New Christmas Traditions For A Fun 2021

Make Christmas Magical With Celebration Ideas For Kids

We’re all lucky to be celebrating Christmas in Australia with the chance to gather with friends and family. While not all of our usual Australian Christmas traditions will be possible this year, we’re still set to enjoy a fun holiday with loved ones. Some of our favourite Christmas celebrations and traditions in Australia include Christmas carols, driving around to see the Christmas lights, getting a photo with Santa, and hanging our Christmas stockings. Gatherings with friends, the neighbourhood Christmas street party, and a big family Christmas lunch are all set to be our favourite activities.


We can't wait to plan new ideas for things to do this Christmas. Sometimes, one of the best things about Christmas time is the expectant build up. Counting down with each of the important Christmasy milestones makes it exciting for young and old. Putting up the Christmas tree, the end of year parties, the last day of school, and then the busy weekend before Christmas, until finally Christmas Eve is here!


We all deserve a special holiday to relax with family in 2021, so don't let all the little things that makes Christmas time extra special pass you by in a blur of frantic preparations and last-minute panic before tearing open our Christmas gifts before the sun even rises. Take a break from the Christmas rush and enjoy our ideas for ways to make Christmas special.


How to Celebrate Christmas 2021

If some of your usual Christmas traditions have needed a re-think this year, come up with something new! Get merry this Christmas with holiday crafts, games, timeless traditions, and new ideas to entertain everyone in the family. 


No-Fuss Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas craft is a timeless tradition and essential pre-Christmas activity for kids. Festive Christmas craft activities are a great way to make the countdown fun and decorate the house at the same time. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart. Just grab some tinsel, glue, and cardboard and start creating. You could even get the kids to create and decorate their own Christmas cards. Homemade Christmas cards that include a handmade tree ornament are wonderful gifts for the kids to give their teacher as a thank you present. 


Christmas Craft Ideas


A Christmas Countdown

Kids can’t wait until Santa arrives, and craft activities that involve a countdown are a fun way to build excitement. Advent calendars for December are always popular. Get organised to start at the beginning of the month if you have time. If not, then a 12 days of Christmas countdown is a heap of fun for kids. Even just coming up with ideas to mark the 7 days before Christmas is enough to make it special. Little mini-gifts each day, a decorated calendar of special activities, or a series of envelopes containing a fun idea for things to do will make the countdown fun. Hang your Christmas stockings on the day couple of days before Christmas.


Christmas Cookies For Breakfast

You can’t have Christmas without cookies. While it’s traditional to leave Santa a plate of cookies beside the tree on Christmas Eve, you can also come up with an equally exciting Christmas cookie tradition for the kids to look forward to. Cookies for breakfast breaks all the usual rules, so it makes a perfect special treat to make them smile. Or plan a special after-dinner treat with a candle-lit cookie dessert in front of the Xmas tree.


Have a Gift Wrapping Competition

If the presents for family and friends are piling up and you’re dreading the idea of having to wrap them all, don’t despair! Line up the presents, scissors, wrapping paper, sticky tape, and ribbon and see who can wrap the most presents in a given time limit. You can make it fair with gift wrapping materials for everyone, or add in some house rules for added laughs. Try having only a single pair of scissors for everyone to share and a strict time limit for each use. Or make everyone wrap their presents wearing a blindfold. The gifts under the tree might look a little odd, but the fun memories you create will be worth it.


Gift Wrapping Competition



Read Classic Christmas Books Together

If your children are curious about the history of Christmas in Australia or even what Christmas was like when you were younger, this is a great way to learn more about it. Reading favourite Christmas books from your childhood together is a lovely tradition to start when your children are young. Great Christmas books for kids include A Charlie Brown Christmas and the Dr Seuss classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas! For slightly older kids, you can even include traditional Christmas stories from other countries. It is interesting to learn about Christmas history and the origins of many of our Christmas traditions. Books that show how different Christmas is around the world may help if your kids are struggling with missing out on a particular Christmas family tradition this year.


Outdoor Christmas Celebrations

One of the more popular Christmas holiday traditions in Australia is Boxing Day at the beach or a relaxed Christmas Day around the pool. If the family is all heading to your place this Christmas, grab some new outdoor entertaining accessories to make hosting Christmas easier. New pool toys and waterproof speakers are a great idea for creating a fun Christmas vibe in your backyard.


waterproof bluetooth speaker


Create A Christmas Playlist

Even better is creating your very own Christmas playlist. Put the kids in charge of choosing all their favourite Christmas songs and creating a playlist on Spotify. They’ll love listening to new Christmas songs in the days before Xmas while choosing the best ones to include. Then, on Christmas Day, you can send everyone outside, crank the Christmas music up, and enjoy the day in the sun. The kids will enjoy telling everyone about how they picked the music. You can even get the kids to decorate your backyard.


Have A Water Fight

Spontaneous games that everyone can enjoy are the best way to make Christmas time fun. If they’re predicting hot weather, be prepared with water pistols or buckets of mini sponges to throw. Backyard water fights with kids versus adults is a funny Australian Christmas tradition for many families. Plan ahead with lots of ice to make the water extra cold! Perfect for pouring down the backs of shirts...


Design Your Own Christmas Board Game

Board games are lots of fun and are a great activity to enjoy when family and friends visit. Gifts Australia has lots of great board games and party games perfect for Christmas fun. If your kids enjoy card games and family board games, why not suggest they design their own Christmas-themed board game? If cousins will be visiting over the holidays, this would be a fun activity for kids to do together.


Create New Traditions With Gifts Australia

We love Christmas! And we love finding new ways to enjoy the holidays and create special memories with our families. We hope you’re looking forward to enjoying a wonderful holiday break with your family or friends. If you need inspiration for ways to create a special, relaxing Christmas vibe in your home, browse our range of fun gifts for ideas. We have wonderful Christmas gifts for kids, family gifts to share, Christmas gifts for mum, and awesome Christmas gift ideas for Dad. We also have an all new range of our popular and Christmas hampers for festive cheer. We also have a whole range of inexpensive gifts for the perfect stocking fillers. Christmas 2021 is set to be the best yet. Out with the old, and in with the new.




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