Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy states how Gifts Australia uses and handles the information received by its website users. The privacy policy also discloses how this user information is protected.

Gifts Australia does everything in its power to protect the privacy of its website users. Therefore, any identifiable information that may be collected from website users, during their use of the website, will be handled as stated in this privacy policy. To ensure website users are familiar with this privacy policy and the handling of information resulting from this policy, we urge website users to read the privacy policy fully before using the Gifts Australia website and services.

Please note that Gifts Australia has the right to amend its privacy policy when required. Subsequently, website users should refer to the privacy policy regularly to ensure they agree with how their information is handled and protected when using the Gifts Australia website.

The Information That May Be Collected During the Use of the Gifts Australia Website

The information gathered by Gifts Australia is used to provide, or to improve, the services of Gifts Australia. Therefore, our company could request common personal information such as name, job title, contact information, and demographic information.

In some cases, Gifts Australia can request information relevant for customer surveys and/or offers. Naturally, this information is used to improve the services of Gifts Australia, but also to provide website users with offers that may prove of interest to them. The use of your information by Gifts Australia is detailed further in this privacy policy.

How Gifts Australia Uses Information Gathered on Its Website?

Most information collected on the Gifts Australia website is used by Gifts Australia to understand the needs of website users and subsequently provide these website users with a better service. Specifically, the information collected on the Gifts Australia website could be used for:

  • The internal records of Gifts Australia;
  • To improve the products and services of Gifts Australia;
  • To send promotional emails to Gifts Australia users, which could relate to new products, special offers, and information that is of interest to the website user. The promotional emails will be sent by Gifts Australia to the email address provided by the website user.
  • To contact website users for market research purposes. Gifts Australia may contact website users via email, phone, fax, or email. Gifts Australia maintains the right to use submitted information for the customisation of the website according to the preferences of website users.

External Links Placed on Gifts Australia

The Gifts Australia website may contain external links; these are links to third-party websites. By clicking on such an external link, the website user will be taken to another website, owned by the third party.

Please note that Gifts Australia cannot be held liable for the protection and the privacy of information when visiting third-party websites. Therefore, website users should exercise caution when visiting third-party websites and verify if that website is governed by a legal privacy statement that protects their personal information.

Determining Privacy Preferences on Gifts Australia

Users who visit and use the Gifts Australia website have the right to restrict the collection or the use of their personal information. Website users can control the collection of their information in one of the following ways:

  • When a user must fill in a form on the Gifts Australia website, they have the option to opt out of market research; this means that Gifts Australia cannot contact you regarding direct marketing. To opt out, the user must tick the appropriate box on the form.
  • Users who have agreed to the use of personal information for marketing purposes on Gifts Australia have the right to cancel that agreement at any time. To cancel the agreement made with Gifts Australia, users can contact Gifts Australia in writing or by email.

Gifts Australia will not distribute, lease, or sell any personal information collected while using the website, unless express permission has been obtained from the user, or if Gifts Australia is required by law to release your personal information to the appropriate authorities. Gifts Australia maintains the right to send promotional offers of third parties, more specifically promotional offers that may be interesting to the user. However, promotional offers will only be sent to users if the user has agreed to receive such offers during their use of the Gifts Australia website.

The accuracy of your personal information on the Gifts Australia website is important. Therefore, it is essential for website users to keep their personal information, which is stored on the website, up-to-date. If you believe that any information collected by, or stored on, the Gifts Australia website is no longer accurate, we urge you to contact Gifts Australia as soon as possible. Notifying Gifts Australia regarding inaccurate personal information is possible via post or email. Once we receive your correction request, Gifts Australia will amend your personal information.

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