Unique Gifts For The Hard To Please Recipient

How To Choose A Gift To Ignite Their Christmas Spirit


With the festive season almost upon us, we're running out of time to decide what we are going to gift our loved ones this year. Thinking of the right gift for people who love being surprised is easy. Others say in advance what they'd like to receive. However, what do you do about those nearest and dearest who don't quite see the need for gifting? Or what to buy those tricky people who say they don't need anything?


Don't worry - we've got a few tips from Gifts Australia to help you with your search. We’ve also got some fabulous Christmas gift ideas that even the hardest to please will adore. If you're struggling for gift inspiration, then creating a unique gift basket full of smaller gifts is a great way to surprise your friend at Christmas.


The restrictions this year on our daily activities meant looking at life in a whole new light. Many people are becoming more appreciative of things they took for granted in the past. This year might be the year they are more willing to accept gifting as a way of showing appreciation to those they hold near and dear. So, take the opportunity to surprise them with unique gift ideas and send some Christmas cheer their way. 


Finding A Unique Gift Which Will Warm Their Heart

Before you consider what to get for your hard to please loved one, you might need to do a little research. It’s well worth the time and effort to change their opinions on gift-giving and spread the joy of Christmas!


1. Find out what they like

One of the fastest ways to choose something for someone who doesn't request specific gifts is to look at their likes and dislikes. For work colleagues or someone you're not too familiar with, spend some time asking important questions! If it's someone you know, start to think about the unique homeware items they cherish or the pastimes and hobbies they spend their time on. 


Homewares Gifts


2. Help them find new passions

Sometimes, it's hard to tell what someone likes as they've grown accustomed to agreeing with every suggestion that comes their way. Help them find new things to inspire them. Tag them along when you indulge in different activities or invite them to share something new. Plan fun city tours or activities together. You’ll soon see which one they start showing an interest in and thrilling life experiences might just be the perfect gift!


City Tour Gift Experience


3. Think about their lifestyle

If they’re ‘high maintenance’ and have great taste, then lifestyle gifts are a superb choice. Find out about their home style, favourite colours, and whether they’re picky or practical. These hard to buy for friends and family are likely to hate clutter. Choose something trendy or useful. Our chic decor gifts for men will inspire you to find a present to add something special to their space.  


Home decor gifts


Genius Gift Ideas & Creative Hampers That Never Fail To Impress

So, now you’re well on the way to finding creative gifts to wow them, here are a few of our inventive and unique gift hampers ideas to help you get started. Hampers are designed to delight even the fussiest friend or family member. Choose a gorgeous ready-made basket of delicious treats or design one yourself to cater to their fastidious tastes! Fill your creative personalised hamper full of unique gifts chosen with them in mind.


1. Gifts for food lovers

Christmas is all about fun, togetherness and, of course, gorgeous food! So if you're looking for a food-related gift, load up your hamper with festive gourmet treats and add your own finishing touches. Tuck in some useful utensils or a recipe book holder. Perfect at Christmas when the old family recipes get passed down through generations to produce the heartiest culinary delights. 


Recipe Book Holder


2. Spice up the grill 

Still in the food department, Christmas in Australia can't pass without a sizzling barbeque, or ten! For hosts that never miss bringing out the grill during the festive season, fill your hamper with handy tools and accessories. A BBQ gourmet gift set is ideal. Add in a fancy barbecue caddy to help them store all their go-to spices. You can also throw in a sausage roller to help make turning sausages on the grill a quick affair!


BBQ Gourmet


3. Personalised items to treasure

To guarantee that your loved one is always thinking about you, personalised gifts are a superb choice. There are so many options they will love, including beautiful charm necklaces and bracelets or even monogrammed cufflinks, wallets and keyrings. Not only do these make thoughtful gifts, but they add the surprise element to any Christmas hamper. 


Unique jewellery for men and women


4. Pampering hampers that thrill

Relaxation gift hampers are a great way to have a selection of gifts delivered in a single irresistible package. Fill your basket with beauty products, bath salts and candles and impress them with a pampering hamper to help them relax before the big day. Regardless of gender, everyone can do with a bit of TLC to get them in the Christmas mood.


pamper gifts


5. Add some fizz or sparkle

Take that R&R to the next level with fabulous hampers packed with unique craft beer varieties, premium Australian wines or a sparkling bottle of champagne. Help your special someone unwind or share a special moment with friends. In case they have a sweet tooth, then you can’t go wrong with a drinks hamper featuring delicious sweet treats too.


beer hamper


6. Exciting trips & adventures

Many of us have spent large parts of this year at home. So, slip something really special and exciting into your creative gift hampers. Give an experience gift to create memories. You can arrange for your loved ones to experience the outdoors in unique ways like going on a cookery course, skydiving, or surfing. If they’re a car lover, why not rent a high-end vehicle for a day to see some breathtaking Australian sights. Christmas only comes once a year!


Learn to Surf Experience Gift to Share


Send Seasons Greetings From Gifts Australia 

If all else fails, you always have the option of letting that someone special choose a gift for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with adding a thoughtful gift voucher in your festive hamper. You can select from different values, ensuring that whatever Christmas treat they fancy is within their limit. 


Run out of time and ideas? Then make gift shopping a hassle-free experience by ordering unique gift hampers Australia and delivering seasons greetings to their doorstep. Whether you need gifts for children that have everything or hard to please adults, Gifts Australia is here to spread the joy of Christmas. It’s an online shopping haven for all your gifting needs so you can wrap up the year on a high note!




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