Fun Gift Ideas For Friends Who Love Animals More Than People

Inspiration For The Purrfect Gift

Do you need inspiration to help you choose a great gift for someone who loves animals? Maybe you’re looking for a gift for someone who seems to like their pet more than they like other people! We all have one friend who’d rather stay home with the cats on the couch than getting dressed up for drinks. Really, we can’t blame them! People are hard work. Luckily for you, animal lovers are actually the easiest people to buy for! They’ll probably be content with a new, personalised chew toy for Fido, or a new, sparkly collar for the cat. But, if you want something really special, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas to make it easy to find a present to impress your animal-loving friend.


Whether you are looking for a present for a dog mum or dad to help celebrate a pet birthday, new pet adoption gift, want gift ideas to honour a milestone, or just an all-round animal themed friend gift, get inspired with these no-fail gift ideas for animal lovers.


To make it even more simple to find the ideal gift for someone who loves animals, we’ve broken our top ten list down into categories including the best funny gift ideas for animal lovers, adorable gifts for animal lovers, and experience gift ideas for animal encounters. We'll also share our picks for the coolest tech gift for animal-loving teens or an adorable desk accessory for your animal-loving work friend at the office.


Novelty Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers


Want a gift to make them smile? Here are our top picks for fun novelty gifts for animal lovers.


1. Fun Pet Care and Grooming Gifts


Forget boring food bowls, run-of-the-mill dog leads, or boring collars. These days, there’s no reason any pet should suffer the humiliation of a blue ceramic water bowl or a black collar. Get some bling for your friend’s pet! Dog owners, in particular, are the most passionate when it comes to personalised animal accessories and unique animal gifts. There’s nothing better than standing out from the crowd at the local dog park with the cutest dog fashion accessories. Perhaps a mini-skirt for Penny the Poodle? Or the latest in tartan winter dog coats to really attract some attention. Or their very own matching dog owner mug and people dog bowl.

Dog Lover Bowl And Mug Set

2. Book Gifts for Animal Lovers


There are so many fantastic books for animal lovers! Does your friend want to learn how to communicate with their dog or perhaps take inspiration from their cat? Catfulness A Cats Guide will have them looking at life from a whole different perspective. Dog owners are probably better off not knowing what their dog just licked… but, for a laugh-out-loud animal book, the hilarious What I Lick Before Your Face is a great gift idea to make your dog lover smile. Coffee table books about animals are also great conversation starters. Choose a whole pile of fun animal books for your animal lover to read while snuggled on the couch with their best friend. And the littlest animal lover shouldn’t miss out. While not a novelty book, A World Full of Animals is the perfect gift for kids who love animals. Soft, touch-and-feel cloth books about animals are great gifts for babies.


3. Quirky Games for Animal Lovers


If it’s not enough to read about their favourite animal, perhaps your animal-loving friend will enjoy adding some animal themed games and puzzles to their collection. Why assemble a boring old landscape when they can gaze at cute kitties for hours with a cat jigsaw puzzle? If your friend would rather stay home with the cat on Valentine’s Day, they might as well make it special and invite a friend over to play Lucky Cats, a game all about collecting cats. Hours of entertainment!


Adorable Gifts for Animal Lovers


We’ve chosen some of our favourite cute, cuddly, and adorable gift ideas that are each perfect for people who love animals.


4. Snuggly Plush Toys & Cute Animals


You can’t go wrong with a cute plush toy when looking for a gift for someone who loves animals. But how do you choose the perfect plush animal? If your friend has a specific favourite animal it will be easy to know which plush toy is perfect for them. Otherwise, narrow down your gift ideas with a few simple questions. Is your friend a cuddler? Would they love a BIG, life-sized teddy? Or would they rather a soft and squishy mini plush animal to sit on their pillow? Perhaps bunny slippers or a unique animal toy would make them smile the most. When it comes to gift ideas for animal lovers, Gifts Australia makes finding the perfect present easy with a huge range of cute plush animal toys that would make great gifts for animal lovers of all ages. We have everything from time-honoured traditional animal teddies just perfect for a bedtime cuddle, to the latest designer plush toys for teens. You’ll find cute-as-a-button unicorns, sparkly mermaids, cheeky kitty cats, cuddly bunnies, fluffy sheep, beanie dogs, and the essential teddy bear just perfect for purists.

