At Gifts Australia, we make sure you can find the perfect gift to match the personal preferences of your recipient. If you need barware for a female recipient for example, Gifts Australia will provide you with countless wonderful options! Want to discover our barware gifts for women? Discover our recommended barware gifts below.

What Champagne Glasses Do You Recommended for Female Recipients?

When you need to choose champagne glasses for female recipients, it is always best to choose the most elegant option in our collection. One set of champagne glasses that certainly radiates elegance is the Waterford Lismore Champagne Flute Set.

The Waterford Lismore Champagne Flute Set contains two designer champagne glasses made from the best Waterford crystal. The base of the champagne glass has a beautiful bead design, while the stem is made from shiny plated silver.

Each of the champagne flutes inside the Waterford Lismore Champagne Flute Set have a capacity of 230 millilitres. The height of the glasses is also a good 27.5 centimetres; this means that these glasses are perfect for some champagne or a fancy cocktail.

Our range also contains champagne flutes with a celebrity design; this includes the Miranda Kerr Champagne Flutes. As the name suggests, these champagne flutes carry the name of supermodel Miranda Kerr. They are adorned with beautiful butterflies and have a glass shape that delivers one of the most feminine champagne flutes on the market today.

What Beer Glasses Do You Recommend for Female Recipients?

At Gifts Australia, customers can find beer glasses for both male and female recipients, because men are not the only ones who enjoy a cold beer! Of course, some beer glasses have a more feminine design than others, so it is advised to consider your choice carefully.

One set of beer glasses you could consider for a female recipient is the Beer Glass Set by Eva Solo. The Beer Glass Set by Eva Solo contains beer glasses specifically designed to enhance any beer-drinking experience. To ensure they could, Eva Solo cooperated with many beer brewers, creating a glass design that would enhance the flavour and the aroma of any beer.

The beer glasses inside the Eva Solo Set are designed for an optimised beer experience, but this design also has an additional benefit, because the overall design is extremely suitable for women. The Eva Solo beer glasses simply radiate elegance, which makes them a great pick for your female recipient!

In addition to the Eva Solo Beer Glass Set, we also recommend the Eva Solo Boutique Beer Glass Set for female recipients. Even though these glasses have bulkier design than the standard glasses, they still radiate elegance thanks to the slant of the glass rim.

To ensure the quality of the glasses of the Eva Solo Boutique Beer Glass Set, as well as make sure they optimise the flavour and aroma of the beer, the glasses have been hand-blown. So, with a pair of Eva Solo Boutique Beer Glasses, no beer-drinking experience will ever be the same!

What Party Glasses Do You Recommend for Female Recipients?

Want to make sure your female recipient never runs out of party glasses again? Then you should certainly choose a set of party glasses from Gifts Australia.

One set containing the most feminine party glasses at Gifts Australia is the Kate Spade Blushing Drinkware Set. The set contains two tumblers measures 8cm x 8cm x 9cm each. Both glasses are also covered in polka dots, a characteristic feature for Kate Spade products.

At Gifts Australia, customers can find other Kate Spade products; this ranges from photo albums and pencil cases to books. So, if you want to add anything else from Kate Spade to your gift, be sure to check out more Kate Spade stuff in our catalogue.

What Flask Do You Recommend for Female Recipients?

Some women like to drink something stronger than beer. For these women, we recommend a feminine flask such as the Love Potion Flask.

The Love Potion Flask measures 8.9cm x 12.7cm x 3cm and is made from nylon and neoprene. It features the inscription ‘love potion’, a big red heart, and a pink colour that makes this flask suitable for any female recipient.

Where Can I Find More Barware for Women?

The barware mentioned above are some of our personal recommendations for female recipients, but there is much more left to discover at Gifts Australia. In our catalogue, you can find barware suitable for every recipient! To get an immediate overview of all our barware, simply enter the word ‘barware’ in the search box.

Do you have a question about the barware offered on the Gifts Australia website? Or would you like a recommendation for your recipient from our barware collection? For all your barware-related queries, feel free to contact the Gifts Australia team via phone, email, or live chat.

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