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Need birthday gifts for a recipient that absolutely loves sweet treats? Check out our extensive range of sweet birthday gifts, which includes some incredible hampers!

Explore Quality Brands in our Range of Sweet Birthday Gifts!

Our sweet birthday gifts have a lot to offers, from delicious chocolate to delicate biscuits. In order to get more familiar with our range of sweet birthday gifts, we can certainly recommend reading the information about all the brands included in these birthday gifts. Check out all the brands in our birthday gifts range and decide if one of these hampers is the right choice for your recipient.

Maison Fossier Biscuits

When you think about quality biscuits with incredible flavour, you will not find much better than the biscuits made by Maison Fossier. The House of Fossier is situated in Reims, France, and is known as a manufacturer of biscuits, gingerbread, sweets and marzipan. However, there is more to Maison Fossier than first meets the eye, because this bakery has an incredible history!

The House of Fossier and their most famous biscuits – Biscuit Roses – have been around for centuries. The first biscuit roses can be traced back to 1690, when local Champagne bakers were looking for a way to utilise their ovens more efficiently. The biscuits soon became more than extra profit for the local bakers, because these biscuits put Maison Fossier on the map nationally and internationally. 

Nowadays, Maison Fossier has numerous interesting biscuit releases. In our range of birthday gifts, you can find the traditional biscuit roses, but also other popular releases from the House of Fossier; this includes delicious macarons and French palmier pastries. If your recipient is crazy about French biscuits, make sure you get one of these sweet hampers for your recipient’s birthday. 

Butlers Irish Chocolate

Good chocolates tend to go down well for birthdays, which is why you will find Butlers Irish Chocolates in many birthday gifts at Gifts Australia. The company itself was founded in 1932 by a woman called Marion Butler. Her chocolates were known for their handmade quality and extraordinary flavours, so it is no surprise that the delicious chocolates made by her company were soon known throughout Ireland.

In 1959, Butlers Irish Chocolates was sold to the Sorensen family, who continued the trend of handcrafting chocolate and finding the most exquisite flavour combinations. The dedication to the original values of Butlers Irish Chocolates certainly paid off, because Butlers Irish Chocolates soon became known across the world.

In present day, Butlers Irish Chocolates has numerous affiliates around the world. The company also established several chocolate cafes, where customers can enjoy the latest chocolates as well as some chocolate-based beverages. If you want to give your recipient the unique tasting experience that accompanies Butlers Irish Chocolates, be sure to have a look at our sweet hampers containing Butlers Irish Chocolates collections.

Willie’s Cacao

There are plenty of chocolates in our hampers, so customers can also find the popular Willie’s Cacao in this range of birthday gifts. Willie’s Cacao is owned by a man called William Harcourt-Cooze, whose nickname is Willie. This man has a true passion for chocolate and a love for exotic cacao beans, which resulted in some extraordinary chocolate releases such as chocolates made from Peruvian, Columbian and Venezuelan cacao beans.

Gift hampers containing the exotic chocolates from Willie’s Cacao are suitable for a wide range of recipients, but especially for those who like to try new things and prefer exotic flavours. For those who are unsure, there are many hampers that contain both traditional and exotic chocolates, so you do not necessarily have to choose!

Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling Rosé

The Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling Rosé is a wine that was first brought on the market in the 1970s. It is a popular wine for women across the country, so hampers containing this wine are best gifted to female recipients.

Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling Rosé has a unique pink colour, which is created by adding a small amount of Cienna to the Crouchen Riesling Rosé blend. The ruby colour of the wine is not the only special thing about this wine though, because the aroma and palate of the Crouchen Riesling Rosé is very pleasing as well. The aroma of the Crouchen Riesling Rosé can be described as the perfect blend of strawberries, lemon and passionfruit. The aroma also follows through to the palate, because the palate is a nice blend of fruity sweetness and balancing acidity.

MOR Cosmetics

Some of the hampers in our birthday gifts range are especially created for female recipients. The characterising products for female-orientated gift hampers are MOR Cosmetics products, ensuring the skin of the recipient stays healthy and young.

MOR Cosmetics is a brand that was established in 2001. The company focusses on the creation of bath products, skincare products and lifestyle products. These products are released in distinctive collections and each collection is characterised by a specific fragrance, for example the MOR Marshmallow range.

Inside our gift hampers, customers will find MOR Cosmetics from their most popular collections. If you need a gift for a woman who takes care of her skin and beauty, MOR Cosmetics from our hampers will be a good option!

Luken & May

Luken & May might not be a name that sounds as familiar right away, but once you know that the Luken & May brand is owned by the Byron Bay Cookie Company, the name immediately becomes more important.

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s leading premium biscuit brands. They are known for the use of traditional recipes, especially for the traditional recipe used to make their famous butterbursts. You can also recognise Luken & May cookies by their unique shape, something that has been characterising for both Byron Bay and Luken & May for years.

In our range of gift hampers, customers can find several releases from both Byron Bay and Luken & May. If your recipient likes good biscuits or cookies, you will certainly find a hamper in our range that matches the taste preferences of your recipient.

Sweet gifts for the sweet tooth on the magical occasion of their 18th birthday! The perfect gift to spoil them just a little bit!

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