Girls Ages 7 - 12

Gifts for tweens can be difficult to find, that transformation from child to teenager can make finding the perfect gift seem impossible. We've selected a fun range of gifts for girls aged 7-12 years to offer hours of fun or a beautiful gift for her room. How old is the girl you're buying for? Use our age range filter on the left-hand side to find gifts we know young girls and almost-teens will love. 

Find the perfect gift for girls at Gifts Australia

Buying gifts must be given a lot of thoughts; it is not something that you do without any proper decision making. Proper planning if what gifts for kids to give is important because you surely don't want to give an item that your recipient won't be able to use, right? So if you are looking for the right gifts for kids, you must first check the kid's age. Basing from his or her age, you would know the appropriate item to give and if it's something that the kid can use as he or she grows. You also have to consider if parents would approve your gift or not. This is why Gifts Australia provides collection of the best gifts for kids’ ages 7-12 years old.  You’re never too old for a good bear so pick them up Paddington Bear in Embroidered Coat & Wellies. This is around the age where they start getting interested in makeup, so instead up them messing with yours; get them the Wild Science Magic Nail Lab. While you’re at it they will love the Hello Kitty Perfume Kit.

Girls Ages 7-12 Gifts

What Are The Right Kind of Gifts?

If you base it on the child's age, there are different needs to be met and indeed, the age of a child dictates what the right gifts to purchase are. So let's explore the different gifts for kids’ collection especially for girls’ ages 7 to 12 years old. Find all the birthday gifts and Christmas gifts you need for that special teenage girls. 

Milkshake Set - Young ones definitely love summer because this is the only time they get to enjoy the blue ocean or the backyard pool. Gifts Australia therefore presents girls aged 7 to 12 this $49.95 milkshake set. If you want your child and her friends to enjoy summer, you must purchase this set.

My Grandma's Kitchen - There are truly other mothers who would like to see their daughters cooking great recipes at such a young age. This cookbook is what you need if you want your daughter to learn cooking by heart. For a pocket friendly price of $29.95, equipped your daughter with the ample amount of knowledge in preparing pasta, some cupcakes and other yummy delights.

Icy Pole Maker Set of 4 - Why not give this fun gift to the sweetest girl in your family. This Icy Pole Maker will definitely make the moment special, bond with her as you make your very first Icy Pole and be proud of your $14.95 maker set. No wonder this is considered as one of the coolest gifts for kids today.

Paddington Bear in Embroidered Coat & Wellies - There are times when young girls prefer to play with a teddy bear rather than other exciting stuffs mainly because bears or stuffed toys are quite comfy to hug. So present this Paddington Bear for only $49.95 and don't worry anymore of what gifts for kids to purchase. At Gifts Australia, the team surely has what you need. 

What Are Awesome Toys for Awesome Little Girls?

Girls will always have soft spots for cute and cuddly gifts such as stuffed toys and cute little dolls. Deciding on what gifts for kids to purchase is not really difficult, and Gifts Australia definitely has all the cuteness a lot of girls want to have. We offer a large range of the best gifts and gift ideas for teen girls growing into women. There are also Frisbees which are often the ideal gifts enjoyed by a 7 year old kid. So look no further, browse the pages of Gifts Australia and make sure to choose the unique gifts your child will always remember.

Buying gifts for kids is always difficult, since their interests tend to change with each centimetre they grow. Fortunately, Gifts Australia can make your choice of gifts a little easier, because our range is divided into several age categories. The category on this page gives you all suitable presents for girls between the age of 7 and 12, so even children with ever changing interests will appreciate a gift from this collection of children’s gifts.

The range of gifts for girls at Gifts Australia is incredibly fun. It also contains many educational toys as well, which will teach your child some valuable lessons while keeping it light and fun. Good examples of such gifts are the Worm Farm, Weird Slime Map, Scratch Map, Nanoblocks and many others. Of course, this range also includes gifts that enable young girls to express their individuality. Still, no matter which gift you choose from our range of gifts for girls, you can be sure your gift is going to be loved and appreciated.

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