Kris Kringle Bestsellers

The Kris Kringle Bestsellers at Gifts Australia – Get Some Outstanding Gift Ideas!

When you need some brilliant Kris Kringle gift ideas, Gifts Australia is the place to be. With a large collection of outstanding Kris Kringle gifts, customers can certainly get some inspiration for the holiday season.

Have you checked out our range of Kris Kringle gifts, but could you use some recommendations to make things a little easier? No worries, because the Gifts Australia team has laid out some of its personal favourites from the bestsellers list below.

What Is the First Bestseller in the Kris Kringle Range?

Sometimes the simplest Kris Kringle gifts are also the most popular. The number one in our bestseller overview is the Scratch Map, a perfect Kris Kringle present for an adventurous recipient.

As the name suggests, the Scratch Map is a map of the world with a gold foil print. Parts of the map can be scratched off, marking the locations your recipient visits as he or she goes along. Naturally, this is the ideal present for an avid traveller who dreams about visiting every part of the world.

What Is the Second Bestseller in the Kris Kringle Range?

Gifts Australia has a stunning selection of wines this year, so it is no surprise that some of these interesting wines have made their way to the top of the Kris Kringle section.

One of the wine gift packs that is in our overview of bestsellers is the Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs Gift Set, containing three exquisite wines with quite the unique name. It contains the Midnight Dash Sauvignon Blanc, the Kudos Sauvignon Blanc, and the Miritu Bay Sauvignon Blanc. The perfect collection of white wines to surprise the ultimate white wine lover for Kris Kringle.

What Is the Third Bestseller in the Kris Kringle Range?

There seem to be lots of wine lovers in Australia, especially when you consider the third most popular Kris Kringle gift is another wine. That being said, it is quite understandable that Australia’s Finest Sparkling Rosé in Custom Cooler Bag has made it to the top of our Kris Kringle gift list.

Australia’s Finest Sparkling Rosé in Custom Cooler Bag features an outstanding rosé wine that is often served at Kris Kringle parties at the office. A stern favourite among female recipients – and secretly enjoyed by male colleagues – Australia’s Finest Sparkling Rosé in Custom Cooler Bag should be your first consideration for an office party.

What Is the Fourth Bestseller in the Kris Kringle Range?

Some of your co-workers may need some cooking lessons this holiday season, especially those who have problems boiling an egg or some pasta. Fortunately, Gifts Australia is here to help with a sharp Kris Kringle gift that could help them take their cooking skills to the next level.

The 30-Day Chef Challenge from our Kris Kringle range is a popular choice this year, and we cannot say we are surprised. This delightful Kris Kringle gift provides your recipient with thirty days of recipes to try out, sharpening their cooking skills. So, if you know someone who could benefit from some cooking instruction, be sure to pick the 30-Day Chef Challenge from Gifts Australia as a Kris Kringle gift.

What Is the Fifth Bestseller in the Kris Kringle Range?

At Gifts Australia, we also stock Kris Kringle gifts for animal lovers. Within this range, there are several novelty books you could consider as a Kris Kringle gift. You want to know our favourite? The Dog Selfies book by Charlie Ellis.

Dog Selfies brings you a collection of the most adorable and hilarious dog selfies. The book counts 96 pages and covers everything from cheesy selfies to the outright ridiculous. So, this book from our Kris Kringle collection could be a valuable addition to the personal collection of any dog lover.

Please note that Gifts Australia stocks novelty books dedicated to other animals as well; this includes cats and birds. We also have variants on the Dog Selfies book, providing funny photographs of man’s best friend. So, if you are looking for a combination of novelty books for Kris Kringle, do not forget there are other options to take advantage of at Gifts Australia.

How Long Does Gifts Australia Delivery Its Bestselling Kris Kringle Gifts This Year?

To ensure everyone gets their Kris Kringle and Christmas gifts this year, we have extended our delivery time up to Christmas Eve. If you have forgotten something, or ordering late for whatever reason, you can still fully benefit from the amazing gifts collection at Gifts Australia.

Gifts Australia can wrap all your Christmas and Kris Kringle gifts this year too. During the checkout, be sure to check out the available gift wrap and ribbons we have for the holiday season. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with the available options.

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