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Turning 50 is an amazing milestone and he deserves to be treated to a special gift to celebrate the decades of achievement behind him and the amazing achievements to come. We've got a carefully selected range of 50th birthday gifts for him to keep him smiling and feeling appreciated on his 50th birthday.

The Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Him

George Bernard Shaw once said, “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old. You grow old when you stop laughing.” As long you keep laughing, turning 50 is just as exciting and fun as turning 25. With age and life experience, we gain wisdom and insight. We grow and learn to laugh at ourselves, appreciate the small things, and go after what we want.

For your dad’s 50th birthday, browse Gifts Australia to find gifts that suit his personality, that push him to chase his dreams, and that encourage him to enjoy life to the fullest! After all, age is only a number. Having the good life is all about having the right state of mind and the right perspective.

What type of 50th birthday gifts do we carry?

Whether you’re shopping 50th birthday gifts for your dad, friend, or co-worker, we have a great selection of products to choose from. From high quality hygiene products to kitchenware, you can find all the 50th gifts for him you need by shopping Gifts Australia today.

Skincare is important at every stage of life, but as you age it becomes even more important to take care of your skin and your body. To simplify bathroom and skincare routines, Gifts Australia offers several skincare kits complete with everything your dad needs to keep his skin soft, supple, and clean. If your dad travels a lot, you can find travel-sized skincare items that are perfect for business trips and vacation.

And a collection of skincare products just wouldn’t be complete without shaving accessories. There’s something truly enjoyable about a clean, close shave. That’s why we carry razor handles and shaving kits for men who deserve the best. We even carry badger hair brushes to go with the beautiful, long-lasting razors.

Speaking of a fresh shave, Gift Australia is proud to provide stylish accessories for debonair older gentlemen. From leather wallets to elegant modern watches, we’ll make sure your gift recipient is looking as dapper as possible. We even have a large selection of fashionable cufflinks. Does your dad like a good bowtie? We have several! And how does he feel about suspenders? If he’s a fan, shop our men’s 50th gifts now.

Now that the gift recipient is looking as handsome as ever, it’s time to enjoy a 50th birthday drink, wouldn’t you say? Gifts Australia is a great place to find top shelf whiskey sets, bottles of fine Australian wine, and a variety of craft beer from all over the world. We have a drink to quench any thirst. You’ll also discover stylish, yet practical barware.

After a few drinks, it’s dinner time!. Is your dad a manly man in the kitchen? Has he ever talked about making his own sausage or taking his barbecuing game to the next level? Then you’re in the right place. You can find cookbooks, barbecue tools, and everything in between here at Gifts Australia. The best part of our kitchenware collection? You get to enjoy the delicious results!

50 is no time to slow down. In fact, we think it’s time to rev the engines and recommit to experiencing all that life has to offer! To push your dad toward life and everything in it, explore our experience gifts. There’s an experience here for any and every father. Does your dad take pride in his cooking? Send him to a cooking class with experienced, expert chefs. Or does he prefer to get behind the wheel of a fast car? We have driving experiences he’ll be sure to love.

If your dad prefers to sit back and relax, then you can send him on any number of restful experiences. From beer-drinking tours to camping experiences, we’re sure you’ll he’ll enjoy the day! And the best part? We send experience vouchers directly to your gift recipient by email. We can send vouchers when they’re purchased or you can choose to delay the delivery until a later time. This is particularly useful when you’ve forgotten to buy a gift! Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Celebrate your dad’s 50th with Gifts Australia!

We love birthdays! That’s why we make a point of providing a great shopping experience, a quality selection of 50th birthday presents, and convenient customisation services. Because we’re not only committed to providing your friends and family with the best gifts and highest quality hampers, we’re committed to giving you an incredible gift-shopping experience.

That’s why we’re constantly improving and adding to the items we carry. Our experts are always on the lookout for new, exciting birthday gifts for him. We ask that you celebrate every birthday, holiday, and special occasion with us. And we encourage you to keep an eye on our site so you find our latest, greatest gift collections.

How would you like to personalise your men’s birthday gifts?

From your Gifts Australia cart, you’ll notice a variety of customisation and personalisation options. A complimentary greeting card is included with your order. Personalise the complimentary card with a sweet message or upgrade to a premium greeting card. When you upgrade, you get your choice of beautiful holiday and birthday cards.

After choosing a greeting card and writing a lovely birthday message to the gift recipient, choose a matching bow. After you find the right colour, our gift-wrapping experts will wrap your 50th birthday gifts in beautiful embossed wrapping paper. This is a marvelous way to save time!

Wrapped and ready, your birthday gifts will hit the road. From same and next day shipping to free delivery on qualifying orders, we have shipping options that will fit your needs and your budget. Which orders qualify for free shipping, you ask? Any Gifts Australia order that exceeds $99 AU is subject to free delivery in Australia. Treat your dad to the birthday gifts he deserves and we’ll treat you!

Let your dear old dad know how much you care and shop Gifts Australia today for men’s 50th birthday gifts. There’s no better way to say, “Happy 50th Birthday!”

Giving a special man a unique gift for his birthday does not have to be difficult, especially when you can count on Gifts Australia and a beautiful range of unique presents. Each of the gifts inside the 50th birthday gifts range is hand-selected by our team, ensuring that every gift we provide in this category is most suitable for a man celebrating his 50th birthday. Even though you should take your recipient’s preferences into consideration, even if you do not know the personal preferences, most of the gifts inside this range are a safe bet for a 50th birthday.

Gifts Australia also provides experiences for men celebrating their 50th birthday. These experiences range from having a nice meal in scenic location to adventurous experiences such as balloon flights and outdoor activities. So, if you want to gift something truly special to a man in your life, head over to our experiences and check out all the options available to you.

He's a special guy and he deserves the perfect 50th birthday gift from our stylish range.

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