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Gifts Australia is the recommended online store for the best Kris Kringle ideas. It's that time of year when Secret Santa makes a surprise appearance in offices throughout Australia with a range of novelty gifts. Get in on the fun and choose from these great Kris Kringle and Secret Santa gift ideas. These include coffee mugs, the fun-spirited bottomless wine glass, drinking games, cheeky playing cards, novelty bottle openers, BBQ accessories, tech gadgets, silly desk accessories, fruity lip balms, Star Wars games and books, retro gifts, and all good present ideas in a price range to suit Christmas-time gift giving. Whether you are shopping for the best work Kris Kringle gifts under $30 for colleagues, or family friendly Secret Santa gifts, we have presents that are bound to leave your recipients in stitches!

The Best Funny Kris Kringle Gifts & Secret Santa Gifts Online

Gifts Australia has an amazing selection of Kris Kringle gifts for you this year. From prank gifts to functional novelty gifts, you can find it all in the Kris Kringle gifts section online. When you need something funny for a Kris Kringle office party, you should look no further than Gifts Australia. Our collection includes countless Kris Kringle gifts with a twist, so you can provide your recipient with something functional as well as funny.

For nice Secret Santa gifts, we have ideas that will suit all your friends and family. Find affordable secret Santa gifts under your budget that will work for a good gift swap or a 'stealing Santa' game.

Does Gifts Australia Provide Kris Kringle Gifts Under $20?

Most people do not want to spend too much on a Kris Kringle gift, so our range is extremely affordable. While we have a range of elaborate options, we offer plenty of cheaper Kris Kringle gifts under $20. Some of our absolute favourite ideas for office Kris Kringle gifts on a budget include the Sickie Recovery Kit, joke 'Yes' and 'No' buttons, and novelty coffee mugs. You'll also find family friendly Secret Santa gifts under $20 like funny games, silly socks, and puzzle coasters.

What Are the Best Office Kris Kringle Ideas?

When it comes to finding the best office Kris Kringle ideas, you should certainly stay within an office theme. Gifts Australia provides many decorations and functional items for the office. Of course, each of these options has a funny twist!

If your office is also a place where there is some regular joking and jesting, then joke books and gags are good novelty items for secret santa gifts. Staying within that theme, you could provide your recipient with the Insults Every Man Should Know book from the Gifts Australia range of cheap Kris Kringle gift ideas. As the name suggests, this book is filled with popular insults and their accompanying comebacks. It is the perfect book for a recipient who often struggles with verbal jousting, or for someone who tends to do some verbal jousting on a regular basis. Pretty much everyone in the office environment!

Some of our funny Kris Kringle ideas are the Unicorn Speaker and Musical Plant, which are the perfect additions to the desk of a female office worker with a quirky persona. The novelty office desk plaque and Greek god Apollo mug are fun Kris Kringle gifts for men. If you want a practical or useful Kris Kringle gift, then office desk organisers or multi-tool pens are clever ideas.

Of course, Gifts Australia offers more fun office Kris Kringle ideas for both men and women. If you need more inspiration, simply check out the Kris Kringle or novelty section for more unique office gifts.

What Are the Common Kris Kringle Themes?

Even though Kris Kringle gifts can be seen as a category of their own, there are different sorts of Secret Santa type gifts that customers should be aware of. For these different secret gift exchanges, you will find inspiration for normal gifts that are good, (this includes homewares, décor, games, accessories) or amusing gifts that are equal parts silly and useful (this includes novelty socks, silly coffee mugs, time-wasting fiddle toys) or slightly inappropriate Kris Kringle gifts (this include those subtly rude gifts, swear word colouring in books, and other gags). So, if you want to find a Kris Kringle gift for someone you know quite well who enjoys a laugh you can browse any of these categories to find them a perfect gift.

For Kris Kringle office gift ideas for a colleague you don't know very well, it's best to play it safe and choose something nice for your gift exchange. An insulated travel mug, perpetual desk calendar, or pencil case are nice Kris Kringle gifts.

Are There Unisex Kris Kringle Presents at Gifts Australia?

When you need to buy a bunch of Kris Kringle presents for your colleagues, you may be looking for some unisex Kris Kringle gifts to exchange. At Gifts Australia, you can find gender-neutral unisex options as well as dedicated Kris Kringle presents aimed at both men and women. Charging cables, Mensa Genius card games, geek mugs, latte socks, and vegan challenge kits are all easy ideas for Kris Kringle gifts anyone would like. Explore our full range for more ideas if you want to buy something unique for that Kris Kringle office party!

What Are the Best Family Secret Santa Ideas for 2021?

If you're planning a fun family-friendly secret gift exchange, you'll find ideas here. If you're not sure how to organise and run a secret santa swap, we have inspiration for gift exchange games for Christmas.

Buy your secret santa gifts to suit all your friends and family. Our range is versatile with ideas to suit both kids and adults so everyone will have lots of fun with a secret Santa gift swap.

Where Can I Get More Inspiration for Kris Kringle or Secret Santa Gifts?

When you need more inspiration for Kris Kringle, browse the novelty section in our Kris Kringle section at Gifts Australia. Our Kris Kringle category is packed with unique and original ideas. So, even if you have little inspiration for the annual Kris Kringle office party and need something different from last year, you are bound to get some amazing ideas with us!

The best gift to match your office secret gift exchange budget and every price range — designed to fulfil the Christmas wishlist of all co-workers— is offered online at Gifts Australia. 

Simply order your office booty promptly and conveniently, then head to the online checkout. Gifts Australia offers a range of payment options, including credit card and Zip Pay. Your Kris Kringle and Secret Santa gift selections are designed to arrive with a complimentary gift card that includes your personalised message. For Christmas presents with a fun-filled presence, Gifts Australia helps Secret Santa make a big impact for less at your Australia-wide workplace.  

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