What Are Great Secret Santa Present Ideas?

Get In The Holiday Spirit

This year has been challenging and we’ll probably all let out a sigh of relief when 2021 rolls in. Uncertainty with holiday plans means there isn’t the usual kind of excitement as we count down to Christmas 2020. If you love the spirit of Christmas and finding ways to bring your family and friends together, you’re probably looking for the best way to start getting everyone in the mood for Christmas.


Festive decorations, setting a date for the office Christmas party, and planning an epic Secret Santa is the way to get everyone onboard with your plan to kick a tough year out the door! Whether you are exchanging gifts with your co-workers, or have your own family Secret Santa tradition, everyone loves a secret gift exchange.


The Tradition of Secret Santa

Secret Santa in Australia and other Western cultures has its origins in the Scandinavian tradition Julklapp, or “Christmas knock”. Secret gift givers would knock on someone’s door and try to quickly throw a present inside as the door opened, and then run away before their identity was discovered.


The Germans call Secret Santa ‘Wichteln’ and have a fun variation called ‘Schrottwichteln’ where gift givers choose particularly tasteless presents or unloved objects to re-gift. From the German ‘Christkindl’ (meaning “Christ Child”) the name Kris Kringel is also used in Australia and Great Britain to refer to a secret Santa gift exchange. 


A modern variation in Australia is the ‘Stealing Secret Santa’ where guests each bring a good Secret Santa gift that would hopefully be something everyone would like. All the gifts are placed together and participants are randomly given a number. One at a time, and in order, a player unwraps a gift and shows everyone what they got. The next person can either choose to unwrap a new gift or steal any previously opened gift.


You can even join in an online Secret Santa gift exchange where Christmas presents are sent in the post without ever having to meet. Online Secret Santa could be between friends, remote co-workers, or even complete strangers, like the massive Reddit Gifts Secret Santa that has grown to be the world's biggest online gift exchange.


Why is Secret Santa Fun?

An office Secret Santa is a great idea. It makes it more affordable because you don’t have to feel any pressure to buy a gift for all your co-workers. You never know what you’ll get, and it’s fun trying to guess who bought what for everyone in the group. There’s always someone who gives the most perfect Secret Santa gift to suit their recipient’s personality. And there’s always someone who manages to find the most hilarious Secret Santa gift every year.


You can set rules for your gift exchange, such as price value, but sometimes the surprise and not knowing what to expect is half the fun. You never know if the gifts will be funny, novelty Secret Santa presents, or if someone in the group will go to the effort of choosing a personalised and meaningful Secret Santa gift.


It’s fun choosing a secret Christmas present for someone knowing they’ll never discover who the giver is. That means you can go all-out and choose a hilarious joke Secret Santa gift that will have everyone in the office in stitches. It can be your chance to make a colleague laugh out loud, or spoil a family member that you think deserves that little something special but would never accept it otherwise.


The anticipation of any gift exchange is wonderful and makes this time of year extra special.


Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Work or Family

Choosing the best Secret Santa gifts is an artform. Striking that balance between a funny Secret Santa present to make everyone laugh, and still making it a good gift can be tricky. To help with Secret Santa gift ideas, we have compiled a list of our favourite present ideas for co-workers and family. You’ll find some of the best and outright most hilarious Secret Santa gifts in Australia on this list.


Ted Baker Women’s Pen Set

A beautiful and thoughtful gift for the female co-workers in your office. Especially those that love some elegance and style, even in their stationery cupboard. These elegant pens each hold an inspiring message on top to encourage her each day of the week.


Office Secret Santa for women


Mini Arcade Machine

The perfect Kris Kringle gift idea for the nerdy men in your family or the gadget-loving colleague in your office. This retro arcade game machine includes an impressive 240 of the best 16-bit arcade video games everyone will get a blast out of.


Secret Santa for Men


Veuve Cliquot With Ice Jacket

Why not surprise a lucky Secret Santa recipient with a gift idea that is ideal to use at the Christmas party or save for the New Year celebrations! This indulgent present is suitable for Champagne lovers toasting to the end of the year in style or those who like to arrive at the family barbeque with a premium bottle of champers.

