Who doesn't love a good read? In this age of blogs and apps and tablets, there are still few things that can beat the simple pleasure of getting stuck into really good book.

Books for Men

We've put together a list of the books you should have your eye on when you're looking for new reading material, whether it's during your commute to work or when you're nodding off at the end of a long day. Check out our amazing list here.

What Are Book Gift Ideas for Men?

Gifts Australia offers many books for male recipients, so you can undoubtedly find something suitable for your recipient simply by looking at our range of men’s books. Of course, you can filter down your results, and display the most popular options first. So, if you need some inspiration, be sure to check out the most popular books in our collection.

What Are the Best Books to Gift for Men?

Even though there are loads of books you could consider, our novelty books are usually the safest option for male recipients. By choosing a novelty book, you can almost be sure your recipient will not have this book in their collection. Gifts Australia regularly updates its range of novelty books too. So, even if you have shopped at Gifts Australia before, you can always find something new in our novelty books section.

What Are 5 Popular Books to Give to Men on a Special Occasion?

Some books prove more popular than others for special occasions. If you are stuck on which book to buy, we usually suggest choosing a book from our top five books for men. These books include “Lonely Planet’s Instant Expert”, “Matt Moran’s Australian Food”, “Ramen-Topia”, “Period Gardens”, and “Lonely Planet’s Atlas of Adventure”. Of course, customers could consider other options from our catalogue too, but these five are a good choice for customers who have no idea which book could match their recipient.

In this modern world, the number of men reading books has significantly increased. This could be the result of emerging gadgets where electronic books are promoted and reading for men become handy. However, there are some men who love to read books in hard copy and this is what Gifts Australia would like to cater. It's no wonder therefore that the Gifts Australia team presents gifts for men with a lot of genres to choose from. Here you will see books that will fit the different personalities of men, from adventurous ones to those who love cooking, photography and more. 

Books That Will Match Your Personality

Every human being possesses different personality and because of this, it is expected that men and women have different interests and that includes the food they like, the clothes they want to wear and even the books they want to read. At Gifts Australia, there are different types of books to choose from that will match ones personality. So let's explore the offered gifts for men at affordable prices only at Gifts Australia. 

Wildlife - Photographer Of The Year - If your husband or your boyfriend is into photography and you are looking for a gift that can inspire him, this book can certainly serve as an inspiration to become even better in his craft. For only $44.95 your man can explore the collection of beautiful photography from the 50th prestigious competition of Wildlife Photography.

Beef Club – Is he a chef or a food enthusiast? If so, this is the perfect gift for your man. This beef Club book can turn your man's skills from a beginner to a pro for only $45. So purchase this book and let your man enjoy the kitchen as he prepares you a delicious and flavourful meal. Indeed, there are a lot of gifts for men to choose from only at Gifts Australia. 

Casual Cyclist's Guide To Melbourne - If you are looking for a perfect gift for your health enthusiast man, someone who is health conscious and loves to cycle around Melbourne, then this book is what you need. This book includes cycling guides and a lot of riding routes to take when in Melbourne and this is only for $22.95.

Underwater Puppies - Do you love puppies? If so then this book will show you how puppies are underwater. Discover how puppies react and enjoy the water with this $29.99 book, thanks to Seth Casteel. Taking photography at a whole new level is something you or your man wouldn't want to miss.

The Golf Miscellany - Playing golf is obviously what most men love to do and reading this book will bring pleasure. Get to know more about this sport and enjoy every bit of this book from the essential and basic info down to the quirky ones! For a budget friendly price of $19.95, what more could you ask for?

Gifts Australia's Amazing Library

As you can see, Gifts Australia comes with great book compilations perfect as gifts for men. Whether you are into sports, cooking, photography, animals, cocktails and other interests, you are guaranteed to discover a whole new knowledge thanks to the Gifts Australia's handy library. With just few clicks of the computer mouse, you get to avail of informative books which you and your partner in life can enjoy for such a low price!

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