Forget Santa, here at Gifts Australia, we make sure you're the best gift giver this year. With hundreds of fun Christmas gifts for kids, whether you're looking for the perfect gift for girls or boys, older kids or toddlers and babies, we've got it! Kid's Christmas gifts need to be fun, entertaining and high quality, and we've got you covered for the best Christmas gifts for kids in stock and ready to send now. From Christmas gifts for babies to toddlers, right through to the best Christmas gifts for teenagers we've found the year's coolest products that will delight kids around the country. Books, teddies, arts and crafts, eco-friendly kids Christmas gifts, whether it's a Christmas gift for boys or girls, there's going to be something on our site to suit their age group and interests, and your budget. Check below for the December 2019 Christmas cut-off dates.​

Find the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2019 at Gifts Australia!

Are you searching for the best Christmas gifts for kids, but do you have little experience in buying gifts? No need to worry, because Gifts Australia has a full collection of Christmas gifts for kids to take advantage of. If you need some inspiration, simply check out the information provided to you by Gifts Australia below!

How Can You Choose the Best Christmas Gift for a Kid in 2019?

While we have fond memories of the toys we used to play with as children, times are constantly changing. The toys that used to be popular for us could be unknown today; this makes finding the best Christmas gifts for kids a little more difficult.

Gifts Australia aims to help customers find the best Christmas gifts for kids with an extensive kids Xmas gifts catalogue. All kids Xmas gifts inside this catalogue have been hand-selected by our team, ensuring each of the options will be appreciated by the recipient. So, if you have no idea on how to choose kids Xmas gifts this year, simply check out our catalogue to get some inspiration.

What Are Some Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers?

When you shop for kids Xmas gifts, you do have to take the age of your recipient into consideration. If you are buying a Christmas gift for a toddler, you must make sure that the gift is suitable for their age. Fortunately, Gifts Australia stocks a number of kids Xmas gifts that are more than suitable for toddlers.

At Gifts Australia, customers can find some amazing gift ideas for toddlers. We have cuddly toys and books, but also some play sets that toddlers will adore. Check out our latest additions to get some inspiration for the holidays.

What Are the Most Popular Christmas Gifts for Girls?

Even though we have a large collection of premium gifts, there are some unique gifts that are more popular than others. For girls, our interactive sets tend to be incredibly popular, especially if that playset involves creating her own perfume, fashion, bath bombs, or cosmetics.

At Gifts Australia, customers can find many themed sets for girls this holiday season. Simply match the theme to the little girl’s preferences and you will have the perfect Christmas present. Of course, you can also check out our range of unique experiences, which could be quite fun for your recipient too.

What Are the Most Popular Christmas Gifts for Boys?

Boys are quite similar to girls when it comes to selecting their Christmas presents since they also prefer an interactive set to play with. Of course, the theme of these sets will be a little different than those of girls.

At Gifts Australia, you can find interactive sets involving aliens, bouncing balls, and even race tracks. Thus, you will have little problems finding an interactive toy set for your recipient to play with this holiday season. Gifts Australia also provides a dedicated range of experiences for boys; this is quite a good idea if you are looking for something a little more elaborate than the average Christmas present.

What Are Some Educational Gift Ideas for Kids?

Gifts Australia provides customers with quite a few educational games and sets, which are more than suitable as a Christmas gift for some lucky kid. We have educational board games, which teach kids the value of cooperation. Naturally, we also have interactive sets teaching kids all about chemistry, physics, and even biology.

In addition to the rather obvious educational gifts, Gifts Australia also recommends looking at our collection of creative gifts. Do not underestimate the power of creative play, since pencils, crayons, and even painting could contribute to your child’s overall skills. We have an entire range of art supplies and other creative gifts to take advantage of this holiday season, so be sure to check out those sections too.

What Kids Games Would Make Good Christmas Gifts?

At Gifts Australia, we stock board games that could be a good pastime for kids during the holiday season. Of course, our games can be quite educational as well as fun. One of the options we have is the so-called cooperation game, which does not pit children against each other to win!

To win one of the cooperation games available at Gifts Australia, children have to work together instead of against one another. It is a brilliant way to pass the time during the holidays, and less likely to cause arguments too!

What Are Some Great Books to Get Kids This Christmas?

There are books aplenty at Gifts Australia this year, so customers will have no problems finding something original for their kids, nieces, or nephews. From Roald Dahl collections to the Guess How Much I Love You series, there is a suitable book for every age range at Gifts Australia.

Does Gifts Australia Offer Christmas Gift Cards and Wrapping?

Are you not that great at gift wrapping the Christmas gifts you obtain? No need to worry about that, because Gifts Australia can take care of everything! From the gift card to Christmas gift wrap, it is just one click away.

Customers can choose their gift wrap and card options during the checkout process. They can choose from a variety of wrap colours as well; this ensures that their selected present matches the event.

What Are Some Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids in 2019?

Want something unique nobody else has thought of? Take full advantage of our range of experiences for kids! These experiences will not only create new memories, but they will also provide you with the most unique Christmas gift during the holidays!

Does Gifts Australia Provide Australian Christmas Gift Ideas for Other Recipients?

Gifts Australia provides many Australian Christmas gift ideas for kids, but we also have smashing Australian Christmas gift ideas for adults. We provide tons of Christmas gifts for men and women, so you do not have to find a different store to find good Australian Christmas gift ideas for female and male relatives and friends this holiday season.

When you choose Gifts Australia during the holiday season, you can of course count on premium gift wrap. To get your gifts wrapped, simply select the appropriate options during the checkout process.

Do you have a question about the catalogue and its Australian Christmas gift ideas? Or do you need advice on delivery times? Do not hesitate to contact Gifts Australia to get some additional help. Our team is ready to help!

Updated on 24th March 2019.

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