Stocking Fillers

Christmas stocking fillers are an added bonus to the main presents stacked around the Christmas tree. Hanging a Christmas stocking is a favourite family tradition. For kids and adults alike, reaching inside on Christmas morning to pull out stocking filler after stocking filler is pure magic. So stuff them good with a treasure trove of the best stocking fillers for everyone. If stocking stuffers are not part of your family Christmas traditions, it’s time to start! Hang your stockings by the chimney with care and hope that Santa shops at Gifts Australia for all the best stocking stuffer ideas 2021.

Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your Christmas List

There’s nothing more exciting than a bulging Christmas stocking to discover on Christmas morning. While beautifully wrapped gifts around the Christmas tree are wonderful, there’s something special about that traditional Christmas stocking filled with treats and little presents.

Explore the range of stocking fillers at Gifts Australia and find ideas for everyone. We have inspiration for everything from cheap stocking stuffers for kids, cool stocking stuffer ideas for tweens and teens, original stocking fillers for men, and good stocking fillers for women. See our full top ten lists for everyone in the family below, but for quick and easy inspiration - stocking fillers for kids are easy! Little collectable figurines, travel toys, and art supplies are perfect. What to buy as stocking stuffers for women? Chocolates and books are ideal, plus travel sized gifts of things they usually use like bath and beauty basics are other great stocking filler ideas for women. There are so many great ideas for stocking fillers for men, but the most popular are handy pocket tools, a coffee mug and socks.

What to buy for stocking fillers?

It’s the size that counts when it comes to Christmas stocking fillers. The smaller the better is just what you need for a stocking stuffed full of tiny treasures to discover on Christmas morning. Good stocking fillers are those small gifts you buy to bulk out your main Christmas present. You might put your main gift at the bottom of the stocking to discover last, or place it under the tree. Even if you don’t hang a stocking, once the main gift is chosen it’s a great idea to purchase a few smaller things to go with it for a little extra gift giving joy. That’s where great stocking fillers come in! Cheap stocking fillers to go with a main gift make the fun last longer on Christmas morning.

How much should you spend on stocking stuffers?

It’s fine to spend as little as $5 on a stocking filler if you find just the right thing! Generally, most good stocking fillers will cost around $10 to $20. Cheap stocking fillers are wonderful to bulk up a gift, and a collection of little presents scattered at the top of the stocking are perfect! Don’t feel you need to spend a lot of money on stocking stuffers. It’s better to choose a handful of items of different values and different sizes so the stocking looks extra full and is exciting to open.

What is traditionally in a Christmas stocking?

The most popular traditional stocking fillers are little gifts that are easy to stuff in together for a series of little surprises. You can include practical gifts for stocking stuffers, or fill them with treats and little gifts to make everyone smile. Stocking fillers should be small, fun, creative, personalised, inexpensive, and may not need wrapping. It’s fine to give cheap stocking fillers as long as they are nice ideas to suit their hobbies or tastes. Little food gifts for stocking fillers like candy canes, wrapped lollies, or mini Christmas puddings are nice to include along with socks, travel games, jewellery, a book, art supplies, hair accessories, skin care, an earbud case, puzzles, lip gloss, phone charger, keyring, and gift cards.


Christmas Stocking Fillers Gifts Australia


Top 10 Stocking Fillers For Kids

  1. Glitter pens
  2. Dominoes
  3. Card or travel games
  4. Jigsaw puzzles
  5. Books or colouring in sets
  6. Drink bottle or lunchbox
  7. Bath or pool toys
  8. Lego or Nanoblocks
  9. Craft kits
  10. Banagrams Word Game

Top 10 Stocking Fillers For Teens

  1. Underwater camera
  2. Bluetooth speakers
  3. Photoclip string lights 
  4. Phone charging cable
  5. Vlogging tripod
  6. Travel mug
  7. Selfie ring light
  8. Multi-tool pen
  9. Weekend planner
  10. 30 day challenge card box


Top 10 Stocking Fillers For Men

  1. Phone holder
  2. Cooking utensils
  3. Handy outdoor pocket knife
  4. Keyring
  5. Vlogging tripod
  6. Sports towel
  7. Stubbie holder
  8. Travel mug
  9. BBQ mitt
  10. Whiskey stones

Top 10 Stocking Fillers For Women

  1. Earrings or necklace
  2. Sports towel
  3. Eyemask
  4. Reusable makeup wipes
  5. Scented candle
  6. Phone charging cable
  7. Quick-drying hair wrap
  8. Travel book
  9. Underwater camera
  10. Gardening gloves

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