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Top 50th Birthday Presents

Finding the perfect presents for birthdays is always a tricky thing, but it becomes even more difficult when you must find something for a milestone birthday. Fortunately, you can count on the presents for birthdays available at Gifts Australia; this includes presents for birthdays that are a genuine milestone! Check out some of our suggested presents for birthdays below, and discover how you could delight your recipient this year.

What Are the Top-Selling 50th Birthday Presents?

Being aware of the top-selling presents for birthdays could make it a little easier to find your perfect 50th birthday gifts for your recipient. To help you uncover these birthday presents quickly, here is our overview of top three best birthday presents for a 50th birthday.

Red & White Wine Brown Brothers Gift Pack

Celebrating a 50th birthday always requires a good bottle of bubbly, or a sophisticated bottle of wine; this immediately explains our first bestseller in this overview: The Red & White Wine Brown Brothers Gift Pack.

Inside the Red & White Wine Brown Brothers Gift Pack, customers can find two exquisite releases from the Australian Brown Brothers winery, more specifically the 2015 Brown Brothers Tasmanian ’18 Eighty-Nine’ Sauvignon Blanc and 2012 Brown Brothers Heathcote ’18 Eighty-Nine’ Shiraz. Each of these wines has something special to offer, whether it is a refreshing palate or a heart-warming aroma! Therefore, this wine gift pack is an excellent choice for any wine lover.

Australia’s Finest Sparkling in Custom Cooler Bag

Is your recipient fonder of a good sparkling wine? Then your recipient cannot miss out on one of the finest bottles of bubbly in the country: Australia’s Finest Sparkling in Custom Cooler Bag. This bottle of bubbly is also obtained from the Brown Brothers range, so it is bound to be appreciated.

The Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set

The number three in our bestsellers for 50th birthdays list might surprise you a little, because it is our Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set. With the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set, your recipient can add a smoky flavour to all his foods, and do it with the greatest ease. So, even if your recipient is no master chef, the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set will be used a lot!

What Are the Best 50th Birthday Presents for Men?

To ensure all our customers find their perfect birthday presents today, we will discuss some recipients in more detail. Below, you can find some of the most popular choices from the birthday presents for him catalogue.


Since wines were mentioned in our bestseller list earlier, it is no surprise that wines are a top choice from the birthday presents for him catalogue. Choose from a large range of wines from brands such as Robert Oatley and Brown Brothers in our birthday presents for him range, and we are sure he won’t be disappointed.

Food Hampers

Another popular choice for men celebrating their 50th is a food hamper from the birthday presents for him catalogue. In our birthday presents for him catalogue, you can find countless gourmet options; this includes the traditional gourmet hamper, but also beer and cider hampers!


Men always love their gadgets, no matter what their age is. At Gifts Australia, customers can find a huge range of suitable gadgets; this includes some novelty options too. So, be sure to check out our range and options such as the Electric Airplane and Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses!

What Are the Best 50th Birthday Presents for Women?

Of course, we must also cover the most suitable 50th birthday presents for her too, since we must ensure every recipient gets a suitable present today. So, without further ado, here are our recommended birthday presents for her!


Well, this is no big surprise, because most women celebrating their 50th would love an exclusive wine from our birthday presents for her range. Of course, make sure you buy her favourite from the birthday presents for her range, since most women have specific wine preferences.

Novelty Books

Most Australian women have a wonderful sense of humour, and this shows in our bestseller section of birthday presents for her. The number two position in this overview has been taken by the novelty book, which could mean you can let your creativity roam free this year.

Pamper Hamper

Every woman loves to be pampered on her 50th birthday, so be sure to consider one of the pamper hampers at Gifts Australia too. Pamper hampers may contain a variety of products; this includes cosmetics, wine, gourmet treats, chocolates, and a whole lot more.

What Are Some Funny 50th Birthday Presents?

At Gifts Australia, customers can find an entire section with novelty gifts that are suitable for a 50th birthday. Some popular choices are novelty drinking glasses, gadgets, and books, but there is plenty more that your 50-year-old recipient might appreciate.

What Are Some Unique 50th Birthday Presents?

If you want to make sure you have a 50th birthday present nobody else does, Gifts Australia recommends obtaining one of our unique experiences. Instead of a physical gift, you will be giving your recipient some unforgettable memories; this through a unique cooking class, a visit to a classy restaurant, painting class, or any other experience your recipient might be interested in.

To check out our collection of experiences, please head over to the “for him” or “for her” range, and select “experiences” from the dropdown menu. We are sure you will find something that matches your recipient’s personality perfectly.

Where Can I Find More Suitable 50th Birthday Presents for My Recipient?

Do you require more gift ideas for a 50th birthday? At Gifts Australia, customers can find an entire category containing presents suitable for this milestone. So, if you require additional inspiration, be sure to check out this section on the Gifts Australia website.

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