BBQ & Cooking

It's simple, in this category you will find kitchen and barbecue gifts that are both functional and a bit of fun. Surpirse your BBQ King with these awesome novelty gifts.

Novelty Items for BBQ Cooking

Men love their BBQ time as they hang out with their friends, cook their meat or fish and toast with their beers. So during special days that call for buying gifts for him, check out novelty items from Gifts Australia. From BBQ lighters that showcase manly tools to aprons and beer mugs, there is something for your man at Gifts Australia. It has always been the norm that women get the fancier stuff but in modern times, many items have been customized to fit the modern man so he will also enjoy fancy gifts for him.

Men Choose Utility Over Fancy

What are suitable gifts for men? Here are suggestions of gifts for him that he will appreciate. They are fancy-looking everyday items but they are useful in his daily activities. These qualities of gift items are what men really enjoy in the gifts he receives. Always bear in mind in buying gifts for him: Men will always choose utility over fancy-looking items. If they find good use of something they will surely like and want it.  

Pipe Wrench BBQ Lighter – What Is This?

A pipe wrench is a manly tool, often used by plumbers but one that is designed as a bbq lighter seems fun and amusing. Pretty sure your man can play tricks with this gift item and fool his friends when they get together for bbq time. This collector’s item is charming and durable, add affordable and this makes great sense as a perfect gift for him. For only $29.95, your man will enjoy using this and will keep this novelty item.  

Beer Tasting Paddle – This is a piece your beer lover man will be amused with. If he holds a bbq party or fun leisure afternoon with his friends, amuse them with this paddle that holds four short beer glasses. This will come in handy and classy way of serving their favourite beers – in a paddle. This charmer novelty gift item sells for only $34.95 at Gifts Australia. Now, add in some beers to this set and you got yourself wonderful gifts for him.

Boxing Oven Mitt And Apron – What To Give A Kitchen Guy As A Gift? 

Any man will look more masculine in this bright red mitt and apron. A kitchen guy will usually wear these essentials in the kitchen or over a bbq grill. Why not add a little charm and twist to the regular apron and potholder this time? He deserves to look charming while cooking a feast. This red boxing themed mitt and apron set sounds perfect for him. He will surely bed more inspired in cooking the next time he gets ready to rumble in the kitchen. For $24.94, these nice novelty gifts for him are available at Gifts Australia. 

Condiment Gun – Is This One Of The Classic Gifts For Men?

Condiments can be tricky to handle especially if your man decides to throw a big bbq pool party or make hotdogs for afternoon snacks. Mustard, ketchup, among others can get way out of hand in preparing that yummy dish. A condiment gun will solve worries of spilling over condiments. This attractive and charming useful tool will add class to the usual condiment containers. His friends will definitely envy him for having you offer him such useful gifts for him. For as little as $18.95, novelty item like these make appropriate gifts for him. This is in stock at Gifts Australia.

What Are Some Christmas Cooking Gift Ideas?

Is your recipient someone who enjoys cooking thoroughly? Be sure to consider one of the Christmas cooking gift ideas from Gifts Australia. In our extensive catalogue, customers can find Christmas cooking gifts such as recipe books, kitchen gadgets, utensils, serving plates, and much more. So, be sure to check out the catalogue if you need some inspirational Christmas cooking gifts!

What Are Some Gift Ideas for Gourmet Cooks?

There are also suitable gifts for genuine gourmet cooks at Gifts Australia! We usually suggest some of our novelty barbecue and cooking tools, since it is unlikely the gourmet cook already owns these items. However, if you are unsure, you could also choose one of the Gifts Australia vouchers, which can be used by the gourmet chef to buy some new cooking tools, utensils, and kitchen gadgets. Of course, don’t forget to look at some of the gourmet experiences too, since these could be quite fun for the gourmet cook.

What Are Some Cooking Gift Basket Ideas?

At Gifts Australia, customers can find some gourmet gift baskets. These gourmet gift baskets often contain delicious gourmet nibbles that can be consumed immediately, but they could also contain some delightful cooking ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, chutneys, tapenades, barbecue spices, rubs, and much more. To check out all the options for the gourmet cook, be sure to refer to our catalogue.

Charming Style at Gifts Australia

Gifts Australia showcases novelty items and manly gifts for him – perfect for any occasion. To highlight use of the gift item, Gifts Australia presents charming gift options that any men can make good use of. A variety of collectors’ items are in store and guaranteed delightful and durable for men’s taste.

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