Why Gag Gifts Are So Good

Unconventional Gifts To Make Someone Laugh

Have you got a wacky and weird sense of humour? Then use it to brighten someone’s day because everyone needs a good guffaw now and then. It could be when we’re feeling down or stressed after a hectic day at the office. Laughter draws people together and adds zest and joy to our lives. There's nothing better than giving novelty gag gifts or prank gifts to friends who are practical jokers - especially if they need a laugh.


Sometimes, life gets too serious. That's when ageless gag gifts come in. Light-hearted gifts can be uniquely fun, practical jokes that gently poke fun and are the miracle we’ve all been searching for. Think of it as a private joke between you and the recipient since the effect is roaring laughter once they get the thought behind it. If you're wondering what you should get your weird friends for Christmas, you'll find ideas right here.


At Gifts Australia, we love making gift-giving fun with presents that are practical leg-pulling at their best. Yes, some gag ideas are kind of ridiculous gifts - but that's the whole point. Laughter is contagious, so why not share it around? 


Give The Irreplaceable Gift Of Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine, as they say, and there’s actually a whole lot of science to back that up. A good giggle every day is excellent for our health and wellbeing. Side-splitting gifts to make someone laugh really are the most amazing mood boosters and incredibly powerful tools.


Here are just seven reasons why gag gifts are so good, and we should all have a chuckle every day:


  1. Laughter relaxes the whole body, reducing our stress response and lowering cortisol levels
  2. Laughter boosts the immune system and releases healing happy hormones 
  3. Sharing funny moments makes us more sociable and more likely to open up
  4. A good giggle reduces pain levels and makes it easier to tolerate discomfort 
  5. It blocks our negative thoughts and makes difficult situations easier to handle
  6. The longer and harder we laugh out loud, the happier we are!
  7. Shared jokes are the glue that binds us together!


How To Choose The Ultimate Prank Gifts

No one of any age is above having a good laugh when they need it. But as with all gift-giving, your relationship is what makes hunting down the ideal gifts to cheer someone up a breeze. Consider factors like their age, personality and pastimes, plus their likes and dislikes. You could target their profession, a past occurrence, their hobbies and talents or some zany moment of history you share.


The items you choose need to surprise them with a hilarious message they can instantly relate to. They can be practical items like novelty socks, for example, or something totally quirky like a ring bell for sex. You can also opt to give practical joke gifts in addition to a related traditional gift. This way, they can thoroughly enjoy the joke, and you've still given them something beautiful to cherish.


Are Gag Gifts Appropriate For All Occasions?

Yes, we think they’re the perfect cheery gift to raise a grin at any celebration, from birthdays to weddings. But even with the right prank toys or gifts on hand for your friends and family, you might want to be careful about the setting. Unless you're giving your present in private, remember to steer clear of offending anyone or shocking the kids! 


The milestone celebration

A birthday, housewarming party, or even a graduation after-party are fantastic events for giving gag gifts. That's because there's already a lighthearted atmosphere at the gathering, especially if you're close with the recipient. Plus, there's no better time to bring someone down a peg than when they are celebrating their best achievements so far. Gag gifts are especially great for an 18th birthday, or an informal high school graduation party with friends and family.


If you're debating whether you should give a proper gift or a novelty gift, consider your audience. Some people dislike gag gifts regardless of whether they're on the receiving end or not. They might feel that such gifts are inappropriate or detract from the celebration even if your friend would guffaw the night away. So, if you're aware of this, go with a traditional option in public instead. You can always slip your quirky gift into their pocket for some fun later on.

sumo costume

Funny wedding gifts

For occasions like weddings and anniversaries, there’s a more varied audience in attendance, so choose something with a novelty touch to it. If you're not sure if a gag gift is suitable for a wedding or other formal occasion, err on the side of caution. Choose a funny joke rather than something inappropriate or that might be too risqué. You're guaranteed more laughs! A ridiculous gift, like a wall mounted singing fish, is the ultimate joke home décor item for a silly wedding gift or housewarming when you're aiming for laughs.

wall mounted fish

Make the festive season silly

The holidays give plenty of opportunities for people to give and receive weird and wonderful presents of all kinds. Gag gifts for Christmas are perfect stocking fillers for anyone with a quirky sense of humour. They’re also fabulous fun for secret Santa parties where you’re given a randomly selected recipient. Office Kris Kringle gifts are the best opportunity for hilarious joke gifts or prank toys. The best part is that they won’t even know who it’s from!


gardening novelty mug


Joke gifts for the office

When is it okay to give a joke gift at work? An office function or a gathering with colleagues can be a tricky one, so choose carefully. A *uck mug, for instance, is sure to get chuckles from close friends that use swear words for emphasis every so often. It maybe wouldn't go down quite as well at an combined office party with upper management if your boss has a sense of humour failure.


Fuck Mug


Make Everyone Laugh With Gifts Australia's Variety

Whether you need prank toys to make the youngsters giggle or some ridiculous quirky gifts to make your friend's day, Gifts Australia has you covered. There are hundreds of choices with something for every personality, however weird their taste. Take a look at some of the hilarious gag gifts that are actually useful, then browse our full collection of popular options guaranteed to make them laugh out loud.  


Certified Pain In The Ass Men's Socks - this is great for that argumentative pal who always has to have the last say in everything. Let them know they take the prize with a gag gift they can wear every day.

Certified Pain In The Ass Men's Socks


Things To Do While You Poo - ideal for friends or flatmates constantly hogging the bathroom and taking their time. This humorous roll of tissue paper will give them something useful to do while they're in there!


Things To Do While You Poo Toilet Roll


Feed All You Fuckers BBQ Apron - Gag gifts can also be practical! If your home chef likes to have a whinge about having to constantly cook dinner, or it's a standing joke that the neighbourhood always finds a warm welcome with food to share, this apron will be more than appropriate.


Feed All You Fuckers BBQ Apron


Mould Your Own Boyfriend - love is hard. But your friend will have the last laugh with the perfect boyfriend moulded to to their exact requirements (comes complete with a bunch of flowers). What more could they ask for?


Mould Your Own Boyfriend


Whether you need silly gifts for silly friends, light-hearted gifts to cheer someone up, or gag gifts for a good guffaw, you find a whole range of great novelty gift ideas to make everyone laugh no matter the occasion.




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