Boys Ages 7 - 12

When it comes to Gifts for Boys Aged 7 - 12, Gifts Australia has you covered with a range of fun and creative gifts for boys. We have great boy toys they'll love, along with outdoor gifts for boys and educational toys that are lots of fun too. It doesn't have to be tough to find the perfect boys gift thanks to our carefully selected range of toys, games, and gifts for boys.

Gifts for Boys 7 - 12 Online at Gifts Australia

Looking for great gift ideas for boys around the ages of seven to twelve? Then take a look at this wonderful range of gifts from Gifts Australia, specially selected for boys of this age group. This is a super fun age, but inspiration for unique gifts for boys who have everything can be hard. For a whole range of wonderful boys gifts, plus toys for boys aged 7 to 12, we have all new trends for boys 2024 in stock.

What Are The Best Gifts For Boys Of Every Age From Gifts Australia?

Gifts Australia has a selection of cool ideas that are perfect for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and other occasions, you will find everything here from fun novelty gifts to educational and inspiring gift ideas perfect for this age group, so browse our diverse range. The best gifts for boys aged 7 are outdoor nature activity gifts. Our favourite ideas for gifts for boys aged 8 are construction toys. Good gifts for boy aged 9 are novelty and funny gifts. The best gift for a 10 year old boy is a book full of facts. Popular gifts for boys aged 11 are hands-on DIY kits. Top gifts for boys aged 12 are tech and robot gifts.

What are the best gifts for boys who are active kids?

If you are shopping for an active young boy, you cant go wrong with some of the great activity gifts and boys toys here at Gifts Australia. Hours of outdoor fun can be had with the great Inflatable Cactoss Game, where the aim is to get the hoops around the inflatable cactus, or with the simple but ever popular Frisbee or the giant Bouncer Ball, while young boys with an interest in sports will enjoy the Table Tennis Set or the colourful Rugby Ball, ideal for a game of beach rugby.

What are the best gifts for boys who are young aspiring scientists?

If your youngster is into science or technology, youll find some great gifts in this range, specially developed to encourage active young minds. With products ranging from a great DIY Speaker Kit, that can make a speaker out of numerous everyday objects, to a Crazy Chemistry Kit, as well as fun but weird things that little boys will love, including a DIY Snail Farm and a Thirsty Plant Kit, youll be spoilt for choice here. There is even a Build Your Own Erupting Volcano kit, that can be painted once it has been constructed.

What are the best gifts for those who love to build?

If construction is his thing, treat your young tween boys to some fiendishly difficult building gifts and construction toys. Nano Blocks are tiny building blocks (similar to Lego but much smaller) that can be made into a variety of fun items to play with or display, from a bulldog or a T-rex dinosaur to a model of the Titanic. Budding wildlife experts will definitely enjoy assembling the 4D model of a Great White Shark, a Giant Dinosaur, or the colourful Natural Wildlife Puzzle in the range. These are the most popular gifts for 10 year old boys in Australia.

What are the best gifts for those pre-teen guys with creative minds?

Encourage young boys to dream up stories with the best gifts such as the wonderful Roald Dahl Puppet Theatre, where they can have hours of fun with the different stick puppets and backdrops, or check out the great Colouring Posters and Books as well as the quality Colouring Pencils that are on offer here at Gifts Australia. Great stories, dreams and ideas deserve to be written up in their own private Ideas Journal, while budding artists will enjoy the gift of Paint and Brushes Set to let their imagination express itself.

With the many boy bands around today, lots of young boys will be interested in performing their own music, and it is never too early to start! With some great soft “pretend” instruments or a bluetooth microphone or speakers, theyll enjoy forming their own band. And the best thing is that these pillow instruments can be used outside in the sunshine or up in the bedroom!

What are the best boy toys for having fun in the sun?

Giant bubble sticks create a heap of fun and are a favourite cheap toy for boys of all ages to get them outside. A favourite pick for the best toys for 7 year olds boy who likes animals are gifts sets for exploring nature. Marble run obstacle courses are wonderful outdoor toys for 8 year old boys. Trending toys for boys 9 years old include electric boats or racing vehicles. Group ball games for running around outside are all great 10 year old boy toys. For those tricky older kids, water toys for 11 year olds boy are always fun. Or try treating them to homemade popsicles outside with make your own icypole kits.

What are the best gifts for 12 year old boys?

Pre-teens and older boys aged 12 or 11 will be fascinated by the Weird Slime Lab or the very realistic Zombie Mask, but if you are looking for something a little less gruesome, books such as the Underwater Puppies book or So You Think Youre A Skateboarder will also be favourite gifts for boys in this age range. You can also encourage them to look after their money with the cool gifts of a Simpsons or Batman Wallet.

With so many different fun and inspiring gift ideas, Gifts Australia is a great place for mums and dads, aunties, uncles and grandparents to shop for the best gifts for boys and toys for all ages. Find fun stocking fillers here as well as inspirational and unusual gifts that you know will be enjoyed for a long time to come. You can buy these great gifts from the comfort of your home and have them delivered Australia-wide, and you can personalise your gift with your own message and premium quality wrapping too. Then just sit back and watch their delighted faces when they open their gifts.

Do you need to find a present for a young boy between the age of 7 and 12, but are you finding yourself stuck between hundreds of possible options? Why not let Gifts Australia make it easier on you with our new 2024 collection of boy toys and dedicated gifts for boys aged 7 to 12, where you can filter the results by budget and gift popularity? Based on your search results, you can find the perfect gift or toys for your boy quickly and easily.

Being able to find suitable gifts for child recipients quicker does not mean that Gifts Australia has a smaller range of gifts, because it is quite the opposite. Gifts Australia has one of the larger collections of gifts for boys in Australia, but uses smart filtering to enable customers to find their gifts faster. We also offer additional services that can make any gift greater; this includes instant gift vouchers and premium gift wrapping. We even provide free shipping on certain gifts, so be sure to check out all the benefits you could get from purchasing gifts from Gifts Australia.

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