Anniversary Gifts By Year: Traditional & Modern Ideas


Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Each Year For Traditional Or Modern Couples


Maybe you are in the first flush of a heady new marriage or have already enjoyed 50 years of bliss together. Wherever you are in your relationship, it’s vital to celebrate all the happy milestones along the way. Each new year of marriage is a momentous occasion, and there is a special gift linked to the happy anniversary.


Traditional anniversary gifts are a symbol which marks the passing years together. Over time, these have, of course, evolved with our changing lifestyles. Today, there are much more modern gift ideas for younger couples, which even introduce a fun element. You can choose from popular items or practical accessories as great alternatives to more traditional luxury items.


We think each and every year is equally important!


Inspiration for Gifts Both Traditional and Modern


We’ve got creative gift ideas for every year, including significant milestones like a 25th wedding anniversary and 50th wedding anniversary. But today, we thought it would be interesting to check out some fun ideas for the first five years. So, read on for a modern spin on gift ideas that are a super alternative.


First, here are all the traditional options as a reminder:


1 YEAR: Paper


2 YEAR: Cotton


3 YEAR: Leather


4 YEAR: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk


5 YEAR: Wood


6 YEAR: Iron/Candy


7 YEAR: Wool/Copper


8 YEAR: Bronze


9 YEAR: Pottery


10 YEAR: Tin/Aluminum


11 YEAR: Steel


12 YEAR: Silk


13 YEAR: Lace


14 YEAR: Ivory


15 YEAR: Crystal


20 YEAR: China


25 YEAR: Silver


30 YEAR: Pearl


35 YEAR: Coral


40 YEAR: Ruby


45 YEAR: Sapphire


50 YEAR: Gold


55 YEAR: Emerald


60 YEAR: Diamond


How To Choose Something Extra Special For The Happy Couple


First Year - Paper Or Clocks?


Fragile and symbolic paper, representing the newness of marriage, has today been replaced by the modern idea of a clock. That gives a fairly wide scope to choose from for him, her or a couple! With a full year of marriage behind them, why not treat a traditional couple to a gorgeous Life Story Journal so they can record the joy of their life together?


For more modern ideas, romance and time need to be the main focus. How about a beautiful wall clock decorated with subtle red roses or his ‘n’ hers matching designer watches? If you still can’t decide, then a Chandon Celebration Hamper, packed full of delicious chocolates and a bottle of bubbly is sure to impress!


Chandon Celebration Hamper


Second Year - Cotton Or China?


The traditional anniversary present for year two is cotton, representing the weave of strength and comfort. You could choose luxurious bed linen or a cute Hubby & Wifey Pillowcase Set to make their day. Soft bathrobes and feminine underwear are also great ideas for gifts between couples.


More modern gifts are porcelain and china, pointing at the frailty and strength of any relationship. Additional pieces for dinner party sets, mugs or fridge magnets and tea sets are fun ideas. For that special something, how about a lovely Wedgewood Keepsake Set as a modern touch for the living room.


Wedgwood White Folia Keepsake Set


Third Year - Leather Or Crystal & Glass?


For a traditional couple, leather gifts of symbolic durability are the focus. This means there is plenty to choose from for the happy couple from watch straps and wallets to matching overnight bags. A Personalised Leather Travel Gift Set is something useful and luxurious, especially if you add in some exciting tickets! Modern glass gives you a broad scope of anniversary present choice from perfume and candles to something divine for the house. Stemless Champagne Flutes are a new and contemporary twist that can be completed with a fabulous bottle of sparkling bubbly!


Personalised Burgundy Leather Travel Gift Set


Fourth Year - Flowers & Fruit Or Silk & Electrical Goods?


Nothing beats a beautiful selection of fresh flowers at any time. For a perfect anniversary gift, why not add in a traditional Waterford Markham Crystal Vase? It’s the perfect finishing touch, representing the continued blossoming of love. Or choose to have a rose named, registered and grown as a truly romantic gesture. The more modern ideas include silk, linen and household appliances and accessories. With so much to choose from, it really depends on the personalities of couples. A trendy linen wall print, silk kimonos or a coffee machine are all suitable gifts. Or what about a fun Guinness BBQ Rib Set for creating the perfect BBQ wedding anniversary celebration?


Waterford Markham Crystal Vase


Fifth Year - Wood Or Silverware?


Celebrating five years of marriage means strong and durable wood is the traditional anniversary present. Some suggested ideas could be a wooden clock, a beautiful music box or a carved statue. A simple Signature Anniversary Picture Frame which displays a special photograph is a timeless way to celebrate with love.


The modern touch is the lovely gift of silverware, with lots of trendy alternatives to choose from today. As it’s a milestone anniversary, silver cufflinks and charm bracelets to candlesticks and fruit bowls are the order of the day. As a really personal touch, matching Latitude & Longitude Pendant Necklaces are a thoughtful and romantic choice.


Personalised Latitude & Longitude Bar Pendant Necklace In Gold


Anniversary Gift Ideas That Will Keep You Together


These modern-day guides can help you choose some classic or hip gift ideas. But remember, you can interpret the guidelines as loosely as you want. There is a gemstone and flower guide for each year too! Both traditional and modern gifts will be welcomed with open arms, whether it’s for friends or exchanged between the married couple.


Whatever wedding anniversary gift you choose, make sure you give the best gift of all: your time. Material things are a wonderful thought, but your love is what will keep you together for the next five years!


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