for Dad?

We recommend buying Dad's Father's Day gifts at least one or two weeks before Father's Day, just in case there's a delay. If it helps, it currently takes us 1-8 business days to deliver gifts to metro areas with standard shipping. Deliveries to regional and rural areas can take 1-3 business days longer.

Can you wrap Dad's Father's Day gift?

Yes, we offer free gift wrapping with all Father's Day gifts. You'll be asked whether or not you want Dad's gift to be wrapped at checkout. We offer free and premium gift-wrapping options.

Do your Father's Day gifts come with a card?

Yes, we provide a free card with all our Father's Day gifts. We also offer some premium options. You'll be asked whether or not you want a card (plus what you want your card to say) at checkout.

Treat Dad to a Father's Day gift from Gifts Australia

Don't get Dad another boring tie or a gadget that he won't use. Get him what he really wants for Father's Day, whether that's craft beer, a book, sports toys, wine, or anything in between.

Gifts Australia's gifts come with free gift wrapping and a customisable card. Shipping on orders over $99 is free.

Browse our selection of Father's Day gifts and make Dad feel special this Father's Day.

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