Always good for a laugh and perfect as a light-hearted gift, the Gifts Australia range of Novelty Books showcases a huge range and you'll be sure to find the perfect gift for them right here.

Novelty Books at Gifts Australia

Contrary to what others may mean when they speak of novelty as old or traditional, the word novelty is defined by Merriam-Webster as something new or unusual. Novelty books therefore are the new books or the ones that doesn’t seem to grow old with time. They are books that rather come as the uncommon, the unusual and they become the suitable for gift ideas for any book lover. Gifts Australia has a shelf full of novelty books for people of all ages. 

What Novelty Books Are Great As Gift Ideas? 

Gifts Australia has a range of select novelty books available in store for every bookworm – from children to young teens, to adults, men and women, even for the grannies and senior readers out there. These novelty books become perfect gift ideas for the wide readers. 
The Grumpy Guide To Life (Observations By Grumpy Cat) – What To Expect?

This book is not full of grumpy nuggets of wisdom. Mind you, the charming book contains observations from real life situations presented in one liner. Humorous and direct-to-the point, this Grumpy Cat hardcover book is one of the great ideas as presents for anyone who feels elated or depressed at some point and may need guidance. Reading this book will make you feel thankful there are people who take time to jot down life’s little lessons while in the mood pendulum. For an affordable price of $19.95, The Grumpy Guide to Life is a good pick from Gifts Australia’s bookshelves.

Daily Dishonesty – Is This A Healthy Book To Read?

This book conveys the beautiful little lies we tell ourselves just to get through the day. For sure, this is something new, a fresh way of facing reality and learning from what we really go through daily. This book sells easy for $19.95 at Gifts Australia. White lies, as others may call ‘em, help us enliven the damp spirits and make each day worthwhile. This book presents 150 of the common white lies people try to believe in just to have something to hold on to get by. Author Lauren Hom filled this book with hand drawn typographic illustrations to amuse readers of all ages. As a cherry topping, this book comes with free posters with quotes you can share or post as gentle reminders to paint smiles on your face. Now this makes one of the best gift ideas, by far!

How to Swear Around the World

This book comes as a fresh twist to the ordinary way of learning something new. This phrasebook presents cultures, traditions, slangs and unique languages from all over the world. Translations are simple and artistically presented to stimulate learning and become familiar with a new place in the globe. Priced at only $17.95 means you can grab copies of this book as they make great  gift ideas for friends or loved ones. Learning has never been this fun!

Novelty Book Store

Where can you grab quality novelty books? Grab good read and quality gift ideas at Gifts Australia. The novelty books are fun colourful, amusing and affordable. They surely are delightful gift ideas for people of all ages.

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