Find the highest quality grooming products in our birthday gifts range today, which includes big brands such as German Mühle! Discover our popular birthday gifts below and pick a grooming product your recipient will treasure for life!

Discover the Most Popular Grooming Gifts at Gifts Australia!

Not sure which of our grooming products you should choose for a birthday? Check out the recommended birthday gifts from the grooming range below and find the perfect present for your recipient!

Baxter of California Body 123 Kit

When it comes down to grooming, every man needs a good body wash and exfoliating bar to ensure their skin stays healthy and flawless. The Baxter of California Body 123 Kit from our birthday gifts range will give men everything they need to ensure they look flawless every single day!

Our Baxter of California Body 123 Kit from the birthday gifts range contains a moisturiser, exfoliating bar and body wash. Each of these products is especially designed for men, so they all contain the right balance of ingredients to nourish and protect the skin.

Koby Toiletries Bag in Charcoal

Women are not the only ones who need a toiletries bag to keep their skincare products in, because men use them as well. Whether you use a toiletries bag for essentials such as shaving equipment, toothbrushes or after shave, a toiletries bag will always come in handy despite the skincare routine of the male recipient.

Gifts Australia offers a high-quality toiletries bag that matches even the manliest of recipients. The bag itself is made from 100% silicone and is therefore waterproof. The toiletries bag is also travel-friendly, so the travelling business man will certainly appreciate this gift when he has to leave on his next business trip.

Urban Rituelle Shave Set

Even though you can get many shaving products from the supermarket, the quality of those shaving products often leave much to be desired. Men who take great pride in their moustache or well-trimmed beard are going to need something better, so why not choose one of the best shaving sets on the market today?

The Urban Rituelle Shave Set offers men the basics for their shaving ritual, but those basics are certainly accompanied by high quality. The shaving set contains 250 grams of quality shaving cream, which has been designed to protect and nourish the male skin. The formula also includes moisturising and healing ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado oil and allantoin. If you know someone who suffers from skin irritation after a shave, the last ingredient will especially come in handy, because allantoin is known to reduce skin irritation after shaving!

Our Urban Rituelle Shave Set also contains a quality shaving brush, which ensures that all the shaving cream is distributed properly. By doing so, the male skin can fully take advantage of all the nourishing ingredients of the shaving cream, but also get the flawless shave they have been looking for.

Dapper Barbershop Jar

Most men like things to be organised according to their own special method. For those recipients who never find enough room for their bathroom products, we present the Dapper Barbershop Jar, a unique decorative and functional item where men can store bathroom stuff they cannot find a space for!

Mühle Horn Shaving Brush

When it comes down to the highest quality shaving products, you cannot find better than Mühle, a German brand known across the world for their high-quality shaving brushes and shaving products. In our range, customers can find one of these quality shaving brushes, more specifically the Mühle Horn Shaving Brush.

With the Mühle Shaving Brush, men can achieve the perfect shave without having to do much effort. The shaving brush has a unique design that enhances the grip on the brush, while still feeling comfortable in the hand thanks to the use of high-grade resin. The handle is also finished with a corrosion resistant chrome finish, ensuring this shaving brush will not be affected by the dampness in your bathroom.

The hairs of the Mühle Horn Shaving Brush are quite unique when you compare them with most other brands. The brush head is made from the finest badger hairs, which ensures that this brush does not feel as rough as the shaving brushes made with harder badger hairs. When using soft badger hair, the distribution of shaving cream is a lot more accurate, but also gives the skin a gentle massage.

Ted Baker Racy Laces

Most men like to be trendy, so their entire outfit will be finished from head to toe. Of course, trendy men can also place an accent on their outfit with our Ted Baker Racy Laces. These are laces with a fashionable colour, which will light up any outfit.

Ted Baker Racy Laces are not only used for casual wear, because many men like to make their formal attire a little less boring by adding these laces to their outfit. The Ted Baker Racy Laces option contains three different colour laces, so men will get plenty to choose from when they choose this option from our range.

Mighty Toothbrush Holder & Mirror Set

To ensure our grooming gifts take care of a men’s look from head to toe, we also offer a Mighty Toothbrush Holder & Mirror Set, which can easily be attached to shiny surfaces such as bathroom tiles. To do this, you will not need any heavy adhesives, suction cups or mounts.

The Mighty Toothbrush Holder & Mirror Set is not only a functional gift for men, since it can be a great option for anyone living on their own and those who struggle to keep their bathroom products organised.

Dapper Barbershop Place

Those who liked our Dapper Barbershop Jar and want another similar decorative bathroom product should definitely take a look at our Dapper Barbershop Plate, which can be used anywhere within the house, but works incredibly well in the bathroom. The Dapper Barbershop Jar can be used for anything that you want to store, whether you want to use it for keys, wallets or even you shaving equipment! 

Give him the 18th birthday gift of grooming essentials to keep him looking his best as he ventures into the amazing world of adulthood.

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