Retro Toys

Throw back to a little old school magic with Gifts Australia's funky range of retro toys for young and old. Sometimes it's the simplest gifts that pack the most entertainment, and these old school retro games, activities and novelty items are certain to provide some good old-fashioned fun. Retro inspired toys, games, and gifts are sure to be hit with both kids and parents. Retro toys are timeless and will entertain for generations to come. Made of the highest quality materials while brandishing the vintage styling that you know and love, Gifts Australia is sure to have a retro toy that is just the right blend of nostalgia and excitement. Explore our range of retro gifts for birthdays or any occasion.

Traditional & Retro Toys

Take a trip down memory lane as you scroll through Gifts Australia's nostalgic range of retro toys that should be a staple in every childhood. From the timeless classics to reimagined favourites, these vintage retro style gifts are the perfect example of simplistic design done right. From retro pull-along toys, traditional teddy bears, classic wooden toys, to retro pinball games, we have the best retro toys from previous generations.

Retro toys from the 80s are especially popular. Parents will be transported back in time to their own cherished childhood memories while teaching their little ones the ins-and-outs of vintage style snakes & ladders and backgammon, and retro arcade games. These retro gifts are a great way to kickstart some quality family time as the whole clan revels in the joys of good childhood classic games.

Retro gifts for the home are a classic choice. The funky eclectic retro styling is making a booming comeback, so what better way to complement their vintage aesthetic than with a cool retro toybox addition? Retro style lovers will adore their new vintage style music speaker or statement décor piece, while old-school gamers will quickly become enthralled by an intense round of PacMan with a retro game. With a great range of old fashioned toys and gifts boasting the signature wooden and tin accents of an old school toybox, there's bound to be the perfect gift to spoil young and old.

What are the most popular retro gifts?

Vintage style teddies, wooden pull-along toys, and retro gaming gifts from the 80s are among the most popular. These cool vintage toys make a great family keepsake to pass down through generations. We all had that one toy we never wanted to part with, and now your child will never have to with one of these stunning retro toys that are made to last. They can cherish it through their childhood until it's time to pass on to their own children. The simple design of these toys makes them a safe and fun activity for any age group. So why not spoil them with a vintage style gift toddlers and kids will use day in and day out?

Retro Gaming Gifts

How many retro games can you remember from your childhood? Retro video game gifts and old-school hand held consoles are some of the most fun retro gifts from the 80s. Way before VR, kids were loving the intensity of handheld retro video games like Space Invaders and PacMan. Claims of 'back in my day' will be even more meaningful when you challenge the kids to a mini retro arcade game or beat them in pinball.

Gifts Australia has the coolest range of old-fashioned toys, vintage games and retro gifts so you're sure to find the perfect vintage style gift for special someone of any age.

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