High-quality barware is the perfect addition to any home bar or bar cart. We carry a large range of barware that suits a number of styles and beverages. Explore our selection of barware today.


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If you're looking for barware in Australia, Gifts Australia is your new best friend. We've got glassware, drinkware, bar accessories, cocktail sets, bar books, and more. Our barware range has something for every drinker, occasion, and beverage.

Our barware comes with free wrapping and a customisable gift card. Shipping on orders over $99 is also free.

Explore our beautiful selection of barware today.

FAQs about barware

The internet is full of questions about barware and the etiquette around it. In this section, we'll answer some of those questions.

What are some good barware ideas?

Here are some good barware ideas that are perfect for housewarmings, birthdays, engagements, weddings, new homes, and many other occasions:

  • Waterford Brady Crystal Decanter Set: Best for weddings
  • Rude Coasters: Best for housewarmings
  • Picnic Wine Holder Set: Best for engagements
  • Bathroom Wine Glass Holder: Best for new homeowners
  • Fine Foods Whisky Flight Set: Best for whisky drinkers
  • Glass Cocktail Shaker Set: Best for stylish drinkers
  • Beer Tower: Best for beer lovers
  • Palermo Home White Marble Coasters: Best for someone who loves things that are functional and stylish
  • Timber Whisky Barrel: The best thing to complete a new home bar

Do you carry any bar glasses?

Yes! Our barware collection includes many different types of glasses. We've got the Diamond Glasses Set of 2 for those who like unique glassware, Palermo Home Stemless Champagne Flutes for champagne, Palermo Home Stemless Wine Glasses for red wine drinkers, the Rocking Whiskey Glasses Set for wacky whisky drinkers, and more.

What are your best barware pieces in 2024?

Here are our top barware pieces for 2024, according to customers:

  1. Diamond Glasses Set of 2
  2. Timber Whiskey Barrel
  3. Glenmorangie Whisky Tasting Hamper
  4. Fine Foods Deluxe Decanter
  5. Fine Foods Whisky Flight Set

Do you carry barware for home?

Yes! All of our barware is suitable for use in home bars, bar carts, and kitchens. Many of our barware pieces are dishwasher-safe and low-maintenance.

What is your best barware cocktail set?

Our best cocktail set is the Glass Cocktail Shaker Set. It comes with a glass shaker and pourer with a gold base and a brass-plated lid, a gold jigger with a 15ml cup on one side and a 30ml cup on the other side, and a black velvet storage bag.

What cocktail barware do you offer in Australia?

Our cocktail barware range includes the Glass Cocktail Shaker Set and the Gone With The Gin: Cocktails With a Hollywood Twist Recipe Hardcover Book. We also offer a range of wine glasses that are perfect for cocktails of all sorts.

What type of glassware would you use for a cocktail?

There are many different types of cocktail glasses, but here are a few of the most common types:

  • Coupe glasses: These are for cocktails that have been shaken or stirred with ice and are then served without ice
  • Traditional martini glasses: These are for martinis
  • Single rocks glasses: These are for cocktails and spirits that are consumed with ice
  • Highball and collins glasses: These are for gin-and-tonics, vodka-sodas, and tiki drinks
  • Margarita glasses: These have a wide top and a smaller base, and they're for margaritas

What are some common types of barware?

Barware includes anything one might need in a home bar, such as glasses, beer accessories, bar books, cocktail shakers, coasters, decanters, and accessories. We carry a large range of barware that's perfect for every occasion.

What kinds of glasses do you need for a home bar?

It's nice to have a variety of glasses that are suitable for a range of beverages, so red wine glasses, white wine glasses, whisky glasses, shot glasses, beer glasses, and coupe glasses are all great to have on hand.

What champagne glasses do you recommend for women?

Our Palermo Home Stemless Champagne Flutes are perfect for a woman who loves a glass of champagne with her girls. They have 24-carat gold rims, so they inject a touch of sophistication and elegance into her toast. These flutes are also designed in Australia.

What beer glasses do you recommend for a home bar?

Our Beer Cooling Pint Glasses are great for hot days. They have an inner cooling gel that freezes to keep the beer nice and cold. Our Beer Connoisseur 6 Piece Glass Set is also great for a home bar. It features six glasses for different types of beer, including:

  • A classic tulip pint glass for all types of beer
  • A nonic glass for Stoutes
  • A chalice glass for Ales
  • A Pilsner glass for Pilsners
  • A pokal glass for Pilsner/Lagers
  • A flute glass for Belgian Ales

We're your source of barware

We're your nearest barware store, as we can ship your barware to your door without you needing to lift a finger. Our range includes barware, glasses, cocktail accessories, beer accessories, and more. Our barware comes with free wrapping and a customisable card: plus shipping is free on orders over $99.

Explore our selection of barware today.

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