Impressive Secret Santa Gifts

Evening Rituals Satin Sleep Set

Knowing how exhausting this year may have been for many, this could be the ideal gift for anyone on your Secret Santa list. You can’t go wrong by gifting a relaxation pamper set and making every second of someone’s precious holiday time and beauty sleep count.

Office Secret Santa for Women

Musical Plant Pot Speaker

This one is a winner, for men and women alike, as well as for music, gadget, or gardening lovers. The ideal fun Secret Santa gift for any office Christmas party or family gathering. This innovative Bluetooth plant pot connects with any of your devices and will get the party started. Music and LED lights come one with the touch of a leaf or petal. Christmas magic for everyone.


Good Secret Santa Gifts for work


Pussy Magnet Desk Tidy

Here comes the purr-fect present for the messy desk colleague in your office. A gorgeous magnet paperweight in the shape of a cat will keep things tidy and add some character to anyone’s desk. It could be a good Secret Santa gift for someone who loves cats, or it could be a hilarious Secret Santa joke for someone who’s fond of talking up their sex appeal.

Joke Secret Santa Gifts for Men

DOIY California Roll Maki Socks

A winning Kris Kringle combo for a funny gift that’s also something people will want. Novelty socks in the shape and colour of a California sushi roll are ideal for lovers of Japanese cuisine or those who like to wear a sneaky pair of fun socks under their business suit. An excellent Secret Santa gift for men who like a bit of fun, at home or around the office, showing off their delicious feet in crab, avocado and seaweed-style.

Nice Novelty Secret Santa Gifts

Sunnylife Luxe Lie-On Float Rainbow

Summer is nearly here and it’s already pool and beach time. Beach and BBQ accessories are always good Secret Santa gifts in Australia. If you need a gift with broad appeal that will suit everyone, this bright, colourful and cheerful float is a winner. This is a versatile Secret Santa gift for men, women, kids, family, or co-workers counting down to some summer holiday fun.


Beach Secret Santa Gifts


Waterproof Dry Bag By Gentlemen’s Hardware

Are you looking for a practical and smart Secret Santa gift idea suitable for men and women? This waterproof dry bag is the ideal present for the adventurer and anyone who loves the beach, kayaking, camping, or fishing. The waterproof pouch will keep their phone and valuables dry, even on the water. This would be a great Secret Santa gift for someone you don't know very well.

Office Secret Santa Gift Idea

Dustin Martin, My Story So Far

Everyone has a sports or book lover in their family or office. For an easy Kris Kringle gift, they'll love this gem. The inspiring autobiography of Australia’s most popular football player is now available as a beautiful hardback and will make great reading for every footy fan's holiday break.


Sports Secret Santa Gift


Christmas Hampers

You absolutely can’t go wrong with one of our luxury Christmas gift boxes. These exclusive gifts for men and women will stun every recipient and spoil them with sweet, savoury and wine treats suited for a king (or queen). We offer gift baskets for any budget, and you'll love the free shipping to either your doorstep or theirs.

Affordable Secret Santa Gift Baskets

Budget Friendly Secret Santa Gifts Packed with Personality

Every person is different. But everyone loves being surprised by a unique gift. It’s even better when you find a surprise present perfectly suited to the person you are playing Santa for. If you are unsure what their likes and interests are, why not surprise them with one of our gift vouchers and let them choose a Christmas present for themselves. Rather than receiving something they might gift along a few days later, let them decide what tickles their fancy and be happy with it.


We offer gift vouchers ranging from $50 up to $500. Set your budget and go for it. This is also a great idea in case you are running a little late and won’t have enough time to use our FREE delivery Australia-wide for presents over $99. We email our gift vouchers electronically so you can still get a last-minute present, even minutes before the office Christmas party begins.


Remember to be bright and merry and enjoy the day. Stress-free gift-giving is the key, and we are here to help. If you’re still not sure what to get for a Secret Santa you don’t know very well, browse our range of great gifts under $50. You’ll find it at Australia’s best online gift store.




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