Animal Teddies

5. Animal-Themed Gifts For Teens


Forget lego cities and spaceships – big kids will love to build their own menagerie of lego-style nano animals. From great white sharks to cute squirrels and puppy dogs, we have a whole range of nanoblock animals to build. Spoiler alert! These animal-themed toys aren't just for the kids! Animal lovers of any age will love building their own collection of mini critters to decorate their office desk. Cute mouse earrings and animal-themed sterling silver necklace charms are all sweet gifts for a teen girl or woman who loves animals. Or an animal themed phone charging bank would make a teen-friendly animal gift.


6. Sweet Treats for Pets


Want a fun and interactive gift for a kid who likes animals? Get them a recipe book or a complete starter kit for baking dog or cat treats. Baking animal treats is just like making cookies, except easier! If your kids are keen to get started in the kitchen, but you’re not too keen on eating their efforts, you need Make Your Own Doggy Treats! Kids will love to spoil their pets with some home-made treats. This would make a super fun and adorable gift idea for a kid who loves their pet cat or dog.


Experience Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers


Want to give your animal lover a gift they’ll never forget? Why not get them an up-close and personal animal encounter? No matter what part of Australia you’re from, there’s sure to be great experience gifts for animal lovers near you. Even if you suspect your friend loves animals more than they love you, there’s no reason why you can’t cosy in on the action with a gift for two.


7. A Zoo Experience for Families that Love Animals


Finding gifts for kids that love animals has never been easier. Make it a special day for the whole family with a kid-friendly animal encounter like a zookeeper for the day experience or an off-road animal safari. There’s no need to go all the way to Africa for an African safari. Animal lovers, young and old, will be amazed by the zebras, hippos, giraffes, antelopes, and rhinos with an open-range zoo experience gift – the perfect gift for animal lovers passionate about conservation and fighting wildlife extinction. Lions, and tigers, and bears – oh my!



8. Ocean Adventures for Animal Lovers


Brave adventurers might like to swim with sharks! Imagine giving your animal lover the incredible gift of swimming with humpback whales, manta rays, dugongs, dolphins, and turtles. If your animal lover is in WA, they can swim the Ningaloo Reef with an incredible Whale Shark Swim experience. For those in South Australia, a Dolphin Cruise and Swim from Glenelg would make for an unforgettable gift for someone who loves animals and adventure! There’s no reason for the kids to miss out on an ocean adventure. Adventurous kids who love nature will never forget the experience of being on the water in a glass bottom boat or the joy of swimming with sea turtles.


9. Romantic Animal Encounter for Couples


Or, if you prefer adorable animal gifts over heart-stopping animal encounters, you might choose something a little more cuddly. No one could resist a romantic Phillip Island Penguin Parade with adorable fairy penguins. Gorgeous scenery, incredible photography opportunities, and cute waddling penguins – what more could you look for when choosing the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life? Even if your friend loves animals more than they love you, they certainly won’t complain about you tagging along on their animal adventure if you’ve just bought them a great experience gift to share. You’ll create special memories together when you choose a gift that you can share with your animal enthusiast.


The All-Time Best Animal Gift This Season


The internet has voted and found the coolest gift for animal lovers in Australia that's also practical. This is also our favourite gift idea for an animal lover who can't have their own pet.


10. Bird House & Feeder


What do you get for the animal lover who has everything? Invite the animals (or at least the birds) into their garden with a super sleek and stylish Hanging Bamboo Bird House. Hands-down, the coolest animal gift this year is something that brings the wildlife to you. This is a gift every animal lover in the family will get enjoyment out of and want for their own. Hang it by the kitchen window, or near the deck for some bird watching entertainment while enjoying your morning coffee.


Hanging Bird House Feeder


What Makes a Gift Extra Special for Animal Lovers?


When choosing an animal-themed gift, don’t forget about the real inspiration behind your present. For bonus points that will go a long way towards warming your animal lover’s heart, make sure to choose a gift that’s cruelty-free, supports animal conservation, habitation preservation, or rehabilitation. Gifts that give back through donations to pet or wildlife charities are a great way to acknowledge your friend’s love of animals.


You’ll find a whole world of inspirational gifts for animal lovers at Gifts Australia plus great novelty gift ideas, games, books, and toys for animal lovers with delivery Australia wide.




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