There's nothing better to get the party started than helping it along with some classic and not so classic drinking games. With Spin The Shot, Drinkopoly and classic Beer Pong, at Gifts Australia we have something for everyone.

Novelty Drinking Presents

Everybody loves cracking open a nice cold beer after a long day at work. That’s why, here at Gifts Australia, we have a selection of Novelty Drinking Gifts. For the beers that just can’t be opened with the twist of a hand, we have the Happy Man Bottle Opener, sure to get a laugh. Then it’s time for serious drinking with Spin The Shot. Finally, when everyone has a good buzz going break out The Beer Pong set for some simple fun. We, here at Gifts Australia, want you to have fun and that’s why we have such amazing Novelty Drinking Gifts.

After long day at work, men would want to relax and open a bottle of beer or two to cap the night. This is a wonderful opportunity to change someone’s drinking experience. Offer novelty gifts for him – ones that he will treasure and remind you of when he wants to relax with friends or officemates. 

How Can You Change His Drinking Experience? 

At Gifts Australia, there are several novelty drinking presents available to add fun and spice to men’s drinking night. From charming can openers to game sets that he can enjoy with friends – these gifts for him sound exciting. 

8-Ball Bottle Opener – This is a bottle opener that pops an answer for all funny questions. The talking bottle top answers with a YES/NO/MAYBE. This is a fun and exciting drinking partner to have on a night out. Cool gifts for him such as the 8-Ball Bottle Opener are made by Bottle Pops and available at Gifts Australia for $14.95.

Other Novelty Bottle Openers available at Gifts Australia include: Aussie Rules Bottle Opener, Cricket Bottle Opener, and Rugby Bottle Opener. Each has featured balls as Bottle Top designs. These come as perfect gifts for him depending on what he sport is fond of. The prices are $14.95 for each bottle opener.

Aqua Glow Light Up Shots – This is a new and exciting way of drinking tequila shots. The gift set consists of 6 shot glasses that light up when drinks are poured unto them. The colours vary and the bright colours will be amusing to party goers. For $19.95, gifts for him such as this are available at Gifts Australia Novelty Drinking section.

What Are Fun Games On Beer Night? 

Gifts Australia has these gifts of games:

Shot Roulette – Play Roulette with a twist and shots of drinks. Wherever the ball lands, one has to drink the shot. This is a fun way to jumpstart the beer night with friends. This is available at $34.95.

Beer Pong – The game aims to fill the 12 plastic cups with intoxicating drinks and one attempt to bounce the ball into the cups. Once a successful attempt is made, the contents of the cup must be consumed. This adds fun to the usual beer toasts as it will involve two groups attempting to win the game. The set includes 12 plastic cups and 2 balls sells for $14.95.

Novelty Drinking 

Gifts choices for men such as the above mentioned novelty items are readily available at Gifts Australia. The novelty items are charming and fun ways to add spice to men’s usual beer drinking night. Somehow it creates a festive mood to a fun and relaxing moment. Such gifts for him are affordable but the excitement and fun they bring is incomparable. So the next time you think of making his drinking experience more enjoyable, let Gifts Australia help you by checking out the gift items offered at the Novelty Drinking Section. You may just find a new and more exciting way to change his drinking experience.   

Gifts Australia has an incredible range of novelty drinking gifts that keeps on expanding over time, so even if you have used our gift services before, there is always something new to discover when you return to Gifts Australia. Our hamper designer has recently added some new books and drinking games to the mix, which includes the Bar Hopper Handbook, the Drunken Cookbook, 101 Drinking Games and much more! So, check out our latest range of drinking games and books if you need a novelty gift for a special occasion.

We do need to mention that the novelty gifts of Gifts Australia aren’t limited to drinking games and books, because our novelty gifts range contains much more than that. Inside our novelty gifts range, you can count on unique homewares, cufflinks, BBQ accessories and cooking accessories, so there is always something original for almost all Australian recipients!

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