Books For Kids

A great place to find all the new release books for kids. Scroll through and find great gift ideas for kids, both young and old. Colouring books, to picture books to novels - everything is here at Gifts Australia.

Kids’ Books

Whether you’re looking for books that are for reading, for colouring during the freetime, or just books with pictures to enjoy, Gifts Australia has just what you’re looking for. From books about adorable pets to nature’s wildlife, colouring books with pictures of your favourite celebrities and many more. Searching for the best gifts for kids? Why not get them books? 

Education should start young. Teaching kids to read and learn at a young age is very beneficial and good for them. In fact, reading should be encouraged at a young age. Choosing gifts for kids is not that hard anymore, now that you are at Gifts Australia. Getting books as gifts for kids is actually a good idea!

Are there any colouring books? My kids love colouring books!

Of course! Are they looking for colouring books related to celebrities or just a normal colouring book just for colouring? ‘Cara Delevingne’ Colouring Book, ‘Colour Me Swiftly’ Taylor Swift Colouring Book and ‘Ryan Gosling’ colouring book are one of the colouring books with celebrities in it. In case your kids may be fans of those celebrities, getting these colouring books may be a good idea! 

How about just books for colouring and allowing them to show off their creativity? The Big Book of Colours and The Neon Colouring book are a great books to consider, or our ‘Colour with mum’ Colouring book, a book to colour along with your kids. 

There are many more colouring books available at Gifts Australia. If you’re thinking of getting colouring books as gifts for your kids, don’t forget to pair it with our Faber Castell Colour Grip Pencil Gift Tin 12 Pack or Faber Castell 24 Pack Colour Grip Pencil Gift Tin, new colour pencils to bring on the fun!

Are there any board books or books suitable for toddlers?

Yes, there are! Board books such as Hello Pooh, Hello You! Board book, ABCs of Winnie-the-Pooh Board Book, Dinoblock Board book and Every Little Thing board book can be found at Gifts Australia. 

There are also books that may be suitable for toddlers such as Tickle Monster Laughter Box, I Want My Mummy Book, You are My Baby: Pets, and You are My Baby: Safari. These books are fun to read and toddlers are sure to love it. Great as gifts for kids, these books are all available at Gifts Australia. 

Are there any recipe books for kids? 

Yes, there are! If your kids love making popsicles or having ice-cream, they would love to have the Icy Pole Recipe Book, a great book to teach them how to make their own popsicles. 

There are also books for baking, such as the ‘Mug Cakes: Chocolate’ Recipe book, a book to let you bake mug cakes with your loved ones. Also, if you’re looking for recipe books for kids, you can check out Alain Ducasse Cooking for Kids Recipe Book, a book that is suitable for kids and teaches them how to cook! These books are all wonderful as gifts for kids. Purchase them today only at Gifts Australia!

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